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  1. If we’re talking moments where I most lost it... - Wilson’s volley hitting the net v Chelsea - Hirsts outrageous goal 2 mins into Judas Atkinsons return - Waddle’s SF free kick v Pigs - Waddle’s replay equaliser v Arsenal - Talbots clincher v Hartlepool - Antonio’s winner v Carlisle Lots and lots of others, Sheridan at Wembley obviously, Hirst & Tudgay at the Sty, Kaiserslautern, the Brighton play-off.... but these stand out for me personally
  2. The football under Gray was pretty dull especially in that second season but he got the most out of limited resources and the spine of the team he built for practically nothing - Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Hutchinson and Lee - was a wonderful legacy. With the possible exception of Iorfa I don’t think we’ve signed anyone in the last 4 years that’s had the same impact as any one of those guys all signed within a few months of each other and for peanuts.
  3. Amongst my friends I was the only one who noticed that at the time. Really used to bug me! Fantastic game though. That and the 3-3 the following season... those were the days eh
  4. Oh and yes - as someone who has overseen development of multi-million pound websites I agree the SWFC one is definitely a shocker
  5. I wasn’t at the meeting but I’ve heard this summary before. This sums up perfectly why the club will die on its ar5e with DC in charge. The infrastructure of the club has been drastically under-invested in, in favour of recruiting players on big wages with little or no resale value. And yet in the rare event a sensible forward thinking appointment is made they are soon undermined, hidden from sight then quickly ushered out the back door in silence. You could sign Liam Shaw up on a long term deal, get Paul Cook as boss and even get Rhodes scoring goals again bu
  6. 16/17 was the year. Best squad in the league that year, possibly bar Newcastle. Carlos going defensive, players being unfit, the unnecessary signing of Rhodes... it’s all been discussed to death on here but coming off the back of the play-off final and with the additional money invested that should’ve been the year. But it’s Wednesday so we messed it up.
  7. 100% spot on. Ideal world we absolutely wouldn’t be offering new contracts to injury prone thirty somethings, we’d be replacing them. The fact is that a) we didn’t replace him and b) even when he returned at maybe 80-90% of his previous level he was still for me one of the better players in the team last season. Guess he just didn’t fit in with Garry Monk’s ‘style’ of football
  8. Big Jack Big Ron Both legends. For this reason alone Id have loved Big Sam or Big Mick at Hillsboro but if it’s Big Daz instead then I’m on board
  9. Difficult to judge his record really. Did well initially with WBA and yet ultimately they were still relegated. Then had them top 4 but they had started as favourites so that was a slight disappointment. And in a year and a half at Doncaster he’d made very good progress until they hit a really bad run in February and dropped away from the automatic places. Jury’s out for me, flashes of very good and flashes of not so good in a fairly short career up to now. The other thing is that for a bruiser of a player he’s a softly spoken nice guy so can he kick
  10. This is what I’m talking about. SallyCinnamon says we’re too apathetic as a fan base and I agree. And I’ll be honest I’m definitely part of that problem myself. Maybe it’s because we’re the more classy club in Sheffield. If people really care, really want to ensure there’s still a Sheffield Wednesday for years to come and really want to start enjoying their Saturday afternoons again then an organised co-ordinated effort is needed. One that has to acknowledge it’ll have to be done remotely for the time being. Social media can have a massive impact, and doesn’t
  11. There’s no point debating today’s performance. There’s no point debating Thompson’s team selections Theres no point debating whether the players are good enough There’s no point debating the tactics. The culture of any organisation is set at the top. The strategy is defined at the top. The big decisions are made at the top. Chansiri is the man at the top, an alleged control freak at that, so the buck for all of this stops with him. The poor recruitment, the head coach out of his depth, the squad that mostly know theyll
  12. Anyone with even a crumb of sense can see the club is dying under Chansiris tenure. There’s really no point debating that, or how it’s got to this stage. The only question worth any discussion now is what can be done about it.
  13. This^^^ Both teams’ success was built in no small way on being able to name virtually the same XI week in week out for two years. Remarkable good fortune. Now they’re suffering injuries like the rest of us and their worlds have caved in. Funny that. Ive said before, imagine if Westwood, Hutchinson, Lee, Hooper and Forestieri had barely missed a match for two years while Henderson, Norwood, Fleck, Sharp and McGoldrick had barely been available. Every chance we’d be a division above them rather than the other way round - although the club would still probably hav
  14. It’s possible of course, but would be in spite of the set up we have rather than because of it. Overcoming the challenges of managing SWFC would be hard enough in itself and that’s before you even try winning games or playing entertaining football.
  15. But he’d still have to work for Chansiri and that’s where the plan falls down
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