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  1. Line of Duty new series starts Mach 21st. I hope it goes back to the better storylines of series two and four.
  2. Noticed a few actors off this in Bloodlands.
  3. It was on Crave in Canada. I watched it at my Son's place.
  4. Accringtion AFC Wimbledon Fleetwood Town Forest Green(if promoted) All new grounds for me.
  5. Of course the first Save Our Owls campaign went really well didn't it.
  6. Mines the same. Tried firefox and chrome, but both the same
  7. He scored the hat trick at Burnley but we lost 5-3
  8. When Jesus came on Foden moved out to the right which IMO is his best position.
  9. Back in the sixties I remember watching us beat Chelsea 6-1 and Burnley 7-0
  10. Part timer I was foolish enough to stay till the end.
  11. Guaranteed new boss will be named tomorrow
  12. Another thumbs up for "It's a Sin" with a special mention for "Gladys" how heartbreaking was his story.
  13. Accrington are just outside the play off places so we could be swapping places with them
  14. We did have a History section up until the site was streamlined.
  15. The loss of the Central League Not being allowed to tackle The stupid hand ball rules Throw ins (there should be a time limit on taking them) Subs taking ten minutes to put their kit on Soft penalty decisions for top six teams. etc etc etc
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