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  1. 2 very different cases here and by no means am I putting Sheffield Wednesday as the common denominator . However with Chris Kirkland's well documented mental health problems and Hutchinson , It isn’t exactly showing a great reputation for the club in player management and looking after players.
  2. The Leeds 6-0 game he was literally everywhere. Invoked in 5 out of the 6 goals . They didn’t know what to do with him
  3. You can only play what’s in front of you 2 clean sheets 6 scored 2 conceded ..... Well I’ll put it out there . I believe we will get promotion under Bullen and we will go up .
  4. We are top of the league ?!? what more do people want???
  5. Anyone else think bullen has signed but the club just hasn’t announced it yet ??
  6. Think Nuhiu may start this one . Would be a brave decision from Bullen if he did but a decent call . Ideal weather conditions for him !
  7. Also experience ? Someone tell me how many years he’s been a championship coach / no2 for? How many match days he’s experienced , tactical changes he’s made along side his former managers . How do we know he doesn’t have a vast “array” of contacts . How do we know anything apart from what he’s put in front of us in his previous spells as caretaker.
  8. It’s his to lose. Has he done anything wrong so far? Not in my eye . everything I see from him seems completely sensible , round pegs in round holes . Complete honesty between players ( didn’t try to back up Westwood after sending off ) Style of play looks good . would I be willing to fork out 100 odd quid for me my missus and little un to go watch one of his teams . Yeh I would more than any other manager on that list .
  9. If he does go will the guys who haven’t confirmed yet , Harris and Odubajo also be tempted to go elsewhere as they aren’t registered?
  10. Money talk’s and if he’s offered the chance he’ll probably go . i just want a reporter in his press conference if he does go to ask “Steve , Sheffield Wednesday waited for you , gave you time for you to deal with your personal off the field issues when so many other clubs wouldn’t have and showed you a loyalty from day one . Why leave ?”
  11. Listening to bullen at the end of that you could tell how unbelievably gutted he is that last time round it didn’t go right when he was caretaker ! Felt a bit sorry for him
  12. Everyone wins. Club has increased amount of ifollow subscribers and generated more revenue for season . More fans are now logged into the clubs technology side that wouldn’t have previously. Clubs gains further revenue after agreeing deal with BBC those for whatever reason can’t access the technology can now listen to away games . Think everyone wins out of this.
  13. Add Nuhiu to be top scorer in championship with it . Now that’d be a bet !
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