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  1. Absolutely chucked 3 points away. 2 of the softest goals conceded that you will ever see. poo . Haven't got a cat in hell's chance of promotion defending like that.
  2. 2 blokes sat behind me came out with some absolute pearlers on Tuesday night. Apparently, we "Haven't looked this disjointed in years" and "Carlos has clearly lost t'dressing room." Short memories some people.
  3. Judging by the stuff I've seen on social media, our roof leaking has been the highlight of the Pigs season up to now. Haven't seen them that excited in a long time.
  4. It's a bit like your bird leaving you, then telling you a week later she's made a mistake and wants to give it another go. You both try your best and plod along, but it's never quite the same.
  5. Funnily enough I also called in today aswell, thought it was still a bit poor tbh. New training gear looks ok but shelves still look a bit bare, no small/medium home shirts, presumably they'll be getting some more in given it's only mid September.
  6. Was watching him just before kick off and his body language looked awful, head down, barely engaging with his team mates. Looked a bit lost in the first half but something seemed to fire him up in the second and he was fantastic. Hopefully he's sorted his head out now, as we are a far stronger team when he's firing.
  7. Fantastic player but tries to walk the ball into the net at times.
  8. Hope I'm wrong but can see him proving to be a bit of a flop. Bit lightweight and don't see how he fits into the system we play.
  9. Quite the opposite on the Grandstand...2 people sharing 1 set of pumps to serve half a stand. Absolute shambles.
  10. The one I've worked on is a bit further up the hill. Nice part of the world up there.
  11. Does he really? Been working on a house refurb up there for the last 6 months, would have been stealing his pants off his washing line if I'd known.
  12. Seems to me that once again, we've over complicated things and gained a whole heap of bad publicity. If Membership is going up to £50, why not have the £10 discount for all games, as opposed to the odd one? Dangle a decent carrot in front of people. And why do we need so many different categories for tickets? Why not just have 3 for example? A - top whack, Newcastle, Leeds etc. B - mid range, majority of Saturday games. C - the odd cheap game, Tuesday nights, unappealing winter games. Putting the price of shirts up is a bit rich aswell, it's Sondico again so I can't really see how the quality is gonna improve much from last season, £49 for a kids shirt is nothing short of a disgrace. The positive is the fact that we've sold 20k season tickets, and I think the club should be applauded for giving people the option of buying for the first half aswell, just feels like we've missed an opportunity to keep the buzz from Wembley going, seen a lot of negative publicity in the last few days, which is a big shame.
  13. Worst home kit ever. We play in blue and white stripes FFS.
  14. Friend of a friend went to look at a box last week and was quoted £37.5k plus vat. Dont know if that's increased from last season but he was told it would have been nearer to £50k if we'd got promoted. That's the view from the box he looked at.
  15. He's only 31 and being a footballer is a short career. He should move on and play regular football IMO, being a glorified cheerleader when he is still in good nick physically would be ridiculous.
  16. I'm the opposite... Villa is the day between my wedding/honeymoon and I'm back the day before Leeds.
  17. That would be perfect for me as I'm getting married on the Saturday.
  18. His attitude was absolutely terrible while he played for us, completely uninterested, no wonder we went down with barely a whimper that season.
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