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  1. I find it bizarre that with all this palaver regarding matchday ticket prices, the club seem in no great rush to put Season Tickets back on sale.
  2. Would rather offer Nuhiu a 10 year contract than sign that horrible little pig fanny.
  3. Possibly, but I personally think they've been shocked by the reaction to the prices and these family offers are damage limitation.Either way, good to know that fans opinions do appear to count for something under the new regime.
  4. I'm a season ticket holder pal otherwise I would 100% be voting with my feet.
  5. Wonder how many people slagging off the Bristol City fans refused to go to Leeds away the last couple of seasons due to price? £39 to watch Championship football is too much, regardless of whether it's us or somebody else who's charging it.
  6. Looking forward to this thread getting bumped when he misses an open goal from inside the six yard box.
  7. The pre-injury Simek was a far superior player to Buxton IMO.
  8. http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/more-massive-savings-for-owls-family-members-2556547.aspx£50 on Kop if they're both under 11.
  9. In the Prem?Easily over 30k in the first season due to the novelty and number of big away followings. But it's all subjective and guesswork anyway until we get there.
  10. Just seen this: http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/more-massive-savings-for-owls-family-members-2556547.aspx Seems the club have listened to people's concerns, fair play to them for that.
  11. Was struggling to get train tickets for less than £40/50 per person, so just booked Megabus, £50 return for the 5 of us.
  12. You're becoming a bit of a one trick pony with these constant digs at our fan base, it's as tedious as all the "massive" stuff that you dislike so much.
  13. I went for an hour at dinnertime and it was packed, busiest I've ever seen it. Club must have made a fortune in shirt sales aswell, every other person seemed to be wearing one of the new shirts, and the queue in the Megastore was huge. The club don't always get things right, but OITP really is a fantastic event.
  14. He's the same on Twitter aswell, clearly got the face on.
  15. No you're not the only one.I'm not one to slag our fanbase off as I'm hardly perfect myself, but roger me did we have some chavs on show yesterday.
  16. Be a reyt wash out if this rain doesn't clear up.
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