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  1. Exactly. Look at the times between 2017-2019 where Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson, Lee, Bannan, Forestieri, Hooper and Fletcher were absent for long periods. Or consider that Abdi, Boyd and Matias’s wednesday careers never really got going cos of fitness issues. But for the pigs ALL their main players were available week after week. Going to stop now before it looks like I’m obsessed and / or jealous... I’m not I’m really not
  2. What nobody mentions is the remarkable good luck they had with injuries in previous seasons. None of their first choice players missed a significant amount of games for two years. Now O’Connell gets badly injured and Wilder ends up shuffling his team around more than he’s ever done before and lo and behold results go down the toilet. Bearing in mind we had catastrophic injuries ourselves during that period (15 players unavailable for our last game at the sty wasn’t it?) I genuinely think that if the roles had been reversed injuries wise we’d be ahead of them now.
  3. Their god awful run does give me a modicum of amusement. Correct me if I’m wrong but if you include the league cup and the end of last season isn’t it P14 D1 L13 ?? That’s actually as bad a run as I can remember any top flight team having... ever. They were lucky to get the draw they got as well. Fortunate for them that three other teams have started almost as badly. One win and they could be out of the bottom three, which is incredible really.
  4. Massive fan of Westwood and never rated Wildsmith or - in particular - Dawson. Having said that Westwood hasn’t played consistently well since 2016/17 except perhaps for a short stint under Bruce. For almost 4 seasons now he’s either been injured, banished or performed poorly. If Pulis does start with him I don’t think we should expect too much. I can’t see us ever witnessing the Westwood of old. But Westwood at 90% is still our best option in my opinion.
  5. This exactly! loved watching Bannan in that first season, often coming in from the left and causing mischief in and around the box. Far more effective and enjoyable to watch than seeing him sat on the centre halves’ toes where he’s been for the last three years.
  6. Hasn’t it been like this with every manager Chansiri has employed?
  7. Smaller clubs than Wednesday yes, but Wigan and Portsmouth have both been in the Premier League and won a major trophy much more recently than we have
  8. Exactly. Some managers just seem to fit with one club but it never really works anywhere else. That’s a slight concern I have about Eddie Howe for example, or Danny Cowley. Cook has done it again and again and again and again - different clubs in different leagues with different expectations. He simply must be doing something right.
  9. Yes personally I think we do well with ambitious big name big character appointments. Bruce was ideal, I think McCarthy would’ve been good too, and history shows an Allardyce or Pearson type would probably work well at Wednesday. Having said that what I like about Cook is his consistently good track record everywhere he’s been - started in Ireland and then won championships with each of the last three clubs he’s been at. And I think his record in the championship with Wigan was respectable in the circumstances at the club. He plays a decent brand of football, is a passio
  10. Big character, promotions from this division, gets teams organised... step forward Mick McCarthy! oh he took a job in Cyprus last week. Damn
  11. Yes we’re second from bottom of the Championship and haven’t been in the Premier League for 20 years so of course we’re too good for an ex-England manager and someone who’s won as many promotions as Warnock and Bruce
  12. I’d love it if we had a long term plan and gave a young manager time to build something, ie Eddie Howe. But failing that, if it’s a case of getting the current crop better motivated and organised then McCarthy and Cook would be my choices closely followed by Allardyce or Pearson. Wednesday tend to do better with big personality managers and ambitious appointments. Not that I trust Chansiri to make an inspiring appointment for one second...
  13. A massive decision that never gets talked about was in the Huddersfield play-off home leg. We’d just taken the lead and the ground was bouncing when Forestieri turned Jonathan Hogg on the halfway line to set up a promising counter attack. Hogg had already been booked and blatantly pulled FF back - clearest yellow card you’ll see all day - which would’ve seen Hudds down to 10 men while we were leading. The ars3hol3 of a ref - Mr Andre Marriner - allowed play to go on but the attack fizzled out. Unfortunately the ball didn’t go out of play for a good minute or two after b
  14. Have Wednesday ever started the season with four clean sheets? Like, ever?
  15. We could bum around the championship for another 20 years but at least I’ll always be able to say that I had the privilege of watching the English Footballer of the Year in a Wednesday shirt. I didn’t go to many away games but I saw his debut at Everton and his last game (I think?) at West Ham. Proper legend.
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