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  1. I’d give him more of a chance if I could see anything - ANYTHING - to warrant it. - Are results improving at all? No - Are performances improving at all? No - Is a first choice 11 or defined style of play starting to emerge? No - Is the current style of play entertaining? No - Has he show any particular tactical acumen? No - Has his recruitment generally delivered and improved the team? No - Does he appear to inspire confidence in the players? No - Does he have the majority of fan’s onside? No - Can he point to a history of success at other clubs? No Even Turner, Irvine, Jos and Monk could answer yes to one or two of those. I don’t think Moore can. Sticking with a manager for the sake of not sacking him is a terrible reason. There has to be something else and if there is Im not seeing it.
  2. Young, powerful midfielder who’s put in 2 or 3 good performances now. He’s the new Liam Shaw
  3. Fair comment and I don’t really like the personal abuse it verges on sometimes. Better to stay classy always. But I think it has some relevance because right from his earliest interviews I thought he talked in a confusing way with mixed metaphors and using the wrong words. It was like he was trying to sound more intelligent than he actually was. And if it was so blindingly obvious to me then, then his communication with the players has to be questioned.
  4. It’s not just the results, which granted are poor, it’s the performances, the constant tinkering, changing winning teams, playing people out of position, the stubbornness to stop playing out from the back or switch to 4-4-2, the lack of cohesion or defined style of play, or any signs at all that the team is gelling. And then there are the baffling interviews from a man sadly lacking in intelligence or ability to communicate. People say Jos was bad, but he inherited someone else’s squad, suffered crippling injury problems, could barely speak the language and could point to a track record of winning promotion. Moore can’t fall back on any of these - he’s just crap.
  5. He was never loved. Big Jack was loved. Big Ron was loved. Wilkinson, Tricky Trev, Sturrock, Laws, Megson, Carlos they were loved by some. But Moore? Give me a break. People just willed him well cos he’s a nice guy. Turns out he’s utterly clueless as a manager unfortunately.
  6. Agree he should go. Talk of ‘give him time’ and ‘who do you get to replace him’ is, quite frankly, apologist nonsense. Only one thing matters - how confident are you that Moore is the best man around to get us promotion from this league? Do you really believe he’s got what it takes to produce a team that can get 80-90 points. Because if you can’t answer positively to those questions it’s far better to just draw a line under his tenure and move on
  7. Not convinced but I’m willing to sukit and see
  8. Joe and Bailey proving they’re both no good in the air
  9. When he heard Wednesdays keepers both need an almighty kick up the ar$e the invisible man was happy to oblige
  10. I have no issue with Bruce at all. If I was him, having seen what a basket case club we were and probably still are, given the opportunity to manage my boyhood club in the league above… he made the same decision every one of us would’ve made in the same circumstances. It was fine with me at the time - albeit annoying - and I’m still fine with it. Would I rather have him in charge now than Darren Moore? 100% yes. Can I see him coming back and working with Chansiri again in League One? 99% no.
  11. There are a million reasons. But I’ll start with one that seems most pertinent at the moment - the complete lack of a winning mentality. We employ managers with a record of mediocrity and no history of that relentless winning week after week after week which is what you need to get promotion. The current exponent of mediocrity is - as we all know - a ‘nice guy’ that talks up poor teams like Wimbledon in the run up to the game. Then he frequently picks a team with Brown and Paterson as our wide attackers and leaves more skilful, orthodox attackers on the bench. If we manage to get in front we sit back, invite pressure and capitulate. If we go behind we don’t have the stomach to even fight back for one point. And as fans we seem to largely accept it. Passive mediocrity from top to bottom. The team is crying out for winners. Warriors. Defenders that stand up and be counted when under pressure… attackers that want to go for the jugular when the opposition are on the ropes… a manager that gets his team well drilled and on the front foot. Taking the initiative not giving it away. We seem lacking in all these things, and that’s at least partly why we’re so crap.
  12. That’s the thing. Cook has a tremendous pedigree. Moore doesn’t. And therein lies the difference - and it’s a bloody big difference.
  13. What - all the way back in the mists of ancient history to the 1990s?!! Way to make me feel old pal
  14. Looks like 4-4-2, two proper wingers, two proper strikers
  15. Was waiting for that - glad you didn’t let me down
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