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  1. Very good appointment. Jesus Christ our fans are deluded. We're fighting relegation with a really poor squad of players, and with no money to spend. Who else are we gonna get in? We are simply not an attractive proposition for managers. Pulis will keep us up. The football we've played has been largely sh*t for decades now, so who cares? Get a grip. Good recruitment Wednesday.
  2. Nah it's not just routine nostalgia with football. It genuinely was so much better in the 90's, without any question whatsoever. There was extreme money in the 90's, but it's gone into overdrive in the last 20 years and it's completely ripped the soul out of the game. Add to that an increase in generic new grounds, the huge hike in ticket prices killing atmospheres, and the fact that wages and big club monopolies mean that players don't stick around and create the legacies like they used to. Football is utterly charmless these days.
  3. So are Sherwood and Pulis full time then? Does that mean everyone that was going mental about black people being drafted in were panicking over nothing?
  4. Yeah I get all that and agree with all of it. The initial post I quoted by you was the ascertion that no one was telling him not to have an opinion, and that he was simply being called out on those opinions and debated. I was simply pointing out that this isn't the case if he's lost his job as a result (if indeed, he did lose his job as a result). Be interesting to see if other prominent covid deniers also lose their jobs.
  5. Last time I engaged with you, you made such a plank out of yourself that you got all upset and embarrassed so you banned me So probably best I don't engage with you because you're just too easy.
  6. It's like saying 'you are perfectly entitled to murder someone, but you'll go to prison for it for the rest of your life'. So, not entitled then.
  7. Yeah, so being sacked means he's NOT entitled to share his views within the constraints of his profession. Like I've said. You're struggling so much with the basics as always, so I'll leave it there with you.
  8. Yeah I know. So once again, he's not entitled to share his opinions as it means he'll get sacked. Like @owlstalk, you're agreeing with me but making out you're disagreeing with me. Bizarre.
  9. Yeah - so I'm completely correct in saying that he isn't allowed to air his opinions then, if indeed Sky sacked him because of them. Glad we cleared that up. Thanks for your input
  10. What on earth are you banging on about? Do you understand what I posted? Was it complicated for you?
  11. A couple of people on this thread have asserted that Sky binned him off because of his views. If that's true, then he isn't allowed an opinion. Or he can, but he'll lose his job as a result.
  12. Pretty much how I remember it too. That season their fans were particularly acting up (I think that was the same season of the play off riots too). I remember leaving the ground to a bunch of nutjobs whacking anyone who might habe been from the North, and then walking round the corner and 200 or so from the local estates who'd been nowhere near the game suddenly rushed round the corner launching bricks and bottles. They built 'cowards way' the next season. Probably the safest ground you could visit nowadays.
  13. I went on one of those Youtube link up sessions where you go from Pat Butchers best bits to Gordon Ramsay putting bread on someones head, and somewhere in between I ended up on a video about football hooliganism. And then I got suckered in to all of them and now I feel obsessed by hooligans. What is the most scared you've ever felt at one particular match/ground? I'm sure it's been done to death before, and I'm most deffo not starting this thread as a means of 'chestbeating' (football hooligans are arguably the most pathetic, while at the same time most fasc
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