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  1. The pitch

    We have been training on it, it’s been getting some hammer
  2. Adam Reach

    He was all over the pitch today class
  3. Sam Winnall Recovery

    Never known a player be injured and not return to parent club
  4. Ref bottled it

    Yes but he dove looking for a pen even went to 4th official and asked why it wasn’t given
  5. Ref bottled it

    It was a ether a pen or a yellow card for hammil.... he dived should have been sent off
  6. Sam Winnall - Out for the Season!!

    Needs to come back to us then, season over at derby
  7. Michel Kramer

    Danger seeker.....
  8. Swansea Vs Notts County tonight, who do you want to progress to 5th round? Do we really want Carlos back at Hillsborough so close to the divorce.
  9. Butterfield

    I’ll not go again this season if he’s starting..... burton he was a shambles and today he’s been shocking. he should never wear the shirt again
  10. Jordan Thorniley

    Well done young man
  11. Kevin Mcdonald

    Will do the dirty work in midfield bit of bird we need, bring him in
  12. Oh no

    These are crap
  13. Jos Luhukay

    roger off tashy