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  1. Only just seen this while stood in the queue at the chippy, and laughed out loud. Staff must think I’m mental.
  2. This is good for us, you’d think. We’ve been on a dire run and we needed something to change. Be it the manager, the tactics, the attitude of the players, or maybe all three. Now we get minimum 3 weeks to forget about games and sort ourselves out for the run-in (if it happens!)
  3. They’ll find a way to finish the season. The ramifications of abandoning it would be massive. Play the games into the summer and postpone the Euros til next year. Or finish it in August / September and have some kind of slightly truncated competition next year to get things back in sync. Both far preferable to a total abandonment (as much as I’d love that)
  4. For the good of both us and football in general it must happen this season. I don’t know if that’s realistic though to be honest. All the talk about starting afresh next year would be undermined if we go into the season with a points penalty. And agree with those who think the team who finished third from bottom this year will kick off massively if we’re seen as somehow getting away with it. If Chansiri was, as some believe, just using stalling tactics in the hope we’d get promotion first and escape jurisdiction then now promotion is off the table we desperately need to learn our fate and get on with life.
  5. Hutch was still around a week or so ago, cos he and Fletcher drove past me near the University in Fletchers Bentley. Doesn’t really answer the mystery, just sayin
  6. It is dramatic! But I was pondering a similar scenario the other day. What is depressingly clear to me is that Chansiri is either incapable or unwilling to do ANY of the things he needs to do to turn things around. The club is totally disengaged from its fans, there is no senior management structure in place, communication is poor, and the state of the financial management is there for everyone to see. So yes, I too see little light at the end of the tunnel I’m afraid.
  7. I thought Monk was an okay appointment and there’s no doubt he started off well, but I’ve been less and less impressed with him as time has gone on. Constant team changes, some of our best players banished, an inability to score at home, the constant selection of Dawson and Pelupessy no matter how bad their performances, I could go on. The fans, by and large, never seem to have taken to him either. And Whilst I really don’t want us trying to attract a new manager in our current state, and I think Monk really does care, I feel like he may be past the point of no return. However, the problems are clearly far more deep rooted than Monk. And in that sense I do feel a little sorry for him. We have the most experienced and one of the best paid squads in the league and yet the mentality is weak as foook. Regardless of what they think of the manager, whether they’re being offered a new contract, or there’s the possibility of a points deduction, players on 20, 30, 40 grand a week and with hundreds of appearances behind them out to show a lot more damn professional pride than they currently are and that’s shameful. And then you have the chairman. Our absent, uncommunicative, stubborn, chairman. A man who has managed to take over a stable club on an upward curve and with a solid spine of players and spend £100m turning it into a shambolic, laughing stock of feeble millionaire playboys, detached from its fans, facing huge EFL sanctions and on a rapid downward spiral to god knows where. So yes the manager is to blame for some of where we are today... but for everything? Not even close to it.
  8. There’s some truth in that. There didn’t seem to be much of a blueprint as they went through the likes of Robson, Blackwell, Speed, Adams, Wilson, Weir, Clough and Adkins. You’d think eventually they’d roll a six - they tried often enough. However their commercial operation and academy setup has been a step up from ours for some time. I was thinking their academy hadn’t developed much of note in recent years and then realised there are at least 6 players recently gone into the Prem that they played some role in developing (Lowton, Brooks, Ramsdale, Adams, Maguire & Calvert Lewin) and they made about £20m in sales from those six alone not including any sell-on fees. The last players I can remember coming through our youth/reserve setup and playing in the Prem were Bromby, Geary and Quinn - and of course it’s a depressing irony that they did it playing for United and we made no money off them. You couldn’t make it up.
  9. Can’t argue. I accept that shot got a tiny deflection but I can’t help but think he should’ve done better. Most error-ridden keeper we’ve ever had and we’ve just given him a nice long contract. It’s looking like Another awful misjudgment by the club’s management I’m afraid.
  10. Was thinking of saying the same. Questioning his suitability to lead the club is not a new phenomenon of course, but in our current state it’s entirely incumbent on our leader to be visible, supportive, determined, motivating.... The fact he is entirely the opposite just shows how unsuited he is to running this great club and he needs to get out fast or employ a team of qualified people to do it for him. But will he? I very much doubt it. What the fuuuck have we done to deserve Richards, Allen and Chansiri all within 20 years?!
  11. This is roughly my theory, but it might not be as dramatic as people are making out. Its good practice to look now to tie down the players you really want to keep in the summer. Hence the club quite legitimately start contract talks with Dawson and Fox. All the others who are out of contract are left wondering ‘where’s my offer then?’ and either it doesn’t come or the club say they’re not getting one. Assuming for a minute that is what happened, I’m not sure what else the club could’ve done. And if certain players stop trying as a result then the blame is 100% on them imo. All totally hypothetical of course
  12. Whatever you say about Bullen you can’t accuse him of not caring
  13. Apologies in advance for any marketing bullsh*t but people talk about ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ but in marketing terms what we lack is a real brand. What exactly does - or should - Sheffield Wednesday stand for? Do we want to charge premium prices to watch gifted technical players playing attractive football? In which case the facilities, catering, merchandise etc should follow suit. Or do we want a team of honest grafters, built on youth, hunger, hard work and organisation? Less pleasing to the eye perhaps but with a strict wage structure. lower ticket prices and more down-to-earth match day experience accordingly. Obviously the brand goes way beyond what happens on the pitch but if we defined what Wednesday was about and recruited people - managers, players, support staff alike - that fitted that identity then we’d all be pulling in the same direction. And that’s how any sensible modern business would run itself. Yes, football clubs are not very typical businesses but I don’t see why some of these principles couldn’t be applied. Instead what you get are knee-jerk lurches from one type of manager and playing style to another, with players that no longer fit the latest style, your academy teams have their own identity, the fans don’t know what you stand for, the pricing strategy is wrong for your fans/customers , and the whole thing looks like a mess. Part of me would love the challenge of going into the club and sorting this out. Another part of me says don’t be daft it’d be easier to climb Everest in my slippers.
  14. Based on the past few games I Think “average” is being incredibly generous
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