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  1. 1 hour ago, sexpistol said:

    I don’t understand how we would have improved? I mean we were 1 goal away from staying up.

    Monk would have persisted with Wildsmith and Dawson and we would have lost more games in my opinion. Also Hutch came back and did okay.


    Because the money used on paying off Monk & all his backroom staff. Plus Pulis and all his backroom staff.

    That money could have been used to bring in a couple of decent loans in January.

    We recalled Westwood and brought back Hutchinson and we finished bottom.

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  2. 51 minutes ago, 31Dec1966 said:

    And the awful thing is that could so easily have been us. We relegated them with that 3-1 win at Leicester, our fans were magnificent.   Since then thay've won the title and now the FA Cup, absolutely heartbreaking. And through it all their fans have been part of it, included with gifts, pies even I think. We've been treated with utter contempt. Will Chansiri ever learn ?   Does he really think that withholding money legally due to working class fans he is going to foster an inclusive successful football club ?


    Wasn't it Milan Manderic who was Leicester owner when they went down that season?

     I can remember it was Ian Holloway was manager and got the chop afterwards.

  3. 1 minute ago, TodwickOwl said:

    Everything DC should be looking to do is from their playbook 


    Engagement, close relationship, understand of the fans - it’s just not difficult to do, it’s such a given to treat the fans with respect and listen to them and where the heart of the club on your sleeve - and he’s failed, god knows how. 

    Get it right DC and that’s what can happen


    Think key is to delegate to people who know what they are doing.

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  4. 4 hours ago, No Uniform said:

    I would absolutely love for him to succeed. Like more than anything, as of he succeeds then Wednesday will be. However that will not happen. 


    If he succeeds at Wednesday it will be the greatest comeback since Lazarus.


    Think some people who back him on here are just on a bit of a wind up, I don't mind that actually being a bit of a devils advocate.

    If people do seriously back him though they are entitled to that opinion.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Sid Vicious said:

    An opinion that is wrong like your apparent fact in him not playing in the game against Cardiff. Basically always negative against Sammy tbf there are a few of you that constantly slate him... like always getting sent off .... always been injured .... now its not playing in the 5-0 win against Cardiff.  If u actually think we are going to have better options at CH than hutch next season in league 1 then please give me the names now. If not just simmer down because you and a few others need to see that hutch gives his all every time he steps onto the pitch unlike alot of other players. 


    Are you his agent?

  6. 2 minutes ago, Devonstrix said:

    For me, on playing ability and experience alone he would get a contract. His injury record is a doubt and also the question of whether or not  he has been a disruptive presence in the past. I would imagine Darren Moore already knows the answer to those last two questions, so if he gets the gig I would trust in DM's judgement. 


    As I understand it its not down to Darren Moore to decide.

    He has a contract for next season guaranteed due to a clause triggered in his contract.

    Its up to Hutchinson whether he takes up that option. He will probably wait to see what other clubs offer first before deciding. 

  7. Just now, Sid Vicious said:

    Reading your posts against Sammy I get the feeling u don't rate him 


    I don't think he is a bad player.

    Just think think it's time to move on as he past his best and has a poor injury record.

    I think similar to Semedo a lot of people pinions are clouded because he is popular with many fans.


    1 minute ago, Sid Vicious said:

    There is still alot of hate towards Hutch not sure why ? He gives a 100 percent ... he's a leader which we clearly lack on the pitch and in the dressing room and if he is played at CH next year will be one of the best CH'S in league one. Some Wednesday fans are embarrassing with what they come out with against hutch .


    When you say hate you mean people with a different opinion?



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  8. 24 minutes ago, LondonOwl313 said:

    Well Rooney was on 300k a week at Man Utd and played for 80k a week at Derby, so a quarter as much.


    Hutchinson will have been on about 20k a week a few years ago, probably came back on about 10k and if he wants to stay in league 1 it’s 5k or go really. It’s up to him whether he takes that.


    Just because he earnt more before that’s not that relevant.. it’s what he could earn elsewhere right now that’s the comparison 


    5k pw or £250 per year will still make him one of League 1 biggest earners.

  9. 5 minutes ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

    Yep this is what i don't understand. 


    People saying 'we can't afford' etc when we have no idea what the budget is, what players are really on...


    Or alternatively, what we'd have to pay for our other targets anyway!


    Club has got financial issues.

    Keeps paying wages late and keeps dragging its heels refunding people, I doubt we are going to have a big budget for players next season.

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