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  1. We'd need to price sensibly to see the benefit of the World Cup excitement, which we don't.
  2. This is probably a stupid question but where is the survey? I’m a season ticket holder would have assumed it’s been sent to my email but there’s nothing there.

    Looking forward - a fit squad

    Two big question with our squad. Firstly can / will Lee or Reach play wing back. Second can Foresteri play as an attacking midfielder. If so the ideal team I think looks like: Westwood - Van Aken Lees Venancio Lee Pelupessy Bannon Reach Foresteri Hooper Joao However I don’t think Reach is good enough defensively and Foresteri in midfield could be a bit too attacking. Because of that we really need a new LWB and the team below would probably be more balanced Westwood Van Aken Lees Venancio Lee Pelupessy Reach Bannon New Hooper Foresteri

    Summer sales

    We’ve got a ridiculously unbalanced squad. If we’re playing 5-3-2 and the ideal squad is 2 players in each postion, with youth players or even loans filling in as and when then we can’t afford to sell any centre halfs but we need a massive clear out of strikers. If we can get any sort of money for Rhodes then he’s got to be straight out of the door. For me I’d take 4 strikers of Joao, Hooper, Foresteri and Winall. We probably wouldn’t get much for Matias, Fletcher and Nuhiu but I’m guessing it’d free up a fair bit in terms of wages. I’d also want to get rid of Abdi, again don’t think we’d recoup much for him though.

    Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    I suprisingly warmed to Brown. Thought he was the best of the lot.


    This. The real un-sustainable situation is our transfer policy. Nobody can deny we've wasted millions. We've made bizarre signings like Urby, have big earners in our reserves in McGugan (who we seemingly refuse to sell) and a big squad with big wages. Chansiris done wonders for SWFC but I think that mainly comes from chucking money at our first team. I don't think he's a particularly savvy or talented chairman. I can't remember us selling a player for anything under him and we're now as fans expected to pay the highest prices in the league. That's not sustainable. A bad season and I worry Chansiri wouldnt know how to turn it around if his hands are tied in terms of financial muscle.

    Carlos out by Christmas?

    Our fans are embarrassed. We've lost a friendly!

    Old stadiums

    A lot of the stadiums will be older than what you think. Without looking I bet Readings ground is closer to 20 years old
  9. Derby are worse for stealing our chants!
  10. What hours are the ticket office tomorrow? I'm a member, just decided I fancy going but don't have a printer. Could pay on the gate I presume but want the points to my name.


    I thought Reach played well to be honest. Buckley and Reach was our best players tonight, for me.

    Carlos Bannan comments.

    So apparently showing faith in a player is now a bad thing....

    Ticket prices

    We haven't charged that much. The most we've charged I think was against villa. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that was £42. Which to be fair is still disgusting.
  14. I think some people have missed the point in what he's saying. He's not announcing his love for Wednesday. He's saying this game isnt and wasn't just about Newcastle; which much of the press build-up made out. We're Wednesday. We're a big club, we're a brand, we have good players much in the same way Newcastle do. So we didn't go there in awe of them as some championship clubs have and will do. We're Wednesday and we have our own identity much in the same way Newcastle, Villa, Leeds etc do. We might not win every game but we won't have any fear of anyone.