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  1. All this means nothing to us until we find out what’s happening with the points deduction. Whatever the result of that I want that resolved before next season starts. I’d genuinely rather be in league one than start next season with a 12 point hit. It’d be soul destroying.
  2. This is his career. So yeah, I don’t think he’ll want to come across wrong or inaccurate. Its not that unlikely that someone doesn’t want to be wrong about something is it?
  3. I never minded Maguire and he does speak a lot of uncomfortable truths. But I also think it’s a fair accusation that he likes to sensationalise things and it’s job to report these stories which he can hype up a bit. If I’m honest I think he’s got his story angle that we’re the worst of the worst when it comes to financial loopholes etc. This to me is a bit like saying ‘well if they win the case that’s because they had an unfair advantage.’ Maybe I’m being bias but it sounds like he’s getting his defence in early if he has to backtrack.
  4. In 2030 there’ll still be people posting that Chansiri’s heart is in the right place and he’s still learning, whilst we’re in league one with yet another transfer embargo.
  5. But you say that as if we’re the only team who are subjected to FFP, or need to find alternative ways of making money. If it had such a benefit financially I just think more clubs would have done it already. Also there’s probably some longer term issue with having expensive shirts by a brand know-ones heard of. I know people by shirts to show the team they support but I don’t see that many kids wearing Wednesday shirts when I play 5aside. We’re probably going to have to do something to encourage people to buy the shirts, surely if we can bring down the cost of production then we can also bring down the price.
  6. I’m too old to really care about what make our kit is but I just wish we as fans saw some of the financial benefit to it. £60 is a lot. If other brands like Nike/Adidas took such a big cut then surely we could charge less than that and still make more of a profit than what we would have done. As someone else has said if doing it this way was so beneficial I feel like other, particularly big or well run clubs, would be doing it aswell.
  7. Good article that, gone into more detail than most news around it. I think we’re struggling, by the sounds of it - it will be a big points deduction if the EFL win and our main tactic is to delay things to make it difficult. Very risky, and in my opinion, stupid from us.
  8. We’ve had worst periods, in terms of quality and league position, no doubt about that, but this is the worst period for being a Wednesdayite in my opinion. I’ve never felt as little interest when we play. The problem for me is this seems to be the start of a long lasting problem, there doesn’t seem to be any positives at the moment or any ray of light that things will get better. The chairman is clueless, the squad is past it and every position needs investing, the money has dried up, the points deduction isn’t resolved, the managers out of his depth. We’re just coasting to being a league one team, if it’s not next season it’ll be the season after unless something drastic changes. We need answers and we need change. We either need Chansiri to sell or to admit he’s made mistakes and change how he runs the club. Neither seem particularly likely.
  9. I’d rather hear something this season and it relegate us than have it hanging over us again next season. We need a fresh start, a clean slate.
  10. I said the exact same thing. The amount of times the camera just concentrated on the Man City bench whilst the game was being played, very frustrating. Also Martin Keown made it out as if Iorfa was a player who wasn’t getting a look in. He’s played the vast majority of our games!
  11. My fear is a points deduction next season. There’s so many Wednesday fans that are apathetic currently, imagine after 3 bad, mid-table seasons, we find ourselves already knowing we’re not going to have a good season before a balls even kicked. Personally I don’t agree with points deductions at all, all you’re doing is punishing the fans. If the punishments directly related to the owner (fines and personal bans) you’d see less owners risking things as Chansiris done.
  12. I’m not even watching it on tele
  13. He’s been here 5 years. At what point do you stop saying ‘he’s made mistakes, he’s trying’ and start saying ‘he’s not a very good chairman.’ We’re stagnating with him at the helm. He has literally zero clue what he’s doing, the only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s loaded - and he spaffed all that up the wall in the first two seasons.
  14. There might be the odd youngster in there but city don’t do what Liverpool did and completely rest there team. They never do. Even with that schedule It’ll be a mix of young, first team and fringe players. When you think how strong there squad is that’s still going to mean we’ll be watching some top players. There fringe players are people like Cancelo, Mahrez and Jesus and young players include Foden who’s meant to be the best youngster in the country. Let’s not forget there ‘cup’ team gave us a hiding of 7-0 a few years back.
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