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  1. I never wear red, ever. The only thing i find attractive and would buy (if i won the lottery) in red is a Guards Red Porsche.
  2. Had a ticket for the 1971 fa cup final. I was only 12 and my dad wouldn't let me go on my own. He sold it for me at work and i got £5 for it!
  3. Born and raised in Cheshire. When i was a kid in the 60/70's i supported Liverpool. Broke my leg playing football when i was 17 and fell out of love with it. When my son was about 6 he started talking about Sheffield Wednesday. No idea why and neither has he. Took him to a few games and he and i fell in love with the place. Many years later still loving it we bought season tickets and did the journey every week often going to away as well. Still love it
  4. I will be there and i cant ruddy wait. Bring it on!! 2-0 to the mighty owls
  5. While only England keeper can only play in yellow
  6. Sample the chippy just down from the road from the club shop. Best Chippy ever
  7. Where abouts in Rhodes? If you are in Kolymbia the Star bar will have it on. Watched both playoff semis there this year
  8. Didnt celebrate because he wont be with us for long!! Watch this space
  9. I will be there with my disabled wife on Sunday no matter what the cost. I live in Cheshire, had a season ticket for a few year with my son, great times. My son now has to work on a Saturday now so doing it on my own is not an option. I pick my games when i can but i am through and through Wednesday. I will buy a shirt on Sunday whether it looks good or not and will get to as many games as i can and will travel with which ever family member will come with me. I love it and nothing will stop me going. UTO WAWAW
  10. Leave Cheshire at 9.00am, arrive wembley at 12.30 and park near Green man. Beer then footy!!
  11. Block 551 inflatables purchased!! Look out below!!
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