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  1. I don’t know what his contract situation is but 35 goals in 82 games for Reading is impressive, coupled with height, pace and skill on todays market £2.5m is a steal - I’d want at least double that. What I didn’t know is that he’s changed his international allegiance to Angola
  2. Take the point about building partnerships but the combination of 5 subs plus our annual injury issues are going to motivate the manager to give himself more options. The sub rule might be the making of some managers and the death of others. They’re all human and some around bound to get impatient and tinker too early if things aren’t working… others will use it to their advantage… some will use them to kill time. This new rule could help us a lot with our bigger squad but only if Moore doesn’t get dragged into too much in-game tinkering
  3. Some of the users on this thread....
  4. The only time I've cried at a match was the 93 final replay but that's obvious. Slightly less obvious was Kaiserslautern away. Listening on the radio it sounded like the ref had robbed us by sending Hirst off and giving a dodgy penalty and afterwards I was absolutely fuming and had to go for a very long night-time walk to calm down. The 1-6 home defeat to Leeds is another standout. It was on TV when TV games were a big event, my dad and uncle support Leeds, yorkshire derby, they had a bunch of ex-Wednesday heroes (Wilko, Sterland, Chapman & Shutt as I recall) and humiliated us on the day. Absolute pasting. And the Huddersfield home leg still wrankles with me now. Sure at the time we were the only team ever to get an away draw, take the lead at home and still not go through. Plus we'd done the double over them in the league and finished above them in the table, and they ended up winning the play-offs without scoring a single goal (just a Lees OG, plus two 0-0s and two wins on penalties). Every neutral at work wanted 'plucky' Huddersfield to win which riled me up more. Didn't got to Hillsborough for a while after that one.
  5. it’s based on level of interest I imagine, so first home game of the season = high category. I expect the final game will be too, plus New Year’s Day, maybe the Barnsley match and any top of the table clashes
  6. Plus they lost their keeper who was a star for them last season
  7. As it stands now… Wednesday Ipswich Peterbro MK Bolton Oxford If Twine leaves MK and they don’t reinvest I’d expect them to drop out Similarly if Derby somehow sort themselves out in next two weeks and start building a squad they could come on strong later in season
  8. I'm not expecting Smith to score loads to be honest - after his early season deluge he only scored 1 in his last 13 league games and hasnt been very prolific through his career. But as others have said he provides an option we didn't have and we're hopefully getting him in his prime. Reasonably happy with the striker options we already have (although greedily would love another)... I think the priority now is another centre back and a couple of pacy wide players to supplement Hunt and Johnson and give us wide options if we go 4-4-2. Would be magic if Brown and Sow could step up this season, but I'm not confident.
  9. Tend to agree. Even if all their issues are sorted tomorrow (which they wont be) they basically have 5 weeks to build virtually an entire squad. Other clubs who've been in similar positions in recent years have really struggled early-season. For all the nice things said about the team last season they actually ended it very poorly, losing 9 of their last 14 games. They'll be a big pull if they can sort themselves out before the transfer window shuts, but by then you'd imagine the best players will already have moved elsewhere.
  10. At home first game, last game and New Years Day - excellent. That start though.... ...July/August/September looking very tough on paper. Not that I'm worried about anyone in this division, but if we're in the top six come October 1st we can be very satisfied I think. We should be very confident against Portsmouth after hammering them last time out. Plus, as it stands, we're arguably stronger and without Bazunu and presumably Hirst they'll be weaker as they were their two best players on the day I thought
  11. Once we sorted our style and formation, after the early season tinkering, we had automatic promotion form for the next 6 months. IMO a ‘change in style’ isn’t necessary - we just needed to be a bit more robust to stand up better to the more physical teams. Heneghan, Vaulks and Smith replacing I suppose Storey, Luongo and Berahino definitely gives us more height and strength but I don’t think we necessarily need to be overhauling our playing style. From November onwards it was very successful and a pleasure to watch
  12. Think we’ll see a max of 4 more… we’re crying out for a couple of wide players plus another centre back…possibly another attacker too
  13. Maybe, but getting a good contract doesn’t mean they won’t put 100% effort in. From everything I’ve heard they’re both excellent professionals. And it’s worth remembering… they’ve both played in two championship relegation seasons at Rotherham already. Logic tells you there’s a good chance of that happening again so would you rather that, or play in a likely promotion push in front of 25000 every week.
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