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  1. fortunesfool

    biggest ffs wednesday moment

    Woods extra time flap Clarke breaking his toe against Palace
  2. fortunesfool

    Intertoto Cup

    Went to both of those, great days out with my dad. Stood on the terraces for the second game against Basel i think, seem to remember us singing Super Dan Petrescu for about 80% of the match!
  3. fortunesfool

    who wants blunts to win playoffs ?

    Head says Yes for derbies etc. Heart has taken over recently though and now hope they suffer. Applauding Evans the other week was detestable, f u c k em
  4. fortunesfool

    Ben Who?

    Gi' Marshall back!
  5. fortunesfool

    Sheffield Wednesday - Season Reveiw 93-94

    I've got that on VHS somewhere
  6. fortunesfool

    How do you feel

    That pretty much sums up where I am too, well put mate
  7. fortunesfool

    Have you ever named

    Fox in the box?
  8. Usual papal etc etc Guardian link Was shagging Wynalda's Mrs and got dropped altogether!! :st2:
  9. The one thing I take away from the statement is that that's precisely what HASN'T happened. Sounds like they're aware of all the poo poo-slinging and are rising above it to get a job doneThough, like others, I'm not 100% sure what that job actually IS. Fair play for coming out straight away though
  10. fortunesfool

    portsmouth owls

    No point putting this in the rest of the forum, if any of you guys fancy some cheap clothes, Fat Face are putting this on over the weekend in HavantNot sure if this link will work cos it's from an internal emailWarehouse SaleJackets at a tenner, kids stuff £2.50 etc
  11. fortunesfool

    portsmouth owls

    I'm at Fat Face's HQ at RidgewayNot been available for a meet-up yet and probably not still for a couple of weeks. Definitely up for doing summat though. Not sure we can afford a match for a while though :Dark Sad:
  12. fortunesfool

    portsmouth owls

    Have to sort out a car share mate I'll give you a shout in a couple of weeks bout that beverage
  13. fortunesfool

    portsmouth owls

    Aye, why not? Next couple of weekends are busy for me but after that should be free for most of August Do you make it to many games mate? I haven't been near S6 since I moved here 21 months ago!
  14. fortunesfool

    portsmouth owls

    Live in North End, work in Havant
  15. fortunesfool

    Ticketing Fuckwittery

    Oh good, more constructive criticism Would it kill some people on here to politely inform the guys working hard installing and implementing brand new retail systems onto our rickety old network that there are some teething problems that need ironing out, rather then immediately resorting to slagging them and the club off within 12 hours of the thing going live?! This is a GOOD thing that is happening for us, why crap on it from a great height before it's had a chance? It's obvious that it was slighly rushed out to satisfy demand, otherwise there'd be more merch to buy.