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  1. He's a decent player when on his game, but very erratic and a bit greedy at times. Bit of a shame to see him leave really as he's decent back up but not a top end Championship player.
  2. Looks to me like the typical modern day fullback, good going forward but suspect defensively.
  3. He was alright, bit inconsistent but we've had a lot worse.
  4. Not got a problem with the "restructure" taking place, it's Chansiri's money and he can do what he wants. The issue I've got is the fact that pre-season starts in a fortnight and we've not got our management structure in place or signed a single player. If this was the model we were going for, it should have been sorted out weeks ago, looks like we'll be playing catch up like we seem to do every bleeding year.
  5. Can't blame him if he moves on. He can't expect anything more than a one year deal given he missed a large chunk of last season through injury, but the reduced terms bit is a complete wee wee take.
  6. Never mind smirk, I'll have a smile as wide as the River Don if anybody is daft enough to pay a fee to take that clown off our hands.
  7. Well, I for one am shocked at how this thread has turned out. Eh?
  8. 5/10 on the flounceometer. Good start, but needs a threat to stop going to Hillsborough to take it to the next level.
  9. Probably already been mentioned, but a mate of a mate who works at the Training Ground reckons Gray got the boot after a big bust up at a meeting the other day.
  10. Should be banned? So McLean is allowed to express his opinion but I'm not?
  11. That's sadly true, but Westwood doesn't strike me as the mercenary type.Time will tell I suppose.
  12. Decent player but I'd rather not have a Republican picking up a wage from us.
  13. If we're as minted as people think, then we shouldn't even be entertaining selling our best player.
  14. Load of testicles. Our fans are no different to any other set of football fans in England. We're all as fickle as each other.
  15. I wasn't really arsed whether Gray was manager next season or not, a decent manager but not a brilliant one.Just find the hysteria from some people ridiculous, it's like we've never sacked a manager before. Players/managers come and go, that's modern day football.
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