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  1. Saw this on Facebook, brought back memories and made me chuckle.
  2. Does he know the concessions are closed and there are no pies??
  3. The 1935 FA cup final shirts were supplied by Suggs. And that is an original shirt (not mine though I wish it was)
  4. Surprised he didn't go after Borner as rumour has it his c**k is massive
  5. So I've come back over to Canada to spend some time with my family. Just went in to buy my pass for the Preston match and I was surprised to see it only cost me £7 instead of £10. Why I don't know but I will be buying the home game pass instead of using the season ticket refund option
  6. I think Pelupessy will suit his style of play and will most likely be a regular starter
  7. Many people have said that the North Stand should bear Eric's name and I agree. There is though a little tribute to him built into it The ganways seem to be randomly marked but if you look up from the half way line ganways E, T line up. This was done purposely.
  8. Yeah Bob, it eas Eric had the crash
  9. That must have been the late seventies when he lived up there.
  10. I know both sons but am big friends with Bob and go to the match together.
  11. Lily's on Penistone Road is open during lockdown and is definitely owned and run by Wednesdayites
  12. Is that because they both took us to Wembley
  13. Loving the Wycombe fan stood on the hillside with his drum
  14. It will be when Hirst comes on and gets one in the second half
  15. Not for me. Never seem to get it foe the away games
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