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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, i believe we have an early contender for thread of the year. :st2: :st2: :st2:
  2. Oh, and another bit of advice, pre book a taxi/minibus in advance, you'll probably struggle to get one if you ring up at 2.15 on Saturday.
  3. New Inn has been derelict for about a year, the rest are open though.Wouldn't bother with Kings Head, bit of a food pub these days, don't think they'll welcome football fans. Another one to try is the Dearnesman, which is on Barnsley Road in West Melton, you're a couple of miles nearer to Dingleville there.
  4. Considering we haven't won a game since God was a lad, I think it's pretty rumbleing impressive myself.
  5. So you could say the Penny has finally (been) dropped?*****gets coat*****
  6. Erm.....we play Forest in 3 weeks, maybe he went to watch them at Birmingham?? Or maybe he meant he was going on a trip with a group of Cub Scouts?l
  7. ZOMGKevin Blackwell - Comedy Genius
  8. Just rang up and got mine, was only on the phone for five minutes. Have to say it's a pretty poor show by the club that there's nothing on the OS, it's only because I looked on here during my snap break at work, it stinks really when only people who post on Owlstalk know that tickets are even on sale.
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