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  1. Could never understand the criticism Fletcher got on here, you could tell he was quality. Now scoring at 1 in 2 together with his all-round contribution and considering the way we play - i’d say he’s our most important player. who else in the current squad could do what he does, anything like as well.
  2. Bruce mostly played 4-4-2 last season and it worked really well. So if Monk played 4-4-2 at Birmingham too then it seems perfectly logical to try it. Since last season the midfield options are improved with Lee returning and Luongo signing. My main doubt with a 4-4-2 would be a partner that works well with Fletcher. In theory the Rhodes of old would be perfect but personally I think he’s a busted flush. Winnall is another one well suited but has looked very sluggish since his injury. Last season we had Hooper, Joao and Matias as options, but no longer. Whats Hooper up to these days...???
  3. Richie Barker worked with Big Ron throughout his time here, may even have been here before. Pretty sure Peter Eustace was Wilkinson’s ‘assistant manager’ for 5 years before that in fact.
  4. Atkinson and Bruce I was delighted with. Was pretty happy with Francis, Megson and Sturrock. Rest were a bit ‘wait and see’ Was massively disappointed with Shreeves, Yorath and Gray - obvs got 2 out of 3 right there! Monk is definitely in the average category.
  5. While I’m sure it’s true that over the years some good managers will have turned us down, we really have made some awful awful appointments. Far too many tired journeymen (Jones, Jos) cheap options (Shreeves, Yorath) and flash-in-The-pan bosses (Turner, Wilson) on that list. Oh that we’d push the boat out and make an ambitious appointment like we did with Ron and Jack or else pick an up-and-coming boss whose been building an excellent reputation in the lower leagues with multiple clubs. So rarely seems to happen and I think that’s been a huge part of our problem the last 20 years.
  6. I wasn’t challenging you mate, more like agreeing with you!
  7. As much as I don’t and never did want Bullen, it’s daft judging him after 7 games. He’s been a prominent employee of the club for what 6 or 7 years now? If they knew what they were doing the clubs hierarchy would have a clue by now whether he was management material or not. If it’s a yes then back him properly and give him time; if it’s a no then stop pi$$ing about and get someone in who’s up to the job. Letting him manage the side for 7 games isn’t really going to prove anything either way.
  8. Really Hope so. Got a feeling he won’t though.
  9. I think you’ll find There’s as much hard evidence of Bullen being a great coach as there is of DC being a successful businessman
  10. Agreed on the squad, and on Reach. He must’ve played 4 or 5 different positions already and we’re only 6 games in. Play him where he’s best, out wide, and leave him there.
  11. Agreed. plenty of sides have got promoted in recent seasons with squads of less experienced / talented players (Pigs, Cardiff. Hudds to name just three).
  12. Twas I! We need a meltdown - it’s the only thing Chansiri seems to respond to.
  13. Agreed. I wouldn’t be averse to Cowley but I thought Bruce was a perfect fit from the minute he was appointed and so it seemed to be proving until he buggered off. Managers of a similar ilk that we might have some chance of getting are Hughton, McCarthy and Allardyce. They’d be my preference. IMO we need a clear strategy with our appointments and given the current state of the club and the experience of the last 20 years, my strategy would be to get an experienced promotion specialist. Style of play would be secondary for me, for now. Nor would I want a manager learning on the job. However, Do I get the sense we have a clear strategy for the club at the moment? No, I do not.
  14. I’d take Cowley right now. My preference would be for someone who’s repeated success at at least 3 clubs preferably at our level, but if no one of that type exists then someone who’s done it at a lower level would definitely be worth a go. As for why would he take it? Well, I’m never confident that Chansiri is an attractive employer, but that aside it would only take a few defeats for Lincoln and Cowley May never get the chance at a club as big as Wednesday ever again. That’s how football can be. Usually best to grab your opportunities when they come.
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