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  1. German clubs sell a 'number' of season ticket at reduced rates, Stuttgart around 12,000 i think,but the rest are as dear if not dearer than England
  2. colin west

    Ancient SWFC pitch...

    Same When someone dies, you dont Burrry them
  3. They sell 12- 15,000 season tickets at this price, people tend to forget the price of the other 45,000 season tickets they sell I watched Bayern v Schalke last season and matchday ticket was 60 euros, on the top tier
  4. Philip Makin is a Wednesdayite too(one of the jockeys in that race)
  5. colin west

    Colin west penalty miss

    it wasn't that bad
  6. yes we are, unless you've moved seat or youve gone in to a different price category (kid to adult for example)
  7. colin west


    I got a card from the club on my wedding day after my mother in law emailed the club for it She posted them the card and it came back signed by about 20 players
  8. I like the corner at Brammall Lane that looks like its been built by Tommy Walsh
  9. colin west

    Players Tonight

    Couldn't agree more,great team spirit Had a top night
  10. colin west

    I'll get slated for this...

    I think I tend to agree with AD If you saw how Bury played against us and how we play the majority of the time It's completely different,they moved the ball a lot more freely than we do and i agree that Clinton Morrison would score more goals in that Bury team than he will with us He's consistently scored goals everywhere in his career and also at a higher level so is it him or us?
  11. Jon Paul McGovern....having to beat a player 4 times before crossing a ball(usually failing)and all the fans thinking the sun still shone out of his arse
  12. colin west

    Adam le fondre

    The figure they want is £250k....dunno where 500k came from?
  13. colin west

    Adam le fondre

    Yeah I fully agree...it's only 50k less than the 'rejected' bid which doesn't seem lots
  14. colin west

    Adam le fondre

    Not a clue I know somebody that comes in to contact with him day in day out and he's most definitely open to the move
  15. colin west

    Adam le fondre

    The figure they want is £250k