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  1. What's this an Owlstalk thread about who was the better player and not one arguing who's fault it was
  2. Nine now plus a red in the first two games and none for the opposition. Not a conspiracy thread but it does seem a little unbalanced.
  3. How things have turned around over the last two seasons
  4. Yeah ,probably screw up traveling Wednesday fans again with a Noon or night time KO.
  5. Was there last night. High points, The sun was shining, nice pub with excellent chicken wings and only paid £1 for parking. Low points, The football. One more point I was chatting with some Wolves fans who couldn't wait to see Connor Coady play on his home ground for England. Something else Southgate screwed up, even if it had been for the last ten minutes instead of putting Macguire on
  6. They also had to get special permission to leave the country to play the game. A few more are missing due to joining the armed forces.
  7. £44 for kids, unbelievable
  8. Arthur Dickinson our first ever manager. He won two League titles and two FA Cups. Would be interested in learning more about his background.
  9. Think there were more Mansfield fans there yesterday than Huddersfield
  10. It's not like Mansfield would have been much of an upgrade
  11. Fantastic game that. Well done Grimsby
  12. Everyone having a go at fans celebrating staying up should think back.
  13. "who said it was a good idea to sack Sean Dyche? Ridiculous decision I hav no sympathy for Burnley whatsoever"
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