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  1. Incorrect was out injured for the 5-0 home win v Cardiff IIRC.
  2. Think it was more the not paying wages that was the major contributor to us going off form. Moving on players on big wages who were injury prone and slightly over the hill should have been dealt with earlier, bringing them back this season didn't make any difference. Monk not blameless but would say they are a few people in front of him who I would blame more.
  3. I bet he regrets the day he brought Sheffield Wednesday.
  4. Not sure if we would have stayed up but think our chances would have been slightly improved. Took a chunk of money paying him and his back room staff off and a whole lot more with the Pulis farce. We could have used that money maybe for a coupe of loans in January. Monk was an average manager who fell out with the crowd when he ostracised some fans favourites but I think overall he was probably correct in doing this.
  5. Just because he was a flop here as a player doesn't mean he will be a crap coach. Dean Smith was a rubbish player but now is an excellent manager.
  6. I am more likely to be dead than see a 25 year season ticket run out.
  7. Would groan but enjoy the meltdown on Owlstalk.
  8. False Dawn are the words I would use now to describe that night.
  9. https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2021/may/21-22-Season-Ticket-Renewals/ Sheffield United season ticket prices. My early bird season ticket for the North Stand purchased in February 2020 cost £555
  10. Think Bannan only one out of the old guard I would want to stay. If a good offer comes in for him we would probably have to accept it rather than have an potentially unhappy player.
  11. Disagree. Rhodes didn't look interested to me apart from last game. Glad he is going.
  12. I remember people saying the same about if only we would bring back Hutchinson and Westwood we would avoid relegation. That proved to be false optimism too. They is a reason why our last about 8 managers thought of Rhodes as nothing more then a squad player.
  13. In 2011/12 we finished 2nd with our records points total in a thrilling season where we just pipped our arch rivals Sheffield United. Average home attendance was 21,336 and tickets were cheaper. The well remembered penultimate home game v Carlisle that season with the dramatic late winner the crowd was less then 22,000. I don't think we will get 25,000 if top of the league maybe around 20-21,000
  14. I am not so sure. Once people have got out of habit of paying £30 plus per match it's going to be very difficult to get them back. Maybe be decent attendances for few of the home pre season games when £10 but after that might be looking at some serious low crowds.
  15. Think the worse things about last season was not actually going. Miss the social side of football a lot more than disappointed with relegation. Also get a chance to play a few different side rather then the usual Championship sides all the time
  16. Wouldn't be surprised if none of them get offered another contract.
  17. We should take a walk on the wild side and sign this lad.
  18. A Wednesday Great. Think he was treated a bit harshly with the betting scandal. His book is recommended.
  19. It was 4 years ago in 2017. We still debate on here about Trevor Francis, Di Canio and David Pleat and they were all over 20 years now.
  20. Ian Rush took a penalty in the penalty shoot out in the 1984 European Cup Final.
  21. He was the main penalty taker for Huddersfield, Blackburn and Us for a time. I don't think anyone is wrong to be surprised when he didn't take one in the penalty shoot out in the play offs.
  22. Do we still own the training ground or did it go same time as selling the stadium?
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