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  1. First of all, this isn't a dig at the Club on tickets (as I've often been opinionated about ticket prices etc) but I think the process on distribution of tickets has been somewhat forced onto us by the FA/Football League. And there can be no perfect scenario, someone is always going to be upset by a set of circumstances no matter what happens. Anyway, I've been taking my nephew to games for the past couple of years and now he is a dyed in the wool proper little Wednesdayite. But I've been taking him on my ID number. So while I've got more than enough points to easily get myself a ticket I'm now worried that I won't be able to get his ticket. It gets more complicated...even if I do get my ticket and then join the scramble for general sale tickets to get him one, we won't be sat together...now you don't need to tell me that I can't let a 10 year old sit on his own with 90,000 other people. And as this season progressed and it got more likely we would be in the Play-Offs I promised him I'd take him. I'm in a proper quandary! If anyone has two IDs spare so that we can sit together I would be forever appreciative and I would donate £20 to a charity of their choosing. Thanks for reading.
  2. We were discussing in the pub afterwards whether the atmosphere was better than Kaiserslauten...we were split as a group and couldn't get a definitive answer. But for me the big difference was the Kaiserslauten atmosphere was one bred on anger, resentment, a sense of wrong doing (due to the penalty and Hirstys sending off in the 1st leg). Last nights was one of self belief and realisation that we are most definitley 'on our way back' after so many years of hurt. It was a real S6 love in where team, fans, boardroom, club were all as one as the great behemoth that is Sheffield Wednesday Football Club announced itself as re-born. For me, it was the best atmosphere I have ever been involved in and at times brought tears to my eyes just through sheer emotion. We should never, ever, leave Hillsborough.
  3. You've changed your tune Nigel. We were having a twitter debate on prices less than a month ago and you argued that Chansiri was correct in his pricing strategy. What's made you change?
  4. Look, certain people will dress this up to suit their own agendas. I thought it was a poor move by the club to put these on sale with such a short window and straight after Christmas. I genuinely can't see what the club has achieved by doing this. Yet another P R disaster.
  5. So........ It wasn't 18k then??!? Surprise surprise.
  6. Look, I've got better things to do than trawl through loads of other clubs prices. Simply, I picked Leeds because everyone agrees they used to be the most expensive club in the division. And, I simply chose the next two home games. I haven't got time for spreadsheets, graphs or algorithms. We are more expensive. Simple as that.
  7. Selective deafness? I chose to compare the cheapest tickets for both clubs (as you would do when you are debating ticket price comparisons) and this IMHO is a fair comparison. Their Kop Against our Kop We are substantially more expensive than Leeds United. Let that sink in for a minute.
  8. Literally only a 'couple of hundred' left as of an hour ago (from the TO mouth).
  9. We're more expensive than Leeds. I proved that earlier in the thread. The IAJ's neither see or acknowledge that though as it doesn't suit their agenda. Like I've said in multiple threads...God help us if we don't go up in the next few years as there will literally only be ST holders in the stadium. Crowds of sub 20k will become the norm and the stadium will continue to be an empty shell with the atmosphere akin to a morgue.
  10. The majority are enjoying Wednesday life at the minute. But not everyone who would like too, are able to watch. Something that doesn't concern the vast majority of people on this forum. IAJ's
  11. What the bloody hell are you blabbering on about? It's black and white, in print and in front of your very eyes! And satisfaction results??? What the hell does that mean? If we are to measure this then without even having to count up I reckon SWFC owe me thousands of pounds :-)
  12. Aye, alright. As if our gate receipts have jumped up by £1.5m!! I suspect when the figures are released it'll be half a mill at the most. At the very most.
  13. I can see I'm probably conversing with a child so I'm going to refrain from continuing this discussion with you.
  14. It's more an educated guess to be honest, because I don't have neither the time nor the inclination to trawl loads of other clubs websites checking ticket prices. I'll just put this... From a club who we all roundly vilified for their prices and this forum actively encouraged our fans to boycott going to their ground over price concerns... Leeds United Next two home games Middlesbrough - £32 Fulham - £27 For their equivalent of our Kop. Our next two home games Brentford - £36 QPR - £30 The above are cold hard FACTS. Anyone want to try and justify them? It's an embarrassment.
  15. We've been losing money hand over fist for years, as have the vast majority of football clubs in this country. We just have a different person at the helm willing to cover those losses and isn't worried if those losses are higher than they used to be. Don't delude yourself that our money makes one jot of difference to the balance books down at S6. It's so insignificant in the grand scheme of things that any increase in gate receipts that might have been achieved this year (and it's not yet been proved there has been an increase) is so minuscule it probably won't cover the wages for Gary Hooper's initial loan spell. If we don't go up in the next couple of years, and the prices stay the same, get used to sub par 20k attendances becoming the norm rather than the exception. And there will be another lost generation of fans to go on top of the lost generation that has had to suffer the last 20 years of dross. The massive opportunity to re-engage with the fan base has been lost, and now only promotion to the Premiership will save it. It could all have been so different.
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