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  1. Don't concern yourself with what your superior neighbours do pal, concentrate on watching Pub League football for the 5th year in a row.
  2. If one of our ex players came out and said similar things they would be called every name under the sun.
  3. Stone Roses Bar and that cheap Sam Smiths boozer by the river.
  4. ^^^^^^Yep. Ball was always a proper Wednesday boozer an'all but it's a reyt shithole these days unfortunately.
  5. Stop in boozer, friendlies are crap anyway.
  6. I think everyone expected a price increase, and rightly so given the money currently being invested in the team/pitch etc. But the jump in cost is an absolute wee wee take, if prices had been announced as £30 on the Kop and £35 on the side stands I doubt many people would have batted an eyelid. Making the first game a Category B is a massive own goal, I work with quite a lot of lads who are casual fans, to a man they've all said they'll give it a miss due to the cost.
  7. Aye, like deciding which kidney to sell so they can afford a ticket to watch him play.
  8. Agree with the OP 100%, seems to me the club have been very sneaky in how they've gone about this.
  9. Absolute disgrace. Massive, massive own goal by the club that will come back to bite them on the arse. Had I not bought a ST there is no flipping way I would pay them prices.
  10. 20k season tickets? We've sold between 13-14k up to now.
  11. Them prices are an absolute disgrace.
  12. Classy of whoever wrote that to add the Twitter comments slagging him off.
  13. Didn't he leave Forest by choice?
  14. Ooooh hark at Billy Big testicles over here.
  15. Does he know if McGugan has agreed terms yet?
  16. Stop starting threads about him then FFS.
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