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  1. Every club has idiotic fans that make daft comments. I feel for the genuine, sensible Charlton fans. Football is a mess, fans need to stick together, otherwise clubs like Charlton won't be here much longer. No real footbal fan would want that.
  2. We all hear rumours. I was told by someone who works closely with all the local clubs that Wednesday were expecting FF to leave this week after he and his agent had asked for him to leave. That clearly hasn’t happened, so take it all with a pinch of salt.
  3. Their fans get behind their team. Ours boo’d them off 45 minutes into the new season.
  4. I saw someone mention Moses Odubajo on social media. He’s apparently without a club after turning a new deal down at Hull. He’s a RWB that would add bags of pace to the team. Providing he could stay fit, he’d be a good addition. He was brilliant at Wembley.
  5. He’s returned to Basingstoke. It’s unlikely the club will be taking it any further. He played for them today in fact.
  6. I’m also wondering. Possibly a trialist? From those highlights we looked poor at that back, but there’s time to rectify that.
  7. He is, he played for Brinsworth at Sunday league level. Always been a big Wednesday fan. Had a decent career as a top end league 1 player after leaving us.
  8. Maguire was born in Sheffield. He just lives in Eckington.
  9. Fulham were by far the better team. No shame in losing to them. We have little to play for, our season is ready to end. I agree many of our fans need some perspective.
  10. We paid £3m+ for Hooper at 28. He’s only just turned 27 in fairness & probably has a good 5 years ahead of him. Most clubs only hand out 3 year deals these days. Unless you’re Sheffield Wednesday handing 29 year old Steven fletcher a 4 year contract.
  11. £6m+, no less! He’s young with a good goal scoring record at this level. Any other half decent striker seems to go for ridiculous money. We can’t make mistakes like Antonio again.
  12. And they wonder why nobody likes them...
  13. I wasn’t surprised at the result. We’re architects of our own downfall. Too many sideways & backards passes. We keep trying to play out from the back in ridiculous situations where we just need to boot it upfield, we just get caught short all the time. Injuries have destroyed our season but conceding 10 goals in 7 days is inexcusable. I feel for Jos, but I have to question his appointment now, we’re looking very very poor.
  14. Top bloke. I did my work experience from school with the community program many years ago now. He really made me feel welcome & probably give me a bigger insight into the workings of the training ground/ stadium than he had too.
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