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  1. I thought I was the only one! “The football club..” - aaarrrggghhh!!!!!
  2. I genuinely think the team that stayed up was the team that least deserved to.
  3. 48 hours away from our biggest game in 4 years, fans on edge, miracle escape in the offing, stout hearts needed all round, manager seriously ill... and people expect the club to communicate?!? Where did they rank in that fan engagement survey again....
  4. At a boring midweek game a couple of seasons back, might’ve been Blackburn or someone like that, I borrowed a mates ticket on the south and the only other person on my row, also sat on his own about three seats away, was David Hirst. Was quite a sad sight actually, he looked as miserable lonely and cold as I was.
  5. No doubt some will find the language perhaps a touch OTT, but from a figurehead like him at the top of an organisation it’s the kind of clear, positive, empathetic, motivational message you would want. Instead we get rambling rants in broken English that blame everyone else - including the ‘customers’ - for our ills. This guy and Chansiri are worlds apart.
  6. Thought something was odd - we hadn’t had any awful news for 48 hours. Get well soon Darren, sounds painful.
  7. I haven’t heard the interview but this is exactly what I’ve been banging on about for ages. We have no coherent business strategy, no medium or long term plan, an alarming lack of transparency, awful fan/customer engagement... the list goes on and on and on. It’s simply no way to run a business and there’s absolutely no sign whatsoever that anything will change. If you want to support a progressive club with a business plan and a positive future that appreciates its fans and provides entertainment and good value for money then don’t support Sheffield Wednesday
  8. The club needs an identity. What sort of club, and by extension team, do we want to be. Many on here talk about the need for battlers and scrappers, players who are fit to wear the shirt. Reflecting of the working class area we live in. Others, especially when Pulis was appointed, talked about wanting attractive attacking passing football. A hark back to the successful teams of 2016 and 1991-93. We can’t have it both ways. Chansiri epitomises thus confusion as demonstrated by his sacking of Gray in his stated pursuit of entertaining football, be
  9. We’ve achieved zero points from losing positions and thrown away a ton of points from winning positions - its a surprise we have any points at all
  10. I’ve seen some damning statistics in my time but boy this one takes some beating. Suggests a team completely lacking in character. I was actually wondering yesterday how many times this has happened in history. It’s so outstandingly bad.
  11. Too young to have seen him play but I booked some physio on my dodgy Achilles at a place in Ecclesall a couple of years’ back and he was working there temporarily. Came across as a genuinely nice guy, we chatted football and Wednesday a bit, and it’s true he’s in amazing shape for his age. Must be what, nearly 70? But he was super lean and looked like he could’ve easily blasted out a 10K run.
  12. I sometimes think criticism of Monks reign is harsh and then I remember he thought Wildsmith and Dawson were better keepers than Westwood
  13. From his perception it’s everyone else’s fault so why wouldn’t he return. I think the reception would be frosty but not horrendous, because most Wednesday fans are soft, quite apathetic and don’t obsess about the details of Chansiri’s constant failures in the way we do on here I imagine he’ll take any degree of abuse quite badly and so it might not take much to prompt him never to return.
  14. This couldn’t be more correct. I’ve said the same myself. While I blame the players to a degree it’s just human nature for most of them to drop a few percent in their commitment levels given the current situation. And those fine margins are what will lose you more games than you’ll win. So the key, in the running of the club, is not to let too many players get into that situation - where you have the majority of your squad heading for the exit door and thus letting their performance levels drop slightly. Because collectively that makes for a vastly underperforming team.
  15. Easter Monday 1983, Barnsley at home. Jack Charlton and Norman Hunter were the two managers. We were drawing 0-0 and they brought on Ronnie Glavin from the bench. “Watch him son, he’s a good player that Glavin” said my dad, and he duly scored the winner. Rare for my dad to be so right about something ha! Few days later he took me to my first away match, at Elland Road - but this time we won
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