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  1. To add a bit of clarity, I called in this afternoon, the shop was very busy & I didn’t notice any sort of negative atmosphere whatsoever. First time I’ve seen the new training gear in the flesh & very impressed with it.
  2. Bought if for my lad yesterday, very impressed with it.
  3. Absolutely disgraceful. Crowds will drop this season as a result, the people in charge keep making the same mistakes year in, year out. Words fail me.
  4. Hillsborough Club. Cheap as chips and a decent pint of Coors. Bit of a nightmare getting served when its busy but such is life.
  5. Be a tough game as they're hard to break down, would take a 1-0 everyday of the week.
  6. I voted for Fletcher personally but Kieran Lee has also been outstanding.
  7. He's not playing terribly, and I don't he can seriously be accused of a lack of effort...but there's definitely something missing compared to how he was last season. I was watching highlights of the home leg of the Play Offs earlier, he looked so much more enthusiastic and happier in himself a few months ago. As other people have said, I applaud the stance the club took with him wholeheartedly, but I won't be surprised if he's not here this time in a year. At least if he does leave then it will on our terms and not his.
  8. Think what the last 2 away games have shown is that it's sometime soon a case of "horses for courses," and you can't always play that expansive style of football that Carlos like. It may even be the case that we have to pick a different line up for away games to make us a bit more solid.
  9. I honestly believe some people watch the match with their eyes shut. Either that or they think they're clever posting absolute tripe to get a reaction. Either way it's incredibly boring.
  10. Yep, that's a fair point. Of that 27,000, we have 20k ST holders and I would imagine a fair few thousand members, taking advantage of discounted prices. Away fans at Hillsborough don't have that option. £36 to watch Championship football is too much IMO, regardless of whether it's us, Leeds or whoever that is charging it. But, as I say, it's an argument that has been done death so I'll leave it there.
  11. How many of us would pay £36 to go there? It's an argument that has been done to death, but our prices are way too high.
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