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  1. paulrs

    Our settled back 4

    Just goes to show that sometimes fans DO know better than the manager. When Jos was in charge the vast majority of fans would’ve said - Play Westwood not Dawson - Play Hutchinson not Joey - Stick with a settled formation - Play the same personnel for a run of games In the end, that’s what happened. And it worked. We were right.
  2. paulrs


    Agree. Between him and Hector for MoM for me. Twice the player Joey is. How long will he stay fit though?
  3. paulrs

    Team v Millwall

    First of all let’s not change the defence if it isn’t necessary. 7 clean sheets in 10 is it? Tinkering with it now would be stupid. Elsewhere, if we’re going to have any chance of the play-offs we need to win a lot of games so let’s go positive...maybe Aarons for Boyd. Tempted to put Joao in but Fletchers all round play has been really good this season, and Joao does Often disappoint when playing from the start. Would blame Big Steve though if he wanted to freshen it up to give us a better goal threat. We’ve got to win this game and get the gap to sixth back down into single figures.
  4. paulrs

    Hector’s carpet slippers

    Didn’t see the game yesterday but Been impressed with Hector all season. Really hope we can sign him permanently, with him, Lees, Thorniley and Iorfa we’ve got a good foundation of four centre halves all of a decent age for the future. Obviously Lees was unavailable yesterday but looking at our clean sheet record lately isn’t it amaZing what a settled back four can achieve.
  5. paulrs

    Defence so much tighter

    Think Jos got a raw deal in some respects but his constant changing of both defensive personnel and formation, and subsequent frustration at our lack of defensive cohesion, was possibly the most baffling thing I’ve ever seen from a Wednesday manager.
  6. paulrs

    Good Grief?

    Agree with the OP 100%. Have said the same myself for a few years now. In this social-media driven, PR savvy, over sensitive, politically correct world we live in it seems like people are scared at the reaction they’ll get if they don’t mark someone’s passing... therefore every death or even anniversary of a death, is marked and expected to be respected even by those who had no connection whatsoever with the person who died. I agree it’s almost become a competition between different clubs PR teams to put on the best show of organised grief. Minutes silence? We can beat that. Let’s go with black armbands too. No let’s do both AND put wreaths on the pitch. No let’s do all that plus unfurl a giant flag. No, let’s do all that plus applause in the 7th minute because 7 was the guys shirt number / lucky number / birthday. And let’s expect every ground across the country to join in. Barmy. Dignified. Private. Quiet. Low-key. These concepts don’t seem to exist anymore. I blame Simon Cowell.
  7. paulrs

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Our league record since Jos left I think is P7 W4 D2 L1... and those two draws absolutely should’ve been wins. If we replicate that over the next 7 games, which is perfectly feasible given the fixture list, then it’s quite likely the gap would be down to around 5 points with 10 games left and we’d be absolutely bursting with confidence. Who woukdnt be getting excited then?!
  8. paulrs


    Exactly what I was thinking. That trio could work really well, with Fletch up front and Forestieri on one side of him and one of Joao, Matias, Reach or Aarons on the other.
  9. paulrs

    Forestierri 14m

    I love Forestieri and if he’s fit and firing is definitely worth £10m+ in today’s market. But he hasn’t been fit and firing for a while now, plus his discipline issues never seem to go away, so any club signing him now would be taking a big gamble. If I was at another club I wouldn’t be bidding any more than about £5m. I’m desperate to see what a top manager could get out of him playing him in his preferred position - something we’ve never really seen. If Bruce is going to play 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1 play FF on the left of the attacking 3 or 4, and if he can stay fit I think we could see his value rocket again.
  10. paulrs

    Line up vs Hull

    Like it. Consistent selections, good balance, although in truth not many other options open to him. If the full backs and Boyd can continue to perform at their recent level we’re capable of keeping the unbeaten run a good while longer. (On the basis that we’ve never lost when I’ve slagged the line-up Pre-match i’ve Obviously given them the kiss of death now that I’ve praised it)
  11. And it makes Giddings’ comment about cricket in the press conference yesterday look pretty embarrassing
  12. Don’t think anyone with any decency would have an issue with that. Could actually be better in the long run - demonstrates what an honourable guy he is, and the fact Chansiri agreed to it might improve the bond between the two. I just hope we dont have a bad run in January that will put immediate pressure on his quick return.
  13. I’m not too worried. I’m guessing in his other stints he took over a team at rock bottom with no idea who’d ultimately be taking over. This time the team is already on the up plus Bullen is still involved and they all know Bruce is coming in and will want to impress his lieutenants.
  14. For the good of your health don’t look! aaarghh too late I looked... In 2010 p2 L2 In 2017 p11 w1 d3 l7 These are different circumstances though right? Right? Somebody...?
  15. Im only pointing out than when we have a manager with “Big” at the start of his name it works out well. Steve is a big guy, so let’s call him Big Steve and we can’t fail! The best jokes are the ones you have to explain