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  1. Bannan is the key. We might not tear the league apart because of him alone, but without him it shows how bad some of the rest are.
  2. Getting rid would be a mistake. One of our best players without a doubt. No he's not been as good this season but neither have we. There's been 3-4 games maximum where we've played good stuff this year (Newcastle and Norwich to name a couple). We've ground out results keeping things tight this year and it's been nowhere near as enjoyable for the fans or players. FF is a good player when we play like this, but has lots of ineffective games. That's a symptom of our tactics and is the same for all of our very good, proven forwards. When we're more attacking he's great and will score more, just as Rhodes, Hooper, Winnall and Fletch will.
  3. I don't mind one up front as long as we can quickly go from 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 on the attack. We need to control midfield more. Westwood Hunt Lees/Sasso Loovens Reach DM: Hutch CM: Abdi CM: Bannan RF: Wallace CF: Rhodes LF: FF
  4. I agree Wallace definitely comes inside a lot but Bannan is certainly isolated a lot more than when he had a true partner in Lee. I'm sure Bannan could benefit from a rest just to try something different, no issues there. I'm just a bit irked at the level of criticism he gets from some fans because he's not at last season's level. I don't think he's the reason we aren't having much midfield control.
  5. Bannan get some shocking levels of stick on here. He's not perfect and can improve but he's one of the better midfielders we've had here in the last 16-17 years. Thing is, he can't do it on his own. He played most of the last two games entirely isolated in midfield with absolutely no one around him. I don't care who you are you can't hold a central midfield on your own. The team sheet may say Hutch plays alongside him but CC sticks Hutch just in front of the back 4. Bannan is missing a trustworthy player alongside him (like Lee). It was only when we got FF on last night that he started playing a few of the nice short passes that we saw all last season. Abdi & Bannan need game time together in the centre of midfield. Abdi is a very good player who everyone will love when he finally gets a run of games. Ask any Watford fan. If anything it's tactics that are costing us at the minute. For the first time in recent memory it's our quality of players that's dragging us through these poor games.
  6. Just 1 solitary ticket needed if possible. Would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If a roast turkey was £200 I'd be priced out. Doesn't mean I couldn't stretch to afford one on Christmas Day, just not every Sunday. 'Priced Out' doesn't refer to one game. It refers to a full season of high ticket prices. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people who will still go to games. Just can't afford all of them. And if you're in that boat...well... I think you might plump for Arsenal over Preston.
  8. Going in April for the second time. Last time I got bummed by 2 ladyboys. It was significantly less painful than Owlstalk transfer rumours.
  9. That's part of the rebrand when we get took over by Aussie billionaires.
  10. American Football logo-esque. Yes, it's fit.
  11. Still got the original file knocking about somewhere... This one as well...
  12. "Land of Fire, City of Steel" That would look cracking on a flag.
  13. Why the foook do we have to be realistic? I'm off for beers. Yeah you heard, on a school night.
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