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  1. Quick question for people who have already bought tickets, and apologies if this has already been covered... Can you view the seating plan/choose which block when using an iPad/iPhone? Or is it like the SWFC ticket site and requires Flash Player?
  2. Rawson was bouncing. Only downside was bully boy bouncers ragging people about for no reason.
  3. Horrible, cynical, snidey team. roger 'em.
  4. They'll have to actually attempt to play a bit of football as opposed to time wasting from the first minute, fancy us on the counter attack.
  5. Best atmosphere I've known in 26 years of gonna Hillsborough. Even the Grandstand where I sit was absolutely jumping.
  6. Whether he got the ball or not, you're asking for trouble making that sort of challenge. If it gets overturned after some of the red cards we've had this season then it will be an absolute disgrace.
  7. He starts for me. Got plenty of big game experience and should be raring to go after an enforced rest.
  8. You're probably right, but it's nice to fall for it and live the dream.
  9. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-i-want-to-end-my-career-at-owls-says-forestieri-1-7895207
  10. Brighton are a horrible, cynical side. Diving on floor and surrounding ref at every opportunity.
  11. Absolutely.Definitely an agenda with ref's and Fessi at the minute.
  12. Gutted for him, been impressive the few times I've seen him play.
  13. Typical modern day full back, decent going forward but awful defensively.
  14. Fantastic little player, we're extremely lucky to have him.
  15. I know how he feels after sitting through that performance on Saturday.
  16. Seriously??I rate Mcgugan but he was atrocious when he came on today.
  17. Renewing mine this week, worth paying £500 just to watch Fessi. Can only afford 1 year as I'm getting married in August. Anybody who thinks watching Wednesday is expensive should see how much it costs to plan a wedding.
  18. I've said all season that prices are too high, but they dropped for Bolton/Leeds and we barely scraped 20k home fans. Where is the incentive for the club to charge less when no frigger turns up when it's cheaper? About time some of our supposed "massive" fanbase got off their arses and give our chairman the backing he deserves. If there was a trophy for making excuses not to go we'd win it comfortably.
  19. People have no right whatsoever to complain about the price after the pathetic turnouts for Bolton and Leeds when tickets were reduced.
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