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Community Answers

  1. My argument probably lost ‘credibility’ when you disagreed with it. It’s what tends to happen on the internet. Of course I couldn’t literally hear a pindrop, I doubt any pins was dropped. Of course I’m blaming the supporters for the poor atmosphere. I don’t agree with the view that team should get the crowd going. My point was that I thought the atmosphere would be a lot better for a game of this importance and I think comparable clubs would have created a lot better one. This is at 0-0, when we was 1-0 it was great and at 1-1 it’s understandable that’s it not. I don’t just think the atmosphere was dreadful because of the noise (which I stand by my opinion that it wasnt very noisy at 0-0) but because of the negativity to our own players in particular our defenders. Some people have agreed the atmosphere wasn’t great but have put that down to nerves, other people have completely disagreed and said the atmosphere was amazing. We’re all allowed our opinion, don’t take it to heart.
  2. I was sat on the kop. No mute button for me because I specifically remember hearing such kop classics as ‘sit dahhhn’ and ‘stop messing abahht with it.’ If there’s one thing I think makes a terrific atmosphere it’s b*llocking our own players for having the audacity to pass the ball in defence.
  3. No offence mate but I think you’re using your own example to change my argument so that it suits better. I specifically compared us to bramall lane and elland road and used Anfield as an example of a stadium rising to the occasion of a big game. I’m not wanting Palace. I’ve never compared us to Palace and never would. I’d hate the fake ultra drone as much as you would. I want Hillsborough to encourage the players in big games and to intimidate the opposing team. Of course it ebs and flows. I don’t expect 90mins of pure noise or a galatasary esc welcome to hell. What I do expect is 0-0 in a game all to play, with the amount of importance on it, better than what was happening around me. Which was mainly flat and surprisingly negative.
  4. It would have been better, in my opinion. More supportive towards their team, more intimidating to the other. I didn’t rate the atmosphere at all at 0-0 and think most other comparable clubs would have created a better one. Just my opinion
  5. This thread is literally called ‘the atmosphere at 0-0’
  6. I find it strange that some people are in agreement with me (albeit saying that’s to be expect because of nerves and the way we played) and others are saying it’s the best atmosphere they’ve heard at Hillsborough. How anyone can say that game had a better atmosphere than the Brighton / Arsenal cup game is beyond me. Maybe Hillsborough doesn’t contain noise like other stadiums? The pockets of the ground that was atmospheric didn’t carry the noise to parts of the grounds where it wasn’t. I don’t know. Im just speaking for my own perspective which was that at 0-0 the atmosphere seemed flat and mainly negative around me.
  7. I’m not comparing I’m just making the point a supportive crowd can help beyond internal motivation. Whatever the setting. I think supporters should support. My experience on the Kop last night wasn’t that. I didn’t think the atmosphere helped our players, infact I think it made it more nervy. Particularly for our defenders. Obviously the majority of people in this thread disagree and think either the atmosphere was good or they’re in agreement that the atmosphere wasn’t the best but this is due to the nature of the game. Different opinions, maybe I need to sit somewhere different and/or lower my expectations.
  8. Was your time better or worse than when you ran without a crowd?
  9. Genuine question. Have you ever done anything in front of a crowd? Like a half marathon or anything like that? If not I can’t describe how much of an impact a supportive crowd can have.
  10. For people asking where I sat, I was on the kop. At 0-0 there almost no chanting and the majority of the noise came out of frustration, mainly towards our own defence. Sounds like everyone else had a blast though.
  11. Im not saying it’s the fans fault. I’m saying we didn’t help.
  12. When I’m talking about it being a hard place to play I mean in games like last night. Not every game. And to the people saying how would I know what elland Road and bramall lane is like it’s because I’ve been as an away fan and also watched them play big games on tele. I don’t need to go every week. I’m talking big games and I’ve seen enough to be able to make a comparison. Im using them as examples because they’re comparable clubs, with comparable fanbases and it’s obvious how the atmospheres differ between us. Genuinely surprised by how many people seem shocked by my opinion. I’ve just watched the highlights back and it definitely backs up my view of it being quite.
  13. I think nervous is exactly the right word. But Hillsborough seems to suffer and deal with nerves so much worse than most other stadiums. That gets transferred onto the players, I think. It must be a hard place to play as a home player. A lot of club seems to have a belief that they can always get a result at home and it shows. The obvious example is Anfield. 1-0 down in a champions league semi and of course everyone’s gonna be nervous but the way that’s dealt with is worlds apart from us. Their fans realise they have a part to play and an atmospheric Anfield is more likely to get the best out of their players and more likely to create a tough atmosphere for the team they’re playing, the ref etc. We sit with our hands covering our faces waiting for it to all go wrong, screaming at our own players for playing it out from the back.
  14. This is my point though. Wednesday fans have a mentality that the players should get us up for it. It should be the other way round. We should be motivating them, intimidating the other team.
  15. Interesting. I was on the kop and at times you could hear a pindrop. I’d love our kop to be like other clubs, everyone standing and pulling the ball towards the goal. Maybe I just need to sit on the north in future
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