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  1. It's not getting worse at all, it's just never gone away. It's just documented more now because everyone's got smart phones.
  2. Good on him - seriously brave move from the fella.
  3. Didn't say they were better, or that they don't have a scumbag element. But they don't have that 'we're not British, we're Scouse', them vs the world mentality that Liverpool fans have.
  4. It's specifically Liverpool fans, not just Scousers in general. Evertonians aren't like that, as a rule. Utterly pathetic bunch of c*nts.
  5. The fact we're even still in this after the way we've played over the 2 legs is hilarious
  6. This is really, really bad. We've been f*cking woeful so far over the 2 legs. Embarrassing stuff.
  7. People don't actually not rate that guy, surely? I mean - surely? My god he's good.
  8. Kane will go down as the most underrated striker in the history of English football.
  9. Mark Pembridge was a good player for us. The mid 90's kit, while not traditional by the way the stripes were, was lovely. The 'Presto Stand' on the top of Leppings Lane is great and should stay - the scruffiness and the fact it's always been there adds massive character. Anyone who thinks we should move from Hillsborough are mental and don't understand what football's about. It would be horrendous. Hillsborough is one of THE beautiful football grounds in England. No point moving.
  10. Easily one of the most overrated bands in modern times. Bang average for the most part. Some great tracks.
  11. Yeah that's a cracking one. Some great games between them during that period where they were both in the same division in the early/mid noughties. Really rate that derby.
  12. It is odd, but possibly not as odd as it seems on the face of it. Geographically, a lot of Palace's support live in Croydon, and Surrey borders East Sussex, so there is a bit of an overlap. Plus there was some sort of needle involving Alan Mullery or someone back in the day. Even as I'm typing this, it is quite tenuous innit. It's a sh*t derby either way.
  13. Arsenal v Spurs is a proper derby, and the games are often great. I reckon that's the best derby in England. Conversely Liverpool v Man U where the games are terrible, more often than not, even though it's a massive game. Probably the biggest in England. Spurs v West Ham is also decent. Brum v Villa's a good one as well. Millwall and West Ham never really play each other, but if they did that would be up there for sheer intensity and hatred.
  14. Not sure mate, but if it was then she absolutely nailed it. It was massively awkward and almost every joke missed.
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