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  1. dw_sheffwed


    Should have got him in the summer
  2. dw_sheffwed

    Rivers up

    Are we at risk of flooding again?
  3. dw_sheffwed

    Sean clare

    Went missing in 2nd half
  4. dw_sheffwed

    14/1 to go down

  5. dw_sheffwed

    Positives from this evening

    None- end of thread
  6. dw_sheffwed

    Get him in

    Builds teams from outcasts and nobody’s if we are on a budget next season get him in
  7. dw_sheffwed

    Liam Palmer

    Average league one squad player
  8. Both should never play for the club again they are absolutely shocking.... play the kids
  9. dw_sheffwed

    BBC pundits tonight

    Press red button for 5 live commentary
  10. dw_sheffwed

    The pitch

    We have been training on it, it’s been getting some hammer
  11. dw_sheffwed

    Adam Reach

    He was all over the pitch today class
  12. dw_sheffwed

    Sam Winnall Recovery

    Never known a player be injured and not return to parent club