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  1. I have a gut feeling we might struggle in league one but wont drop into league 2.
  2. These type of things are one of my pet hates. All that is missing is the 'Great servant to the club' nonsense. If we want to move forward we have to move on from resigning fans favourites. Big No from me.
  3. To put it mildly we are run is a very dysfunctional way. Think we all knew they would be so alarming stories if we knew some of the inside running of the club but to see it in black and worth makes you want to bang your head against s brick wall.
  4. Even Boris Johnson managed to sort out my vaccine quicker than Chansiri has my season ticket refund. Let that sink in.
  5. I don't think we had bottomed out yet but my gut feeling is we wont fall as far as Bolton.
  6. Have a go all you want but I quite enjoyed todays game in a strange sort of way. The game was more thud and blunder then blood and thunder but was high on drama.
  7. Everyone is entitled to criticise the SWFC Trust. Putting the statement out within an hour of relegation does seem a bit hasty. But do not for 1 second doubt the motivations of the people in the Trust that they want the best for SWFC.
  8. Cant really quibble with anything in that statement says the right things. Do I trust the bloke to set Wednesday on an upwards curve than sorry I dont.
  9. Dunkley had a shocker. Out of the really big games games Wednesday have played cant recall a worse performance. But when you play a player in such circumstances with little match practice it's not 100% surprising he doesn't have a good game. Took a gamble on his fitness record this season and lost.
  10. Probably not a bad player but being half fit and not played for a while no surprise he had a shocker today.
  11. Be one of those games where all the usual stats turn on its head. Wednesday come from behind to win at Derby with a goal from Pelapussy and a Jordan Rhodes Penalty.
  12. Will have a go on fixed odd tomorrow. But if I had to put my life on it would say Derby stopping up. Derby are the only 1 out off the 3 who's fate is in their own hands. Us and Rotherham are relaying on the other result to go they way also.
  13. We were bottom a few weeks ago and Cardiff apart still not played well. Still cant get my head round how we still have a very good chance of stopping up. But don't look a gift horse in the mouth I guess.
  14. Wonder what the feeling will be at 3pm on Saturday?
  15. I remember reading that and my eyes rolling. Some fans swallow this sort of stuff hook, line and sinker. I love the club, the fans and the players but most of all I love the money and I have the temperament of a stroppy teen - Fernando Forestieri
  16. Predict no matter what happens on Saturday this will be Wayne Rooneys last match in charge of Derby.
  17. Be interesting to see what Derbys tactics will be if news comes through of Rotherham winning. At least we know what we have to do. Might be a tense 0-0 until 10 mins left then both teams might have to go for it.
  18. With all the wired and wonderful things that have happened this season you feel the incident it will most be remembered for hasn't happened yet. Will be key moment on Saturday. Got feeling we will stay up with a penalty.
  19. I would also like to place on record my thanks to Wayne Rooney for his contribution to Derbys form nosediving. Without this we would already be down.
  20. I agree. Should only be Gung Ho if we need a goal in last 10 mins and nothing to lose. Predict for the neutral it wont be a very good game to watch. Too poor sides, low on confidence and plenty at stake rarely makes a good match. Might be interesting though if 10 mins left and we both need a win.
  21. I know some posts in this thread are a bit tongue in cheek but I like Big Dingle Mick. Proper no nonsense bloke from Barnsley. I can imagine he is the same bloke in real life as he is on TV. Likes a pint, a dirty joke and a bet on the horses. But when it comes to work he is a grafter and his teams are too.
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