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  1. Ben10 no brainier on a free, knows the crack at Hillsborough
  2. Bye joao, had so much potential and was a game changer but lacked effort.
  3. Havent we enquired about buying the cricket fields from Niagara but council knocked back plans to build a bridge between the two sites ?
  4. Saw a few rumours on twitter couple of week ago
  5. Just seen him his dad and another man walking into Hillsborough. Are rumours true that Bruce wants him?
  6. He may as well get fit with us, we are going nowhere this season.
  7. I watched Sam many times when at Barnsley, he’s great in the air but that said he had Conor Hourihane pulping balls in to him. i personally would keep him he’s a work horse and knows where the net it
  8. Hurst single handily relegated Ipswich
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