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  1. He didn't have a clue what he was doing...but managed to get us into the play offs with 85 points. That's some effort.
  2. Rotherham being bitter tw@ts? Who'd have thunk it?
  3. I did read somewhere or another that one of the reasons that Derby are not being treated like Bury is because there is cash in place for them to operate next season. Think it was Alan Nixon who tweeted it.
  4. Vaulks. Just seems like the type of midfielder that our fans take to.
  5. Got to be some sort of tie to the bloke who was going to buy the club and it all fell apart. Why decide now to leave when it looks like they will get taken over? The new prospective owners would have been desperate to keep hold of him. He'd be able to attract some very good players to League One.
  6. You're wasting your time. Some fans hate him, will always hate him and will never give him any form of credit no matter what he does.
  7. There was a point during last season where I thought he was done here. We were so bloody inconsistent and it still felt like he was not really sure what his best team was. But then things started to click about November time and, bar that slightly iffy spell after the enforced COVID break, we had a very strong second half of the season, albeit there are still a few of the old frailties - giving away last minutes goals for one. I like the bloke, I like the way he tries to play football and I think he's very good at recruitment. The players clearly like him a lot and it's helping us bring in some players that perhaps other League One teams are unable to do so (yes, we can also probably pay them a decentish wage too, but still). Pressure is a bit more on this season imo. I don't think we can really be faffing about again, trying to find our best team, tinkering with formations. Need to make a better start and I'm pretty hopeful we will.
  8. Reyt bloke me. Sit there, in me vest, drinking me aldi beer and shouting at the Glasto on da telly.
  9. Importance levels: Wednesday England
  10. Rotherham is so bad that people who went there from Chernobyl were begging to leave.
  11. Just need to add a bit of youth and legs to the side now. Got an unbelievably experienced core of players now.
  12. What a crazy few days. Say what you like about big Darren, but that bloke clearly has something about him that makes players want to come here. That's three lads who've joined now who could have played Championship football this season.
  13. I do think they will be coming here with the right motivation. Wages will play a part, but I also believe that some players would prefer to be part of a SWFC promotion push rather than a Rotherham relegation battle.
  14. Think we will be looking to get someone with a bit of pace up top.
  15. Imagine getting promoted and then you allegedly lose two of your key players to that team you obsessively hate - who are in the division below you - in the summer.
  16. I like Mass, but we couldn't just sit about whilst him and his agent looked around for better offers. Vaulks sounds like a good replacement who perhaps carries a bit more goal threat. Would be great to have both here, but with Baz, Byers, Vaulks, Adeniran and FDB that is perhaps a bit unrealistic. In any event, wish Mas the best. Really good player when he was fit.
  17. A model pro and a top lad. A successful side has players like him in their squad. He's a solid player who fills in multiple positions and never complains, never causes a problem.
  18. Pappa Johns is really crap pizza too.
  19. One of the things that cost us against Sunderland imo was our two first choice wingbacks looking knackered.
  20. Meh. I think most fans will let players off if they work hard and show commitment. He showed none of that against Sundeland. Get someone who is younger and wants to be here.
  21. Rotherham is the one that stands out. I can't think it was that many, surely? 4 or 5 games? It didn't work anyway, as NML couldn't finish his dinner most of the time.
  22. Hope it is true. I thought he had an excellent season for the most part. We do need some competition for him and Marv, but both are very good wingbacks for this level.
  23. Not really too bothered either way. He certainly can be an asset, but that lack of tracking back in the semi final was unforgivable really.
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