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  1. Hey mate,


    Just in case you still have ticket(s) to sell,  I am looking to buy one,  buy happy to buy two if selling as a pair



  2. Not bothered about having cash back. If Wednesday offer the equivalent off next years ST it would probably sway me to renew, as I hadn’t bothered before the deadline.
  3. Journalist who wrote it is a big Wednesdayite, went to school with him.
  4. To add a bit of clarity, I called in this afternoon, the shop was very busy & I didn’t notice any sort of negative atmosphere whatsoever. First time I’ve seen the new training gear in the flesh & very impressed with it.
  5. Bought if for my lad yesterday, very impressed with it.
  6. Absolutely disgraceful. Crowds will drop this season as a result, the people in charge keep making the same mistakes year in, year out. Words fail me.
  7. Hillsborough Club. Cheap as chips and a decent pint of Coors. Bit of a nightmare getting served when its busy but such is life.
  8. Be a tough game as they're hard to break down, would take a 1-0 everyday of the week.
  9. I voted for Fletcher personally but Kieran Lee has also been outstanding.
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