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  1. Wow! That kid, if utilised correctly, could've been this years version of what Michail Antonio did for us in 2012. Instead, that brain dead moron Moore, decided to waste the first 10 games of the season by trying to turn the winger into a wing back And, once he'd done this and the kid was playing well, inexplicably drop him again for the ineffective Shodipo or the unfit Mendez-Laing. The guy is ******** clueless and completely out of his depth. MOORE OUT!!!!
  2. If anyone is left in any doubt as to the man's ability to effectively run a (our) football club, then just listen to this clip. Somebody above said the word 'dangerous'. Damn right. This man is a real and present danger to the long term continuity of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club as an entity. We need action now - and I welcomed the new Owls Trust statement yesterday as an open invitation to assist. But, if this falls on deaf ears (as I suspect it might), then we need to come together as a fanbase to find a solution that sees Chansiri leave our club. As I sit here typing this I don't know in what form this action might take, but I believe we should all be ready, willing and able to collectively fight for the continued existence of the club we love.
  3. I've been a long time critic of Chansiri pretty much from the time of the Bristol City pricing fiasco. But the most saddening thing of all throughout this sorry affair was to witness fellow Sheffield Wednesday fans calling other fans out about not 'contributing' to 'the cause' as they refused to ante up either for overpriced multi year season tickets or for ridiculous POTG prices. The vitriol that was cast down on these individuals from so-called fellow supporters was belittling and sickening to witness. And behind the scenes you had the chairman whipping up these fanatics with numerous hair-brained schemes designed to squeeze every last penny from the average supporter in the street. Cheered on by the baying mob of happy clappers. What Chansiri has done to this club is shameful - but there is a bunch of 'supporters' who slavishly followed his lead (you know who you are) who in my eyes are equally culpable for our current situation.
  4. I'd personally drive DC back to Thailand myself. He's been an unmitigated disaster for the club and the sooner he's gone the better.
  5. And that's even assuming that the results of the survey were actually the 'real' results of the survey The guy is a total fraud I'm afraid.
  6. Lasted until the following season where they moved the away fans into Lep Upper.
  7. Watch at 1:32 and you'll see netting over seats in North separating fans.
  8. Oh...OK, let's forget it then and carry on as we are. Because all is completely well at S6. If we carry on doing nothing or carry on as we are, we genuinely risk becoming the 2nd club in Sheffield within the next 5 years - and that would be almost impossible to turn back around.
  9. The Cantilever was used by away fans after the Hillsborough disaster. They were positioned at the Lep end with Wednesdayites in the Kop end. Very simple to implement.
  10. I'm unsure whether it would bring in more money looking at it purely from a 'gate receipts' perspective. But... Imagine the boost to the community if it was fully re-engaged... Imagine more bums on seats creating a better atmosphere and general feeling around the club... Imagine if those extra bums on seats visit the club shop, buy a pint (or two halves ), or a chip butty... Imagine the kids at £99 for the season, students at £150 per season with the thought that these people may become long term fans who in turn encourage other family members to join them at games because "the atmosphere is good and it's reasonably priced"... Imagine deciding to go to the game at the last minute and not having to trawl through the internet to find and understand the cost and upon finding the cost deciding you can't afford to remortgage the house again. Do you know what, if all of the above started to happen then YES we would make as much revenue as we currently do while charging £40 and pricing out our fan base. This club need to get back to its community roots very quickly or the long term damage will be completely irretrievable.
  11. Really...it is a simple enough equation to solve it just takes Chansiri to admit he's got it wrong the last 5 years (which will never happen). Matchday Prices £25 Kop £25 Lep (for home fans) Lower Lep given to community sources for each game. £30 South £30 North (with away fans at the Lep end) £5 discount for members. Membership £30 per year. Season Tickets Kop/Lep £350 North/South £450 Kids £99 Students £150 Simple and easy to understand. Gets our fans behind both goals. Solves the issue with North Stand entrance and exit as away fans get exclusive use of the gates on the Lep side.
  12. Hang on...surely all the ST holders are going to this one? Especially those righteous ones who call out the POTG fans who can't afford to tip up £40 to watch a league game?? They won't be watching it on the Tele surely??
  13. That groundswill (sic - you meant groundswell) is pretty abundant this morning wouldn't you say?? Still...the play off final was reight good innit.
  14. And there we have it. Part of the problem right there. Maybe you'll be happy rattling around S6 with several thousand die-hards in a few years stating "by eck, remember those so-called fans who wanted cheaper tickets, I'm glad we got rid of them, lots easier to get to the bar at half time and to stretch our legs". Disgusting.
  15. Season tickets are only value for money if you can guarantee going to the vast majority of the games. Once you start to miss games, and midweek games are prime example for me personally with work, then the value for money aspect becomes less and less so. Another thing, the only reason people state that Season tickets deliver value for money is because they are basing it against the abhorrent costs for attending matches POTG. Anything around £600 for a ST would seem value for money when compared against 23 x £35 (£35 being a rough average for POTG non-member) which totals £805. Some blue sky thinking is required as well as engagement with the fan base. It really is not that difficult if at the very least you are willing to admit you got it wrong the first time around - it's just a shame we have a mega-lo-maniac as a chairman!
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