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  1. Is it still 50p to get in on a Sunday night?
  2. If he really wants to come here then we'll find some middle ground, if not then we move on. Difference between now and a few months back is we're no longer pinning all our hopes on him.
  3. Can see why we're looking abroad when you hear of ridiculous fees like that for British players.
  4. As others have said, good player but £4mill for a 32 year old is just mental.
  5. 2006 just called, it wants it's joke back.
  6. Wow, look at us chucking some brass abart. Exciting times.
  7. Tim Sherwood has just bid £10million for Dielna after seeing that defensive masterclass.
  8. Whoever has organised our Season Ticket policy this season wants sacking immediately.
  9. Looks better in that Lees pic but £50 for a Sondico football shirt is a reyt wee wee take.
  10. vontemp


    Didn't see it myself but he was robbed by all accounts.
  11. Not really worth worrying about in the grand scheme of things is it?
  12. Gonna be a big ask firstly to sign a large number of players, then secondly to bed them in before the season kicks off.
  13. He let in a number of soft goals towards the back end of his first season, why do you think Westwood was signed in the first place?My comment regarding his wages has got roger all to do with our "mintedness" and everything to do with the fact that we don't need to be paying big wages to a bloke who will be sat on the bench every week. As for your "show some respect" comment, untwist your knickers you plant pot, I've hardly shagged his wife then wiped my knob on the curtains.
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