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  1. Do you not know any ST holders at Chezzie? as tickets went on sale to them on Monday. My dads mate got me two tickets on their Kop, it's poo being in the home end but at least we're not missing the game!
  2. :O what have i done now!!!

  3. Thankyou Herby :D


  4. Hepthorne Lanes alright!! One of the nicer bits of North Wingfield (the top end is anyway) and it's nicer than the Alma Estate up near Deincourt.
  5. Pfffft i am not from Tibby.Chesterfield_Owl on here's from Grassmoor. Im from the 'cross'.
  6. People from Wingy are a bit wierd, the village next to it is great though.....
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