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  1. He’s been here 5 years. At what point do you stop saying ‘he’s made mistakes, he’s trying’ and start saying ‘he’s not a very good chairman.’ We’re stagnating with him at the helm. He has literally zero clue what he’s doing, the only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s loaded - and he spaffed all that up the wall in the first two seasons.
  2. There might be the odd youngster in there but city don’t do what Liverpool did and completely rest there team. They never do. Even with that schedule It’ll be a mix of young, first team and fringe players. When you think how strong there squad is that’s still going to mean we’ll be watching some top players. There fringe players are people like Cancelo, Mahrez and Jesus and young players include Foden who’s meant to be the best youngster in the country. Let’s not forget there ‘cup’ team gave us a hiding of 7-0 a few years back.
  3. Half of the people on here still back him then. I’m interested to know how far wrong would it have to go before those people stop backing him? Not a dig, just curious.
  4. The problem is we don’t have anybody to replace him really. I’m not his biggest fan and I think we need better if we want to go up, but currently I don’t think we have that.
  5. In fairness the last 3 fixtures have seen multiple championship games covered on sky each of the days. Despite being high in the league and much less watchable games being shown, we are the only club in the league to not have a single game covered over those dates. I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibly that there might be a reason for that. I wouldn’t put it past Chansiri to request more money for the Cardiff/Hull games. Nothing would surprise me at the moment.
  6. If we can bring in another striker, preferably a fast one, then along with Fletcher, Nuhiu and FF I’d be pretty happy with that for the remainder of the season. Rumours of Rhodes to Celtic and Winnall to Sunderland. If there’s anything in them, then I’d be happy with those two leaving to make way for a quicker centre forward.
  7. Maybe the EFLs threats are just a load of hot air (that’s a climate change based joke).
  8. I came here to see if anybody had any news or rumours about our potential points deduction and I’ve ended up reading absolute nonsense about Greta Thunberg. Owlstalk, never change.
  9. I think at the moment it feels like everything we touch is turning to sh*te, whilst our neighbours are having the exact opposite experience with everything they’re touching turning to gold. It’s an incredibly frustrating situation and doesn’t look like changing any time soon.
  10. Couldn’t disagree more. MM transformed us. He turned us round from league one obscurity to a half decent championship club and sold us to a rich owner willing to heavily invest. He did everything he set out to do and people can criticise for personally benefiting, but who cares when it’s mutually beneficial. Chansiri on the other hand is failing as a chairman. He might have money but has absolutely no idea how to spend it and we’re seeing the consequences. Give me MM anyday. We might have spent less money but we was in safe hands.
  11. Who’s to say what would have happened had we have won the play off final. We could have gone up to the premiership and Chansiri could have thought that it’s easy running a club. He could have overspent even more and we could have got relegated and ended up in the championship with more players on high wages that we can’t shift. We could have ended up being in a Bolton like situation. You never know and you can’t say that it would have simply been rosey had we gone up. I think Chansiri needed to learn lesson on how to run a football club and he does appear to slowly been learning them. You can’t spend beyond your means and we have done. Chansiri didn’t have a tactic of ‘doing a wolves’ or whatever, it was just arrogance that he didn’t have to play by the rules, remember the ‘friends in high places’ or whatever it was that he said. We didn’t wee wee the league either so us ‘going for it’ wasn’t done that well, we finished 6th and 4th (in a bad league). So, no, I don’t agree that had we won in Wembley everything would be fine because getting to the premiership isn’t simply the end. If you have an owner that doesnt know what he’s doing it’s going to hit you at some point. Maybe even not going up has helped us in the long term as Chansiri learnt his lesson when the stakes was less. We’ll never know but we do have plenty of evidence of overspending in the prem crippling a club for decades (us).
  12. I've bought one and I wish I wouldnt have. Mainly due to my personal situation but it's going to be difficult to see any savings from it and even if I do it's going to be very minimal. I'll be lucky to go 10 games this season to make up the £50 I've spent to get a £5 saving per game. I'll be honest, I got caught up in the pre-season excitment and completely ignored the fact that Saturday 3pm isnt always do-able for me and the mid-week games are all on sky now. So, it's my fault really. It's only really worth it if you can guarantee going to over 10 games a season and even then you're probably not far off spending what you would have done on a season ticket. There's not a great deal of sense to it to be honest, I wouldnt get one again whilst they're £50.
  13. We’re not the only club in the country that have a big squad, how do you think other clubs do it? They make it of importance to develop young players I assume. Walker and Maguire weren’t world beaters at youth level. They weren’t tipped to reach the heights that they have. They were good young players, the same as what we’ve had recently in Clare, Hirst, Penney. Yeah, if the next Messi comes through your academy they’ll obviously be good enough and be around the first team without any extra help. Most young players are more potential than they are the finished article though and a good start to your career goes a long way.
  14. Walker came through at United when promotion was a real possibility, he played in the play-off final that they lost to Burnley. I believe that was his first season. I think Naughton also came through around the same time. It’s the equivalent of us bringing through youngsters whilst we was in the play-offs, which as you said we just wouldn’t do. If you think we’re completely blameless in the Hirst situation you must be a bit deluded. You paint this image of an unruly youngster who doesn’t deserve a chance and giving someone game time as ‘pandering’ - It’s more what can Wednesday do to get there young talents playing at first team level. As you say we bought an unnecessary amount of strikers despite the fact we had a very talented one at youth level and then didn’t loan him out. We blocked any development he could have had other than playing for the U23s. The fact he was getting called up for international duty suggests he was a player of calibre that we did not develop. It’s not pot luck what players come through your academy. It’s not random that some clubs have a proven track record of bringing through young players whilst we don’t. The main reason why it’s important for a club like Wednesday is because we need funds. We can’t blame FFP and parachute payments, we can’t sell our stadium again. We need to have sustainable way of operating as a club and that involves developing younger players to either improve us or to sell for profit. As I said before though, that’s not just kids through the academy but also the type of players we buy. We’re doing it all wrong in my opinion and this stats highlights it.
  15. The things is though Clare and Hirst obviously had a lot of talent and we didn’t develop or nurture that talent well enough at all. You can’t just say that because they haven’t done anything since that justifies the decision to not tie them down on new deals. We’ll never know, obviously, but had either of those players come through at a club better at bringing through young players I think there careers would be looking a lot better now. Had Walker and Maguire come through at Wednesday they probably wouldn’t have become the players they have. We’ll see what happens with Penney, who obviously shows a good amount of talent, but as I said earlier in the thread I think we just got lucky that Jos got the job at St Pauli and rates him. Otherwise he’d probably be in the U23s again this year. I think it’s not just the caliber of young players we have but that we have no idea what to do when a young player shows potential.
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