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  1. Have Wednesday ever started the season with four clean sheets? Like, ever?
  2. We could bum around the championship for another 20 years but at least I’ll always be able to say that I had the privilege of watching the English Footballer of the Year in a Wednesday shirt. I didn’t go to many away games but I saw his debut at Everton and his last game (I think?) at West Ham. Proper legend.
  3. The wasted words on here debating Jordan Rhodes over the last three seasons 😫 Rhodes is a total lost cause: truly and utterly hopeless. Apart from one half against Forest there’s been no evidence to the contrary for years. We’ll be in dire dire straits if we put any kind of reliance on him this season.
  4. I’ve had a high regard for Dyche since he was at Chesterfield. Once upon a time I did a bit of local media reporting, and my first gig was at Chesterfield when he was skipper there. As this nervous 20-year-old stood outside the dressing room area trying to pluck up courage to ask a player for an interview he spotted me, walked over and said “come here, I’ll talk to you”. He gave a really good interview, made it easy for me, wished me luck and off he went. For me, he’s better than Wilder. He’s done it year in year out, at a modest sized club with an antiquated stadium and very limited investment, often overcoming serious injuries to key players. Wilder’s done none of that. I still have a vague hope that one day he’ll fancy the challenge of resurrecting a sleeping giant and becoming a hero in a major city, and that when he’s had enough at Burnley and can’t get a gig at Everton/West Ham/Newcastle we can persuade him to come here. Maybe one day....
  5. "After two difficult seasons, we have put a lot of thought and work into what we want to be," said head of football operations Leigh Bromby. Who knew.
  6. Will crowds even be allowed by September, or whenever the new season starts. I doubt it to be honest. If they were though, you make a valid point. - Impact of Covid (Safety issues, economic fallout, apathy towards attending games) - High ticket prices - Entertainment levels amongst the worst in living memory - United having their best season in living memory - Animosity from many towards the manager - Animosity from many towards the chairman - Effects of any FFP punishment Doesnt look good
  7. Since 90/91 Not saying they were all great players, but players who probably played the best football of their career with us... Warhurst Bart-Williams Bright Hyde Atherton Booth Carbone Alexandersson Thome It gets harder after the drop out of the Prem. but how about... McGovern MaClean Simek Tudgay Madine Lee Hutchinson Forestieri
  8. Put BBC news on a second ago and they were showing an old interview with him, immediately knew the worst. Manager when I started supporting Wednesday. Did terrific things for us and always loved his character in the years after he left. My dad is a fly fishing loving Leeds supporter so he’ll be even more gutted. Jack and Norman Hunter were his absolute heroes. How we could do with another Jack Charlton at Hillsborough. Tears in my eyes right now.
  9. Only just seen this while stood in the queue at the chippy, and laughed out loud. Staff must think I’m mental.
  10. This is good for us, you’d think. We’ve been on a dire run and we needed something to change. Be it the manager, the tactics, the attitude of the players, or maybe all three. Now we get minimum 3 weeks to forget about games and sort ourselves out for the run-in (if it happens!)
  11. They’ll find a way to finish the season. The ramifications of abandoning it would be massive. Play the games into the summer and postpone the Euros til next year. Or finish it in August / September and have some kind of slightly truncated competition next year to get things back in sync. Both far preferable to a total abandonment (as much as I’d love that)
  12. For the good of both us and football in general it must happen this season. I don’t know if that’s realistic though to be honest. All the talk about starting afresh next year would be undermined if we go into the season with a points penalty. And agree with those who think the team who finished third from bottom this year will kick off massively if we’re seen as somehow getting away with it. If Chansiri was, as some believe, just using stalling tactics in the hope we’d get promotion first and escape jurisdiction then now promotion is off the table we desperately need to learn our fate and get on with life.
  13. Hutch was still around a week or so ago, cos he and Fletcher drove past me near the University in Fletchers Bentley. Doesn’t really answer the mystery, just sayin
  14. It is dramatic! But I was pondering a similar scenario the other day. What is depressingly clear to me is that Chansiri is either incapable or unwilling to do ANY of the things he needs to do to turn things around. The club is totally disengaged from its fans, there is no senior management structure in place, communication is poor, and the state of the financial management is there for everyone to see. So yes, I too see little light at the end of the tunnel I’m afraid.
  15. I thought Monk was an okay appointment and there’s no doubt he started off well, but I’ve been less and less impressed with him as time has gone on. Constant team changes, some of our best players banished, an inability to score at home, the constant selection of Dawson and Pelupessy no matter how bad their performances, I could go on. The fans, by and large, never seem to have taken to him either. And Whilst I really don’t want us trying to attract a new manager in our current state, and I think Monk really does care, I feel like he may be past the point of no return. However, the problems are clearly far more deep rooted than Monk. And in that sense I do feel a little sorry for him. We have the most experienced and one of the best paid squads in the league and yet the mentality is weak as foook. Regardless of what they think of the manager, whether they’re being offered a new contract, or there’s the possibility of a points deduction, players on 20, 30, 40 grand a week and with hundreds of appearances behind them out to show a lot more damn professional pride than they currently are and that’s shameful. And then you have the chairman. Our absent, uncommunicative, stubborn, chairman. A man who has managed to take over a stable club on an upward curve and with a solid spine of players and spend £100m turning it into a shambolic, laughing stock of feeble millionaire playboys, detached from its fans, facing huge EFL sanctions and on a rapid downward spiral to god knows where. So yes the manager is to blame for some of where we are today... but for everything? Not even close to it.
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