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  1. Thanks - just gone out and had a look at that. Madness when you ask the quality of player and its leads to stories like this. I thought the situation with Man Utd and Woodward was a beyond crazy but its seems like the stupid minority have always been there,
  2. just put this in a different reply - "Born in 78 so really didn't get into football properly till the mid 80's from my Dad and then of course the happier 90's came along" Mick Lyons is a name i've certainly heard of a lot more of, just a shame really for me to say I've never really heard of Jimmy.
  3. I'm sure that will be good read. I think you have to understand the bad times to fully appreciate the dark times. Born in 78 so really didn't get into football properly till the mid 80's from my Dad and then of course the happier 90's came along.
  4. Appreciate the comments - just going from the testimonial,thinking there must be something about a player to give 10 years. I think I'm more than happy to accept a nice guy, limited but giving it all for that long. I think you can only get so much from reading so good to hear it from fans who have seen it week in week out.
  5. I'm seeing defender quoted a lot so is that a centre half or full back position?
  6. Looking through an old box of programmes passed down to me I've come across a Jimmy Mullen Testimonial Brochure. He's a player before my time so generally just looking for stories feedback on a player who dedicated over 10 years to our special club. Fond memories?
  7. I have it working - Watering the pitch heavily ready for our slick passing game. Added bonus of Status Quo in the background
  8. just a quick apologoy - I've been away recently and not seen these threads. Due to financial side of things I could get nowhere near the big auction offer made so wont be bidding on the auction side nor can I make anything more than the requested contribution in buying the standard print.... But i have just purchased one. Its a massive praise once again for everyone involved in this and as a memeber of the Wednesday family i just wanted to say thanks Trev for everything you have done.
  9. Add me to the list please - love your work and of course need to keep a complete collection.
  10. Now ordered - Hard not to really, with it being the view that's still so vivid in my mind from a kid going to my first games at Hillsborough. The view coming through those Arches is nothing less than Iconic and I still love it to this day although its very rare I end up coming that way to the ground now. With this second piece soon to be added a lovely collection now building up and will look fantastic next to the first on the wall. Keep up the good work and its fair to say I would have bought these even without being associated to such a good cause. Probably jumping the gun here but alread
  11. First one for me - seemed too good to miss this one. Looking forward to it!
  12. Only just seen this - I would love one of these and to be added to the list. Also have to offer recognition to such a worthy cause and the effort you've gone into - well done Trev
  13. Patrick Blondeu - I remember him being billed up as a quality French International ...... no more needs to be said on Patrick
  14. Canto.....oops forgot he never signed - But yeah Jose has to be up with one of the best free transfers we hav ever had
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