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  1. Yes was against Villa and was in last minute when we were already 3-0 down. I cant remember Sonetti ever starting a game. Wonder what ever happened to him.
  2. Was this the players or fans punching and kicking each other?
  3. Lloyd Owusu v Pigs. I remember everyone saying he will always be a Wednesday legend after that and 6 months later we could not wait to see back of him.
  4. Just in pub after game someone said he was best Wednesday player they have seen since we were in Premiership. He only played for an hour!! Yes an exciting prospect and being from Barc adds a bit of glamour but lets not go over the top yet about him.
  5. I am going to get slaughtered for this but I am a bit fed up of hearing about Rodri.
  6. Think attendence will be around 10,000 for this one.
  7. I have a sneaky feeling I would not afford to go if we were a Premiership club.
  8. Think if he was better then Rooney and Gerrard at the same age he would be a first team regular. Think with Macabe being young not sure it is a good idea to have two inexperianced midfielders if we get him on loan.
  9. Bet the new scoreboard will be souless compared to the old one.
  10. Think Madine is an good Championship player. Not ability but his attitude could let him down.
  11. Cautiously optimistic sums up how I feel about this season.
  12. I thought he was at fault for both goals in first half. He seemed to dive over Rodris shot.
  13. I enjoyed Rhodes but no better or worse then most Greek Islands. Although Rhodes Old Town was really interesting.
  14. It was still the same old scoreboard for the friendly v WBA.
  15. All players in that pic look in they 30's and 40's. Players look younger nowadays but probably average age the same.
  16. Thats fair enough although some areas could do with a lick of paint.
  17. Might be less then 26,000 then. Be disappointed if it is.
  18. It was Nigel Jemson who scored. Les Sealy made a complete hash of it going under his body.
  19. That match was nearly 2.1/2 years ago now, I am sure they will be no trouble.
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