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  1. Everyone wins. Club has increased amount of ifollow subscribers and generated more revenue for season . More fans are now logged into the clubs technology side that wouldn’t have previously. Clubs gains further revenue after agreeing deal with BBC those for whatever reason can’t access the technology can now listen to away games . Think everyone wins out of this.
  2. Add Nuhiu to be top scorer in championship with it . Now that’d be a bet !
  3. I Don’t care . I haven’t cared for a while . The fact this this thread is now well over 50 pages is testiment to the stupidity and over emotional of a select number of fans .( probably the same ones that chansiri listened to when he decided to buy Jordan Rhodes .) it’s all rather tin pot if you ask me . Why do you all care so much ????. It it might be just me . I just missed out on that “golden era” so don’t have that affection for the Nilsson , Waddle , Hirst squad.
  4. solo

    May Bank Holiday 2005

    Tommy spurr?
  5. solo

    May Bank Holiday 2005

    Went to the Old Trafford game iirc wasn’t David Lucas returning from injury ?? .. also seem to remember some highly rated centre back scoring the first ( from a free kick?). eduardo played in goal for Man U that day as well.
  6. solo

    Player wages

    Thanks for clearing that up . Re:insurance am I barking up the wrong tree completely? Or is there some sort of system in place for this I seem to have this thought regarding player insurance etc?
  7. solo

    Player wages

    Conspiracy normally player wages are covered by insurance when out injured . Does that that mean the club are saving money by having so many players out ?
  8. Guessing Wallace has played the most amount of minutes so far this season of any player? with 16 out it’s not to be sniffed at and playing the last 6/7 games out of position. i know he was a bit annoyed about not getting a new deal at the start of the season .
  9. The fact he calls him Carlos shows to me that there is a total lack of respect for him by reach and by conjecture the rest of the players. or is that me and am I being old fashioned?
  10. I know it’s the managers decision but what more can the lad do? has looked our best player every time he has started . Scored twice on Friday . Should have started tonight. May have been his thinking in his head tonight
  11. solo

    Player ratings

    Wildsmith -7 good saves most which you’d expect a championship keeper to make. Palmer -6 he’s got 2 areas to improve on imo stopping ball watching and improving his passing which with him being a former cm I thought he’d be decent at Fred - 7 Thought he was strong and solid tonight got caught in first 10/15 mins but calm after that. Pudil -7 Same as Fred and suits to a 3/5 great blocking in the first half. Thornily -6 decent debut , will be happy with his clean sheet , needs bulking a bit and improve on his distribution, couple of times ballooning into the air . Fox -7 best game I’ve seen him have at Swfc his block 5 mins in was fantastic. Got forward well and was solid at the back Wallace -5 think he did ok I like his tenacity and bite in cm , he’s like a little jack Russell nibbling at your ankle but can’t get close enough . Big fan normally , don’t think he suits the system. Jones -7 He attacked tonight which I’ve not seen him do all season . Less like a crab and broke up play well Reach - 6 shot stupidly a few times , tried to make things happen which I was impressed with . Again don’t think he suits the system. Rhodes - 3 The thing that annoys me is that this lad is proven and capable in this division a million times over. So why isn’t it happening???. I think he’s lost a fair bit of hunger and that edge that he used to have before getting big contracts . Missed 1 decent chance fair enough on the other just doesn’t seem to offer much else. Joao -7 would have been 8 but failed to his the target on one clear cut and aim at the keeper on the other . I like his running of channels probably MOM but can fight with Fred for that. More to come Matias looked hungry and his running was good. others N/A
  12. Noticed that Andy Rhodes has been put in the stands to get a better overview and report below. Hutchinson was next to him , whereas the rest of the squad/injured were sat in the box with their families. just got me wondering whether he’s helping out a bit . Sure i I read somewhere he’s already done his badges and was coaching in Chelsea’s academy.
  13. Just intrigued about this. If CC had achieved the same results, would it have been received in the same way by the fans . Have we now been “brought back down to earth “ with the appointment of JL. or is it a simple case of we are swayed by a more work-man style of play and allowing the excuse of injuries to stand as it can’t be blamed on the new boss, whereas the previous coach was blamed.
  14. Doesn’t shy away from the ball in the attacking sense . I agree with you beloved , I think his crossing is better. made up for the lad . Being capitain is more than being the best player for the club . It’s about representing the club in the way that shows what the club is about . Longest serving player. I would hazard a guess at most appearances made by a player at the club . Fan . Cares. Nuff said
  15. Just noticed on other side Clarke is captain. interesting choice