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  1. I'm the opposite... Villa is the day between my wedding/honeymoon and I'm back the day before Leeds.
  2. That would be perfect for me as I'm getting married on the Saturday.
  3. His attitude was absolutely terrible while he played for us, completely uninterested, no wonder we went down with barely a whimper that season.
  4. The crotch smells disappointingly fresh I'm afraid.
  5. Bought some of them tight tracky bottoms that Stuart Gray used to wear on the touchline, only £10.
  6. Been offered a deal on reduced terms. Well, technically he received the offer weeks ago and rejected it, and was made to train with the Development Squad as a result. That comes from an absolutely cast iron source.
  7. So we'll have more ST holders and more members than the previous season, but our average attendance will drop?
  8. Agree totally.A statement tomorrow thanking supporters for their backing and announcing they are back on sale with immediate effects at phase 2 prices would go down a treat.
  9. One that sticks in memory other than the ones mentioned is Brentford away, the day "Carlos had a dream" really took off, was sung for about half an hour including all the way through half time.
  10. Never seen a set of fans so subdued after winning promotion, was a bit bizarre really.
  11. A couple of nondescript teams to start the season with ideally, as I'll miss the first 2/3 games of the season due to my wedding/honeymoon.
  12. Never saw a single bit of trouble all day personally.
  13. Think we need somebody with a bit of presence in the centre of the park. I like Kieran Lee but he's a bit lightweight sometimes, Bannan is a superior player IMO, should be Bannan with a big horrible poopydoo in there alongside him.
  14. Of course it will sell out, silly question really. Think the club have got it absolutely spot on regards order of sale etc.
  16. It's a difficult one. Lopez has been in very good form but Hull are a big, physical side and we could do with Hutch in there to offer us a bit of presence. The worry is that Hutch is guaranteed a booking as a minimum, and nobody would be surprised to see him sent off, which would be an absolute disaster and would make things unbelievably difficult for us.
  17. That Huddersfield Tuesday night game under Irvine. Potter's corners into the puddle, the threat of liquidation hanging over us, weeing down rain, played off the park by Huddersfield bleeding Town. Was parked on Rawson Spring Road and could hear their fans taking the wee wee and ole-ing all the way back to the car. Few weeks later Uncle Milan came along and the rest is history.
  18. Block 132. Bus setting off at 7.30 and returning after we've lifted the trophy hopefully.
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