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  1. The most cringe thing is you get a certificate to confirm you're now in the PL. That is so incredibly sh*t.
  2. Honestly, I think there are now a generation of fans who would struggle to watch a full game on the tv, let alone go and actually attend a match. It's very easy to be a "fan" and watch all the good bits on Youtube, Twitter etc. Heck, some of these people might get bored watching MOTD highlights
  3. The same people complaining about his age (which really isn't that old for a keeper) would be the same ones complaining if we signed some young, inexperienced kid. Always the same.
  4. Keeper is a bit different to outfield positions. Plenty of keepers play well into their mid to late 30s. Stockdale just kept the highest number of clean sheets for a team who finished a few points behind us.
  5. Perhaps actually read the story before making assumptions? Might help.
  6. Football is still in the dark ages when it comes to how content is provided. Funnily enough, Ifollow is more in keeping with the modern way. At some point, most professional football in this country will end up on a streaming type platform (certainly the PL and probably the Championship). It is inevitable.
  7. Stockdale won't be coming here as backup. We are not Man U etc., who will have some vet sat on the bench, coaching the kids and generally bantzing about the place.
  8. He was ok, but made some right old errors in the first part of the season. I doubt we will get that as much from Stockdale if he comes here. An experienced keeper to marshal what might be a somewhat new backline might not be a terrible idea.
  9. Stockdale... He does have loads of experience. Not exactly the most exciting signing, but I don't think it's a bad signing per se.
  10. What a stand that is. The potential of falling to your death whilst going to the bar really does add to the excitement.
  11. Surprised how young he still is (23).
  12. Pretty much. We have an experienced core, but adding some more experience at the back with say a Dean seems a sensible move to me. However, we do need to try and get that average age down. Last season, I think the only regular starters who were well under 30 were BPF, Storey and Byers. Everyone else was in or around the 30 mark.
  13. Anyway, no point losing our sh*t until we see who actually signs. It's silly season at the moment when everyone is getting linked everywhere.
  14. Think this has been the main sticking point.
  15. Who knows, perhaps he might get a few chances in the old pizza trophy? Few sub apps?
  16. We will still fail to win at Pride Park or whatever it is called these days (Morris Manor?)
  17. The only protracted takeovers that has ever seemingly worked out/happened were the Newcastle and Chelsea ones. Those were quite unique situations though. It was so obvious that this bloke is another chancer without a pot to pi55 in. 9 times out of 10, these takeovers happen within a matter of weeks. Or I should say that they happen within a matter of weeks after news breaks that someone is interested. Once it gets dragged on for months on end it is highly likely the whole thing will collapse.
  18. Yep, still not picking up on the point that the entire division is unlikely to be awash with quality and top class players. A team are willing to stump up 1 million for a lad playing with us in League One... I know you struggle with a lot of things (spelling being one), but still.
  19. Not blaming the lad if he fancies it, particularly if this club are offering him a good wage and signing on fee.
  20. Yeah, bet you watch loads of Argentinian football. A few big names doesn't mean the division is awash with quality from top to bottom. Even someone as dense as you should be able to work that out.
  21. At the end of the day, I want players here who are committed to the cause. We can't be carrying people who don't want to be here, particularly when we could get a half decent fee for them. Pretty sure Windass has a bit of previous for kicking up a stink when he doesn't get his way, so might want to keep that in mind too.
  22. So what? He's had numerous hamstring issues for a while now. Ain't getting younger and seemingly wants to leave us to play in Argentina. Thanks for his efforts, we move on.
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