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  1. Obviously option 2 even though I think its description is a bit idealistic in the OP.
  2. Think a better question would be what was our 2nd best performance.
  3. I don't want to go down but you do feel next season might be horrific if we stay in the Championship, although it might not be much better in League 1. When you could see Rotherham were not going to score last night it was first time I have thought since season started that we can stay up.
  4. I agree its very worrying when you cant tell if that post is in jest or not.
  5. I think a reason people find it quite easy to dislike the players is first of all because results have been poor. But also because of the wages the players are on. It doesn't feel like we are all in this together when some bread and butter players at 2nd tier club can earn £1m per year. Think this is partly due to me being getting to middle age but it's so easy to be cynical about modern footballers.
  6. Alan Biggs I think is being kinder about Chansiri than I would be. 'He values pride above money' I don't know where to start with that one.
  7. I think myself I would be more motivated if I was a player and everyone was giving me some stick on here Be thinking that I wanted to shove right back down they throats.
  8. As much as I don't rate Chansiri I guess he is stuck in Thailand due to Covid restrictions. I know with modern technology he could make his presence felt a bit more but is him keeping quiet such a bad thing?
  9. Got a gut feeling that our luck will run out on Saturday. We are lucky to still have a fighting chance of stopping up. We are something like 9 points off safety a few weeks ago and not really played well since (Cardiff apart) and find ourselves still in with a shout. The again Derby fans I am sure will also say the same things about how awful they are and are lucky be going into final game with destiny still in they own hands.
  10. It's been a strange season and it would be in the script to be saved by a player who gets pelters on here and elsewhere.
  11. Mick Lyons. You were never sure of victory with him in the side but could guarantee they wouldn't be any slackers something that I can say about this current bunch.
  12. Don't care who they do it for just do it. Look interested for a change and put a shift in. I agree it was wrong that you all didn't get paid on time but you are gauranteed the money even if a week late. Please do not let that be an excuse for another tepid performance.
  13. Just win game and if we stay up we will take however much we don't really deserve it. Next season promises to be another struggle but hopefully Moore already been working on some decent players coming in. (I think that last bit is more in hope them expectation)
  14. Think of all the last day game which decided which division we would be in all seem to be at Hillsborough. I can only think of West Ham in 1996 that was away.
  15. I think in 2001/02 season in the last game v Wolves when Yoarth was manager we still could have gone down but needed something like a 6 goal swing against us. Wolves scored in 2 mins but we ended up drawing 2-2.
  16. If we fought as hard as Luton did tonight we would already safe.
  17. Cant believe we still have a decent chance of stopping up.
  18. Not overly fussed about individual players not getting paid on time(Although accept its not a good thing for the club as a whole). But this does annoy me if true.
  19. Will watch this tonight but get feeling it will be hard going. Cant remember last time I saw a decent game of football not matter who won.
  20. I always thought leak to the press was more likely to come from a players agent. Agent likely to represent several players. Be a bid to embarrass the club into making sure the wages are paid on time in future. Not sure that it really matters where the leak has come from. Its hardly state secrets.
  21. Not sure I put much store in anything Chansiri says. Normally he just makes it ups as he goes along.
  22. I thought one of the attractions of football is that it produces quite extreme reactions and people say things off top of their head without much thought to it being logical.
  23. Maybe not getting paid didn't effect the performance on Saturday. Maybe we are just crap.
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