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  1. He's not playing terribly, and I don't he can seriously be accused of a lack of effort...but there's definitely something missing compared to how he was last season.


    I was watching highlights of the home leg of the Play Offs earlier, he looked so much more enthusiastic and happier in himself      a few months ago.


    As other people have said, I applaud the stance the club took with him wholeheartedly, but I won't be surprised if he's not here this time in a year.


    At least if he does leave then it will on our terms and not his.

  2. Think what the last 2 away games have shown is that it's sometime soon a case of "horses for courses," and you can't always play that expansive style of football that Carlos like.


    It may even be the case that we have to pick a different line up for away games to make us a bit more solid.

  3. 1 minute ago, jamese said:

    Prices are too high. However, we're averaging over 27000, which is way higher than anything we've achieved over the past 16 years

    Yep, that's a fair point.


    Of that 27,000, we have 20k ST holders and I would imagine a fair few thousand members, taking advantage of discounted prices.


    Away fans at Hillsborough don't have that option.


    £36 to watch Championship football is too much IMO, regardless of whether it's us, Leeds or whoever that is charging it.


    But, as I say, it's an argument that has been done death so I'll leave it there. 

  4. Used to ruin my weekend.


    As I've got older and realised there are more important things in life, I'm usually over it within a few hours.


    But last night really wound me up as I felt we chucked the game away needlessly.


    Taking t'dogs for a walk in the sunshine this morning to cheer myself up.

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