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  1. Pretty much how I remember it too. That season their fans were particularly acting up (I think that was the same season of the play off riots too). I remember leaving the ground to a bunch of nutjobs whacking anyone who might habe been from the North, and then walking round the corner and 200 or so from the local estates who'd been nowhere near the game suddenly rushed round the corner launching bricks and bottles. They built 'cowards way' the next season. Probably the safest ground you could visit nowadays.
  2. I went on one of those Youtube link up sessions where you go from Pat Butchers best bits to Gordon Ramsay putting bread on someones head, and somewhere in between I ended up on a video about football hooliganism. And then I got suckered in to all of them and now I feel obsessed by hooligans. What is the most scared you've ever felt at one particular match/ground? I'm sure it's been done to death before, and I'm most deffo not starting this thread as a means of 'chestbeating' (football hooligans are arguably the most pathetic, while at the same time most fascinating, specimens known to man). For me - Millwall away in 2001 where they went nuts at full time after a disallowed goal (I think. And I think it was 2-1 to Wednesday). Birmingham away in maybe 2006, where they just went ballistic. Wtf was that all about?! (I am no way associated with the Democratic Party of Football Defence Alliance League Lads btw. Just a curious subculture innit).
  3. What he said. What a sad, depressing day it'll be when Wednesday play our first game in Sheffield's Ricoh/StMarys/JJB/ReebokStadium, just so we can rebound to and from the Premiership every season. Life's too short. And beautiful gounds like ours are too sparce nowadays. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  4. And re my point on the day tripper fans of Orient and Redbridge - it counts for a lot. West Ham have great relationships with both of those clubs, and there's zero animosity between them. All of our neighbours hate us. The pull would be minimal compared to West Ham. They also have a whole county in Essex, which I reckon is 60/40 West Ham/Spurs, with no other club barely getting a look in.
  5. West Ham are a totally different kettle of fish. Firstly, they're a bigger club with a larger, more loyal support base. Some on here will disagree, but they just are. Secondly, as you pointed out, they're a London club. Thirdly, they get a lot of day tripper 'casual' fans of teams like Leyton Orient and Dagenham n Redbridge. Their catchment area of potential fans, or potential swaying fans is far larger than ours.
  6. No way would we get anything close to 45k fans on a regular basis. At least not after the novelty of the new ground went. We're not nearly as big as we think we are, particularly where our (home) support is concerned.
  7. I despise knee jerk hysteria, and I like Carlos a lot. Despite what many are saying though, the threads calling for his head are completely reasonable. He's had 2 seasons. We look very poor. Without doubt, he should've gone after the Huddersfield game. We simply haven't progressed enough for the money we've spent. I'm not spitting blood in anger over it - I don't really care that much anymore - but he should have gone by now. If anyone GENUINELY believes he could get us automatically promoted this season, they're absolutely mental. Play offs again can f*ck off.
  8. I am 100% anti violence, football or otherwise... But honestly - trying to track the guy down so the club or authorities can punish him retrospectively? It sounds like his actions were completely out of frustration, rightly or, quite obviously wrongly, but not malice. I'm by no means from the school of 'well if you don't like it then don't take your kids' nonsense. But honestly, this seems totally unnecessary to me. Shoot me.
  9. Good one. I've been a member since 2006, so not that new. You reckon what I posted is wrong? Loads of our fans are complete planks. Far more than most clubs, no question.
  10. Our fans are, by and large, total w*nkers. This site is just an extension of that. All fans have an element of deluded kn*bheads, but we genuinely have more than most, no question.
  11. Here's an idea so you don't all look so monumentally f*cking stupid next time....... WAIT TILL THE GAME'S OVER BEFORE MAKING THESE SORTS OF THREADS! Cretins.
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