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  1. Slightly off topic but:

    Any wednesdayites in Swinton / Wath know what pubs are still open. To avoid the bus replacement flock we're nipping out there for mega bender then taxi'ing to ground late on ( sorry SYP )


    Kings head



    Oak Tree

    Cross Keys

    Red Lion

    Church House


    New Inn

    White Bear??????????????

    New Inn has been derelict for about a year, the rest are open though.

    Wouldn't bother with Kings Head, bit of a food pub these days, don't think they'll welcome football fans.

    Another one to try is the Dearnesman, which is on Barnsley Road in West Melton, you're a couple of miles nearer to Dingleville there.

  2. Just rang up and got mine, was only on the phone for five minutes.

    Have to say it's a pretty poor show by the club that there's nothing on the OS, it's only because I looked on here during my snap break at work, it stinks really when only people who post on Owlstalk know that tickets are even on sale.

  3. I know this is the wrong forum to post this but other than the boardroom forum noone else cares about the others, so I wanted to moan here.

    You can't buy the new shirts and gear anywhere but the OWLS megastore apparently and no one are going to stock them at all in the future because the club dont want them to. Thats what JJB said to me on saturday, so i thought jesus thats crazy the scum sell they're crap in shops around town other than there shop and they're ground is in town!!! Hillsborough is a c**t to get to when like me you have to catch the bus. It takes me two buses to get there. But hell i went down to the megastore the same day and to my shock the shop was shut. This was at 1pm the saturday thats just gone, the shop had signs up saying they had to do a stock check and update theyre systems.... Its Only the busiest day to have the shop shut when everyones off work! That must have lost them a fortune in sales! why couldn't they have shut mid-week when theyre always dead and everyone is at work!? It just doesnt add up, lets get this straight no shirts to be sold anywhere but the owls megastore and then lets shut the store the weekend after its release.... OH flipping WELL DONE!! WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE GOOD IDEAS????!!! WE'RE REALLY GUNA HELP THE KIDS THIS WAY NOT TO MENTION THE CLUBS HEAVING BANK BALANCE!!!



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