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  1. paulrs

    Grow some cajones

    Lack of bravery isn’t something I’d accuse Jos off to be fair. But what about changing defensive personnel and formations from one game to the next then complaining we “don’t have enough consistency in our defending....” Not to mention his apparent belief that Westwood is our third best keeper and Hutchinson, Boyd, Abdi and Jones would bring nothing to the midfield that Pelupessy and young Connor Kirby can’t provide. No His bravery isn’t something I’d necessarily question. His judgement though....
  2. paulrs

    BCFC U18s 0 v 3 SWFC U18s

    Tough game for United that...some of our young lads are probably on forty grand a week
  3. paulrs

    Adam Reach

    Still can’t quite make my mind up on Reach. Has some games where he looks class, but for me still has too many performances where he doesn’t affect the game enough. I do put some of that down to Jos’s tactics - his position in the team still regularly changes and we’re often set up in a negative way. If we were better at the back and had a quality defensive midfielder I’d love to see him and Bannan with more freedom to get forward and affect the game around the opposition box.
  4. paulrs

    Bannan last niight

    I agree I wonder if he was too wound up / determined to do well. He ran his blood to water but in possession he was terrible last night.
  5. Bannans been awful tonight. Get onomah on and hope he’s not got his lazy head on
  6. This is painful. It’s men against boys. Baker is sooooo out of his depth and if ever a young player needed a spell out the team it’s Penney - he’s been shocking for weeks. Credit to the defence for not crumbling under pressure but Its frankly embarrassing that we’ve been so thoroughly outplayed. No quality in possession from us whatsoever.
  7. Its foookin dreadful isn’t it.
  8. Makes me want to vomit but the pigs are a really good team to watch aren’t they. Positive, always on the front foot, strong and energetic...everything we are not and haven’t been anything like since the play-off final. All a bit depressing really considering the money we’ve spent. I’d love to support a team that plays that way.
  9. paulrs

    Sky sports stats

    I thought the same. Anyone who thinks we’re in for anything other than a struggle needs to look closely at those stats. It’s basically Reach’s worldie goals that’s keeping us out the bottom 3. The general team play is dire overall, the stats show that.
  10. paulrs

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    That’s it. The continual rotation and insistence that Westwood and Hutchinson wouldn’t improve this shower shows he’s lost the plot. Let alone the results. And when the fans start taking the wee with ironic chants you might as well get rid now because managers very rarely manage to turn that around.
  11. ...cos none of them think changing your defensive formation AND personnel from one game to the next is a good idea. Not a single bloody one! And lo and behold we can’t keep a clean sheet for love nor money. it ain’t foookin rocket science Jos!!
  12. I’m not going to slate Jos because he’s still been dealt a sh1tty hand with the injuries and financial problems but... ...everyone and I mean EVERYONE who’s ever talked about defending will tell you it’s better to have a settled defence. We, on the other hand, change the players and the formation not just from match to match but sometimes half to half. Is it any wonder we can’t keep clean sheets to save our lives?? All this recent talk about Jos the total football master whose team can change formation within games and keep the opposition guessing - what a load of tripe! There’s a reason no successful manager in history changed his defence constantly - because it don’t foookin work Jos, IT DONT FOOOKIN WORK!!!
  13. paulrs

    penney may be off

    I’m not so daft as to write him off but these three recent Friday night TV games he’s been really poor in each.
  14. Overall I thought it was on okay display, but for a catastrophic error by Lees we’d be walking away with a point. Yes you’d like to see our attacking players give Boro more to think about than they did, but overall I thought we were a little bit unlucky against the team at the top of the table.