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  1. Surely Almen Abdi, Francis Jeffers and De Bilde were worse than Rhodes? But yes Rhodes been a terrible bit of business. Thought it was a bit daft that when I heard he was 'Gift to the fans' but after reading several other things he probably was a vanity signing.
  2. Fed up hearing on Owlstalk what a nice bloke he is. After slagging him off all last week on twitter I have to admit he did well against Derby, put his head in where it hurts. But does make you wonder what stopped him doing that before. Will remember him most for him bottling taking a penalty in the play offs. I am not sorry to see him go.
  3. Obviously been contacted before end of season. Hard not to be cynical seeing his body language last few months.
  4. I don't think anyone can answer that question with any confidence. But I am more optimistic about things then I have been for a while.
  5. Think something outside Chansiri control would be the biggest step and that is letting fans back in. Hard to feel connected when you are at best watching on a TV or Laptop.
  6. Fair enough statement. He is not going to slag off other players in public no matter how true it is.
  7. I think we have established that Paul Warne is a top bloke, genuine, class etc. Must have read it about 300 times today.
  8. Is they any local football journalist who hasn't written an open to Chansiri? Joking apart though it does indicate how poorly the club is being run and lack of communication as local reporters relay on a good relationship with a club for most of they stories.
  9. I remember Jon McCarthy playing at Stockport (Who were already relegated) last away games of season and we lost 3-1 and he had a poor game. Bloke in front who was pis$ed up and dressed as Pink Panther was giving him pelters everytime he came near us.
  10. Hopefully our relegation will be last I hear of how bringing back Hutch and Westy will save our season. Also just play Rhodes and he guarantees you goals.
  11. Hutchinson, Lees and Rhodes?!?!? We want to move on from the old guard. Would all have to take 80% wages cuts which isn't going to happen.
  12. More likely to be an on the field protest than an on the field celebration.
  13. You could see Allan Johnston was a decent player, great control and crossing but looked like he was running in treacle. Very similar player and signing as Keith Tracey was at back end off our 2011/12 promotion season.
  14. But you could also argue that fans of other clubs are being punished as clubs like Derby and Wednesday have had an unfair advantage. If only fined owners it wouldnt really be deterrent as these blokes are Muti millionaires so a £100k fine is like 10p to me.
  15. This is maybe related to the subject Paul Warne didn't want to get into in his interview on Saturday. Guess as we finished bottom it doesn't really effect us.
  16. Think that might be a reasonable explanation if it happened once but its now 5 times. Also correct me if I am wrong but cant recall any other club having the same issue.
  17. I really feel sorry for him when after the game he will be getting in his latest sports car back to his mock Tudor mansion to his leggy blonde wife. My heart bleeds.
  18. Did you know that Steve McKenzie is Tony Adams (Of Arsenal Fame) Uncle?
  19. Thats been a big part of the problem that we have kept hold of too many fans favourites from 5 years ago who have gone stale.
  20. You could see the what was going to happen for 3-4 seconds before on that penalty. Was like watching a car crash in slow motion. As soon as he felt a touch in the area he was going to hit the deck.
  21. All 3 Wednesday goals also came from basic errors. Particularly our 2nd which game out of nowhere. Was a dramatic and exciting game but low on quality football which is not surprising between awful teams in poor conditions.
  22. Hopefully £160m is similar to when you are selling a house and the asking price is on the high side and you negotiate it down a bit. £160m is about 5 times what it is worth though. You will need another few million after buying it as well. Plus a lot know how and patience to turn us around.
  23. What a lovely and wonderful heartfelt message Liam Palmers agent has written there.
  24. You always get a team that will have a good 1/2 season and they manager will suddenly be flavour of the month, just JFB turn. Will be someone else in November we are touting as maybe our next manager after we have lost 2 close games in a row.
  25. I think was MaCall with the injury. Both had really respectable careers before Wednesday but McCall had injury problems and McKenzie was past it and I think just signed as a short term squad player to help us get over the line in the promotion season.
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