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  1. Looking at his overall record he was a really good manager.

    Had to start at the bottom and wasn't given a job on strength of being a big name player like some.

    Hs second spell at Stoke was his peak years even though his football wasn't for the purists, although I guess Stoke couldn't compete with the big clubs if trying to out football them.

    Think he would regret taking over at Wednesday when he did, club were a mess off the field and his methods by then were 15 years out of date.

    You got the impression the players never took to him at all.


  2. Not sure Escape to Victory whole entertaining is a great film.


    Think The Great Escape is a fantastic film and surprisingly close to what actually happened. Think the Steve McQueen on the motorbike is a bit of artistic licence. 

    Also Battle of Britain with Micheal Caine is fairly accurate.

  3. Wasn't a huge fan of him as a player, want mobile enough for me but we have had a lot worse players.

    Was good to have a player who had a bit of rapport with the crowd.

    But think this saying legend are going a bit over the top.

    Would class a legend as someone who when the 200th year Anniversary comes up and we do another painting they wouldn't look out of place on. Sorry but I really cant see Nuhiu being that much remembered by then.

  4. I remember the London Olympics in 2012 and the legacy of the games was a big selling point of it.

    Inspire a generation to love and take part in sport and be a more healthy nation.

    Without backing it up with facts and surveys my gut feeling is that legacy was only very limited and nowhere near the success they were hoping for..

    Think the same could happen with Women's Football. Once the celebrations after Sunday die down a lot of people will forget about it.

    I am not too fussed about professional women's sides, although if it is a success and they get good crowds (Say average 5-6,000) I will be pleased.

    But really hope it makes more females want to take part in football and sport in general at grass roots level.

    Although I guess you might need a successful pro league to have knock on effect on grassroots.



  5. Yes Chansiri has invested / spent loads of money on the club.

    But if he knew what he was doing a bit more he could have spent / invest half as much and we would have been in a better position on and off the pitch.

    The majority of he money he has lost on the club has been down to his own incompetence.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, Daniele Giovanni said:

    You never even thought of Sheffield Wednesday Ladies until 8 pm on Sunday, am I right? 


    I am sure that could be said for a lot of people including myself really.
    Thought that was one of things that may benefit Women's football that Englands success might give other female sides some publicity.
    Hopefully SWFC ladies side can get some publicity and sponsorship after this.

    Also I know some people have said Women's football will become more popular, I hope it does but I really hope it isn't spoiled by money in same way mens football has. 
    Still a feeling of Women's sport being an amateur sport (I mean that in a good way) which I enjoy.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Daniele Giovanni said:

    Forestieri v Forest classic celebration


    Not talking about Foresteri in particular but goal celebrations seem to go on for a lot longer in modern football.

    Used to last about 10 seconds and everyone ran back so game could restart.

    Now they regularly go on for 2-3 minutes and the whole team sometimes including subs seems to get involved.

    All too over indulgent for me.

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  8. Maybe a bit harsh to lay blame solely on him for any of the goals but to me he looked a a stone over weight and no very agile.

    The all bright pink kit also made him look a bit ridiculous.

    Hope to be proved wrong but think he wont be first choice for very long.

  9. 1 hour ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

    As someone who's always rubbished claims the Star or any other media are snidey, doing things against us etc (i still dont believe they do)


    Why has this story come out the day before the season opener? Why? 


    This surely isnt a story thats only just appeared? Just very very strange timing 


    Its come out today for maximum impact just before season starts.
    Newspapers since they first started printing 150 plus years ago have used the same tactic of timing publishing stories for maximum impact.

    Just standard newspaper practice.

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  10. 38 minutes ago, IWEDFM said:


    Difference is he's a multi-millionaire and probably doesn't need the money


    To be fair my main gripe with Bruce is the fact he throws his toys out of the pram whenever something better pops up. Zero loyalty


    Newcastle were in the Premier League and Wednesday in Championship probably had just as much bearing as the money.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, IWEDFM said:

    The guy has absolutely no loyalty whatsoever 


    I know it's a job but he's managed Brum/Villa, Blades/Owls and Toon/Sunderland. That shows that he doesn't really build up a rapport with the teams he manages and only cares about boosting his bank balance





    I think that's 90% of managers and players.
    Harry Redknapp virtually says so in his Autobiography, once you are on the inside of football you have skills you take to the highest bidder.
    Would I be any different? Not really.

  12. 19 minutes ago, GermanBird said:


    Do you really believe that somebody, who lost his job and livelihood has nothing better to do than suing his club?  I don't think so.


    After getting back on his feet his second action is to go to the press and get this article published without giving the club the opportunity to give their point of view.


    Sorry.. as I said.. he was entitled to go to court, but don't pull the pity number on this one! The guy knows exactly, what he is doing and it was not out of economical necessity!


    Even if the bloke is not in financially difficulties he still should have got his refund within a reasonable time.
    I wasn't worried about having my gas cut off and knew where my next meal was coming from but still wanted my money back.
    If that makes others people feel they are better fans than me I will leave them to it.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Miruic said:

    If the choice was I waited a bit longer for my refund and we were able to keep the playing squad at a better level then I’m glad to be honest. I’m not saying that was right for everyone. I not trying to speak for all season ticket holders. 

    it is also the same time when we were failing to pay player wages so I think there probably was a cash slow problem. 


    You were prepared to wait indefinitely, fair enough.
    I had about 3 or 4 things planned for Summer of 2020 and got refunds back off transport, sports clubs and hotels all in a reasonable time.

    Sheffield Wednesday took over a year longer than everyone else. 
    I didn't grumble at first (ok maybe a little) but have to admit it did stick in my throat when the club were singing a load of players clearly on a decent wage while I was still told to wait and wait. 

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Miruic said:

    It was very poor. It was however clearly because we didn’t have enough cash in reserve to pay it all back. Which is poor but the position we were in. It was clear that we were in financial strife.


    This was around the same time we gave Bannan a new contract on a reported £27k per week and signed something like 10 new players on Championship wages so saying we had Cash flow problems doesn't add up for me.

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  15. Just now, OohhJohnnyJohnny said:

    Another point- why is nobody thinking to themselves that season tickets have been on sale months and The Star have decided to post this the day before a new season? Does that not seem convenient to anyone else? 


    The Star has an Agenda against the club?


    Also if the Star were holding back the story for maximum impact just before the season starts it is what newspapers do all the time with stories.
    Standard practice in Newspapers for years.

  16. 5 minutes ago, PARKOWL said:

    not taking sides here, but from reading the article it seems that they haven't been told they're banned, they just said it wasn't possible to do the season ticket on the day they went for it 


    are we absolutely certain that they are banned or is it just a case of poor communication from the club office again, something we've all encountered from time to time 


    Does anybody else know of anyone who took the civil action thats tried to get a new season ticket ?


    My mate tried to buy his son a season ticket on the last day online (june30th if memory serves me right) and couldnt process it so had to go in the shop and get it  


    You would think the Journalist would check his facts before the story was published.

    Also the Club not commenting on this says to me the story is correct.

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  17. 9 minutes ago, the golden bullen said:


    Which they would have got eventually once cash flow issues were sorted.


    Communication from the club was clear that it would take time to process. Yes they hid behind system issues which were clearly cash flow issues imo but we were all in it together as you said to help the club out at that difficult time.


    Still not sure how the club had cash flow problems that prevented it from paying back supporters but still was giving out new lucrative contracts and signing up players on reported Championship wages?

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  18. I don't know why people are worried they will be less mens football on TV if Womens games become more popular.

    They is already far too much mens Football on TV. You can already watch about 10 games on a Sunday, how much more do you want to watch?

    I am sure Sky will carry on showing EFL games and if less are shown they be less messing about with kick off times which is a big pet hate or mine.


    Yes Sky show less County Cricket but think that's more to do with showing IPL and 100 games rather than showing more Women's games.

    You also can watch all County Cricket Games free live on YouTube.


    If Women's Euros makes more young girls play football can only help with the obesity problems we have in this country. 

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