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  1. Colombiana was originally written as a sequel to Leon/The Professional The original trailer music for Pale Rider is a piece of stock music that is currently used as the Channel 4 news theme (and has been for many years). Mia and Marsellus Wallace's house in Pulp Fiction was actually Wes Craven's house. The skeletons used in the swimming pool scene in Poltergeist were real. Similarly with (some) of the bodies in the Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Speilberg was notorious at this point in his career for stuff like this. The Overlook Hotel in The Shining is a set. All of it. It burned down part way through filming too. Bohemian Rhapsody is, by and large, a fantasy. Harrison Ford was Speilberg's original choice to play Oskar Schindler. Ford turned it down because he felt his presence in the film would be a distraction from it's subject matter. Psycho was the first movie to feature a flushing toilet.
  2. The Die Hard film was based on a novel called Nothing Lasts Forever, that was itself a sequel to another novel The Detective, which later became a Sinatra movie.
  3. Filmed in Kent. Kubrick refused to fly and spent all of his life after the 1950s in England, except for occasional trips by boat. Ironic because he had a pilot's license.
  4. "Come into my layer," said the spider to the fly.
  5. It was more to do with the appalling director, to be fair. The script fits the fantasy/mythology theme nicely.
  6. The actor himself requested the coach because he couldn't work with the original directing duo. Apparently Ron Howard has re-shot up to three quarters of the film - which is why there's been no trailer yet. I'm very surprised they haven't moved it back to Christmas 2018. John Williams doing the music too. If they've recovered it from Lord and Miller it should be decent - it's a Lawrence Kasdan script after all.
  7. That was Jar Jar that called him Little Annie.
  8. Morning, I'm currently building a website for a project we're working on using GoDaddy's Managed Word Press package. What we need to do to is offer an ability for visitors to pledge support without making any financial contribution, just a kind of indicator that they think the project is good, worth supporting and they put their name to it. Almost all of the pledge plugins and apps are centred around financial fundraising which we'll be handling separately via GoFundMe. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  9. We're hoping to get this on one of the channels in the New Year, either C4 or Film Four. If there's any other suggestions you can think of i.e. movie channels available via Freeview do let me know. And if you want to watch it before then you can buy/rent on Amazon Instant Video, watch free on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD all from here http://bit.ly/2448OTB Merry Christmas y'all. UTO
  10. The Force Awakens was more of an homage to the original trilogy of films. It did what it needed to - repaired the damage done to the franchise by Lucas' prequels, and engaged a new audience in the forthcoming films. Personally I thought it was great fun, which is what I wanted from a movie for two and a half hours on a cold December evening.
  11. Very detailed outline of the next season available on Reddit briefly and now summarised here. Beware spoilers. OBVS. Obviously unable to say how accurate or otherwise these are.
  12. I'm a little inclined to agree with you actually. The CG looks too CG - whether the final grading has been done on the film remains to be seen but I would hope for a look more akin to the original trilogy and TFA rather than something that harks back to the "plastic" look of the prequel films. This film does finish ten minutes before the start of the original Star Wars so something that is visually consistent would be expected. Having said that there are some nice shots in there - I love the sequence showing the Death Star upside down and then causing an eclipse on the planet. Nice.
  13. He does a brilliant expose of how the Hollywood system is rigged towards the blockbuster movies, with studios controlling the multiplexes and thereby the content at them, squeezing out smaller, more independent films (which in turn, makes it easier to justify funding blockbusters and harder to justify funding non-blockbusters). Vicious circle. The audio book of it is on-line.
  14. My film is now available on Amazon Video to buy/rent or you can watch it for free with an Amazon Prime membership. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01JSYKV5C
  15. Give Mark Kermode's book THE GOOD, THE BAD and the MULTIPLEX a go, Neil. You'll find you'll agree with a lot of it.
  16. It fulfills the prophecy of the Three Headed Dragon i.e. three Targaeryan dragon riders conquering Westeros as they did before.
  17. Close... SPOILERS BELOW FOR SEASON 6 - TRIED ADDING SPOILER TAGS CAN'T FIND HOW TO DO IT>>>> Over the course of Season 6 we've seen numerous visions experienced by Bran Stark regarding the life of Lyanna, which culminated in the scene at the Tower of Joy when Ned came to rescue her. The finale episode gave us the R+L=J twist as the final vision, but also revealed that Ned wasn't the only one present at Jon's birth and Lyanna's death. The other man in the room was Howland Reed — the father of Meera and Jojen Reed, the siblings who aided Bran Stark in his flight from Winterfell. At first a minor character, Meera Reed played a much bigger role in Game of Thrones Season 6, sticking around to protect Bran at her late brother's request. This part of the theory suggests that Meera is in fact the twin sister of Jon Snow — that Lyanna gave birth to twins and Ned gave one of the babies to his companion Howland Reed to raise as his own, whilst he took Jon. Clearly keeping the children apart would be safer than raising them together, should their true parentage be discovered. Other things which support this theory - Meera is roughly the right age having been born the same year as John and has been described (in the books) as having a similar personality and physical traits to both Lyanna and Arya Stark. And despite Meera being of marriageable age and a suitable match for Robb Stark when Howland Reed pledged his allegiance to the King of the North, a marriage alliance was ever suggested by Howland, because of Meera being half Stark... It would also explain by Howland Reed never told Meera that he fought alongside Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy during Robert's rebellion - lest she discover the truth of the events which occurred there. It's not the strongest theory - especially as we only saw one child in the Tower of Joy scene - but it's an interesting on regardless AND would suit the producers deliberately withholding that piece of information to let it play out more dramatically later. And she does have that Jon Snow hair!
  18. The slow dissolve from baby's eyes to adult Jon Snow's eyes is all the confirmation you need. Anyway...
  19. Wildfire doesn't melt stone. I call BS.
  20. It's in the backstory in the books and featured in the Histories & Lore animated videos on the GoT DVD/BluRay. In short...
  21. The attention to detail was great in a fabulous episode.
  22. Completely different to the book.
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