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  1. Not just the prices want to be a bit cheaper but easier to work out. Last few seasons been so complicated. Silver & gold memberships and about 8 different categories. Need a maths degree to work it all out. Puts off the casual fan.
  2. Think 90% of clubs can be accused of doing something financially suspect at one time or another. Leicester just get highlighted as it unusual for them to win a major trophy. Man City & Chelsea are hardly whiter than white and both Champions league finalists.
  3. Because the money used on paying off Monk & all his backroom staff. Plus Pulis and all his backroom staff. That money could have been used to bring in a couple of decent loans in January. We recalled Westwood and brought back Hutchinson and we finished bottom.
  4. Several people have posted that. Shows you why a lot of supporters myself included feel a bit disillusioned with the game.
  5. Think football in general has missed fans in the stadiums. What bits I saw of the Cup Final felt more of a proper game showing reactions of people in the crowd. This whole season has felt a bit colourless and drab without the fans.
  6. Wasn't it Milan Manderic who was Leicester owner when they went down that season? I can remember it was Ian Holloway was manager and got the chop afterwards.
  7. If we did we would stop being Sheffield Wednesday. We would have our named changed next season to Jamie Vardys Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. I think we have established today that 1. Wednesday and Leicester City are both owned by people from Thailand 2. Thats where the similarities end and Leicester are better run.
  9. We didnt have to put up with to in the Championship. I really dislike VAR but did raise a smile when I saw the Chelsea goal ruled out just now.
  10. Think key is to delegate to people who know what they are doing.
  11. Chansiri said everyone would get they refund by the end of May. Sadly he didn't say which year.
  12. I am going to stick my neck out and say he wont have a good a career as his Dad.
  13. Probably walks away financially secure for life and a nice wedge to some agent when we signed him.
  14. If he succeeds at Wednesday it will be the greatest comeback since Lazarus. Think some people who back him on here are just on a bit of a wind up, I don't mind that actually being a bit of a devils advocate. If people do seriously back him though they are entitled to that opinion.
  15. I think I was getting confused with the Barnsley game.
  16. Every season 1 club or another seems to attract someone like Alonso.
  17. As I understand it its not down to Darren Moore to decide. He has a contract for next season guaranteed due to a clause triggered in his contract. Its up to Hutchinson whether he takes up that option. He will probably wait to see what other clubs offer first before deciding.
  18. I don't think he is a bad player. Just think think it's time to move on as he past his best and has a poor injury record. I think similar to Semedo a lot of people pinions are clouded because he is popular with many fans. When you say hate you mean people with a different opinion?
  19. 5k pw or £250 per year will still make him one of League 1 biggest earners.
  20. Club has got financial issues. Keeps paying wages late and keeps dragging its heels refunding people, I doubt we are going to have a big budget for players next season.
  21. No one on here will know exactly what his wages are but I think it's a reasonable assumption he will be one of our higher paid players. He is unlikely to have come back for much less per week than he was on before.
  22. Hutchinson is likely to be one of highest paid players in League 1. Club has financial problems. Hutchinson will be 32 when next season starts and doesn't have the best injury record. I know others will disagree but his form since coming back was average at best. I would shake his hand, thank him but tell him sorry it's time we moved on.
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