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  1. Thank you to everyone that has sponsored us so far, this is NOT going to be easy, tacking the Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier Col du Glandon and the mecca of cycling the Aple d'huez! Despite the snow me and Gazzer have been working hard on the turbo trainers/spinners! All in aid of Sheffield Children's Hospital.
  2. Woz1867

    Saturday - Inflatables

    I am happy to throw one about if you are
  3. It's going to be -5 windy and a game of two equally poor teams. We can sit there moaning and groaning or we can do what Wednesdayites are good at, making some noise and having a laugh. Get your old beach balls out, flat caps and let us at least show the footballing world that we still have a sense of humour. This is their biggest home game of the season. #partyatoakwell #inflatables
  4. I decided it would look better on the Kop than in the North stand.
  5. You want banning from here! I would ban you lot from your own ground never mind any away ground.
  6. Watching ENGLISH football on sky is poo poo IMO. Alan Bore of Smith and Co do my nut in.
  7. .............. the fact that - Wednesday battered them last night Dave Jones stated that the fans drove the team on, and that was acknowledged by the lads Dave Jones stated that the PLAYERS DO CARE Jay Bothroyd had an assist Antonio was electric Wednesday NEVER gave up Wednesday deserved to win - Have a look in the mirror, log off Owlstalk and go and get yourself a dirty red and white shirt. That is all.
  8. Woz1867

    Our fans and strikers

    This. It was the Wolves fans booing him.
  9. Woz1867

    Wolverhampton watering holes

    We'll drink where we want!
  10. Woz1867

    Own Up Superstitious Owls?

    I wore a Wednesday shirt to a game, against all my superstitions. Sorry guys!
  11. Woz1867

    Wolves v Owls live on foreign TV

    We will all be sat in the Steve Bull lower cheering the lads on!
  12. Woz1867

    Barnsley away on sky

    No we are not the new OCS Ok give us a bell if you want a seat on the bus.
  13. Woz1867

    Barnsley away on sky

    Are you coming up mate?
  14. Woz1867

    Barnsley away on sky

    It is going to kick off!