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  1. Quite simply: It wasn't that bad. It was embarrassing, our fans acted pathetically, and it made us look like a nation of drunken louts. What's new? No one got killed. No one (as far as I know) got seriously hurt. There was no wide spread racist chanting. There was no violent rioting. No one got shot. There was no widespread fighting with the police. I mean we literally see way worse than this in multiple domestic leagues outside of England every single Saturday. I'm not saying it painted us in a good light, but Jesus Christ you're acting as if it was the apocalypse. And when you see the fines and the bans handed out to nations who routinely behave way - way worse than England fans did that day - you realise that the punishment we got was totally proportionate. I know what I find more offensive out of some drunken kn*bs from Kent trying to force their way into Wembley after throwing a few traffic cones about on Wembley Way, or widespread racist abuse and monkey chants from Hungarian fans (as an example). You'll use it as a stick to beat the English with because your standard default is that we're a nation of scumbags - but as always, look at other countries first to see that it could be a hell of a lot worse.
  2. It's a proportionate punishment based on what UEFA normally dish out tbh.
  3. One of the most overhyped things I've ever watched - totally medicore (IMO). Watchable enough though.
  4. Let down of a final episode for me. I thought there'd be another twist, and that someone else would have been involved. The Suranne Jones/lesbian copper storyline added absolutely nothing. Really tedious flashbacks throughout. 6/10.
  5. Jesus - I totally discounted his time at Chelsea didn't I! I always just see him as a Spurs legend - my bad. Agree then - a minutes silence would've been totally appropriate - weird it wasn't done.
  6. Because Chelsea fans absolutely despise Spurs, and a lot of their support are scum. There's no chance an away end of Chelsea fans at an afternoon kick off at WHL would have respected a minutes silence for a Spurs legend imo, unfortunately.
  7. Too much risk of Chelsea fans not respecting it I imagine.
  8. Sh*t player. Drop him. Never does anything in the big games. Average, basically.
  9. Kane will go down as one of the best ever English centre forwards. He's an absolutely astonishing player - no surprise whatsoever what City are offering for him. As and when Levy rejects that bid, they'll probably up it and that'll be no surprise either. He's had two poor games this tournament, but everyone's been poor. No way on earth should he be dropped.
  10. Just watched all 3. That was one of the best things I've ever seen. Perfect acting performances from every single person. Some genuinely emotional scenes. A simple but great storyline. My god that was f*cking good.
  11. The episode where he can't speak French is toe curlingly bad. No idea what they were thinking with that one.
  12. Probably agree with all of that, although even series 9 and 10 are still watchable, even though they're not very funny. It's just very comforting, easy to watch tv - even the not so good episodes. Some of the later ones are proper dogsh*t though. The one with Brad Pitt being one of the worst.
  13. No one's still supporting this charlatan?? Surely?
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo. The graft and extra effort he's put in to be as good as he is makes him more special, not less. An absolute powerhouse.
  15. throw up between Goodfellas and ET *why is t*ss in the swear filter
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