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  1. Currently 22nd in League Two, finished 18th last year. Fair to assume they’re a very poor team and our second string ought to have more than enough to do the job
  2. For those who don’t have sky it’s live on YouTube apparently (don’t shout at me if this doesn’t work)
  3. Let’s be optimistic about Gregory. Im sure Moore would’ve said to the whole team, but probably Gregory more than anyone, if you feel any kind of pull whatsoever you’re coming straight off, however minor. Expect Moore will elaborate after the game
  4. Not watching but did Gregory’s injury look bad? No chance it’s just a twinge and he’s come straight off as a precaution seeing as it’s only the cup.?!
  5. True. Whatever it is it seems very unlikely he has a future there. A very successful championship loan is probably the only way he’d persuade them he’s worth keeping. I really liked what I saw of him last year but so long as we have Smith, Gregory and more importantly Chansiri at the club I can’t see us being interested.
  6. The Hirst situation baffles me. I’d have thought top league one / lower championship sides would be queuing up to sign him on loan after the way he ended last season. Maybe Leicester have decided he’ll never be good enough for them and just want a permanent deal to get him off the books.
  7. There are lots of players who haven’t played two full 90 minutes yet, or anything like, and could benefit from more game time. Dawson Iorfa Palmer Galvin J Hunt Brown James Bakinson Vaulks Byers Adeniran A Hunt Paterson Sow Gregory Should be able to fashion a pretty good lineup out of that lot and give the likes of Bannan, FDB and Johnson a breather
  8. It shows how we can get a bit obsessed with big name / higher level players. There’d have been murders on here if we’d gone into the season with Adedoyin as one of our main options and yet he’s playing regularly at this level for Accrington and scored 3 in 7 starts. Very early days for him of course.
  9. Was there any evidence we were even in for Joseph? Maybe we sniffed around and decided he wasn’t good enough.
  10. Must be the u-21s while at Oldham. Pretty sure he was never in an England squad while with us. Loved him as a player though, had never seen anything like his barnstorming runs from centre-back before, and then that period when he played up front was probably the most enjoyable period ever of being a Wednesdayite. About December 92 - April 93 we were flying.
  11. I only want players in the squad who are totally committed. I have no issue with him delaying a decision to get the best possible deal - he might even have raised his game lately for that very reason. But if he won't sign a deal this month then we must cash in, otherwise we retain a player who's running down his contract and might leave for free even if we go up. That's bound to affect his commitment levels, it's only natural. Whatever we do it's a gamble. Let him run down his contract and maybe lose him for nothing at the end. Offer him a blockbuster contract and then find out the last two games were a blip and he's only average but we're stuck with him. Or cash in for, say, £1m now and like Antonio he ends up moving on for £7m a year or two later while we look on with jealousy. It's a tough call.
  12. I’d go with something like that. Pretty much every player on that list with possible exceptions of Heneghan and Hunt could do with some more game time.
  13. Early days yet. Let’s keep the points coming and hopefully the performances will improve. My main concern right now is that Smith and Famewo’s injuries don’t turn out to be anything serious
  14. I agree in the sense that getting a win on the board will hopefully dampen down the mild panic we’ve already seen And Paterson and Windass is a front two that came very close to keeping us in the championship, while MK are missing their five top scorers from last season (Twine, Eisa, Parrott, O’Riley & Darling).
  15. Paterson and Windass up front then I imagine - relegation season throwback
  16. I thought “car swingers” were something you found in dodgy lay-bys late at night
  17. I vaguely remember that. Dusty bins are a real early 80s throwback. I’d be interested to see what the ladies briefs looked like. Purely for nostalgia purposes of course
  18. Fair play, it’s a bit of fun. He actually looks quite good until the shot of the leggings and sliders
  19. Hector is 30, out of contract, and has only had one or two decent seasons in his whole career, the most recent of which was 4 years ago. A league one club or bottom end championship club is the absolute best he can expect, and a very modest wage too. The fact he never went out on loan and is still without a club now suggests that even after 4 years in the reserves he’s not that desperate to get back playing. He was good for us but I it’d be a very risky signing to make now if you ask me
  20. It’s the first game for an entirely new defence. Plus, it’s not like Portsmouth we’re cutting us to shreds - they barely created anything. Iorfa lost his man twice from two pretty standard balls into the box - that’s what it boiled down to. Take that out the equation and we win the game comfortably. And when it comes to being comfortable on the ball I don’t think Dean or Storey were any better than Iorfa or Ihiekwe are. Many would have said the same about Tom Lees too, but he played all last season in that position for a side the got 90 mins from the premier league. So I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.
  21. Forestieri Hooper fletcher Joao Gregory Wickham (averaged out over 2 spells) Nuhiu Windass Madine Maguire
  22. Like some have said, let’s not get carried away after one game… he could be the next Akpo Sodje or Richie Humphreys. If he’s still generally playing this well and scoring goals in six weeks’ time then it might be time to get excited - if he’s still here!
  23. 5 subs will only prove advantageous to us if Moore uses them well. I’m not saying he won’t, but it’s a new tool in the toolbox and it’s yet to be seen which managers adapt best. It’s just as likely a manager could confuse his players or unbalance the team by making too many changes.
  24. I agree about letting circumstances drift but this could be applied to most teams not just us. Something I’d do if I was playing would be if my team needed a goal but the game was totally flat, I’d start a little scuffle with the opposites… nothing major but just enough to get the crowd worked up and shift the momentum of the game. It’s just the opposite side of the coin to feigning injury to slow things down
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