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  1. Hector and Westwood are the big ones for me. A spine of Westwood > Lees/Hector > Hutchinson/Bannan > Fletcher would be very very good. Obviously there's lots else to consider (Palmer,'s contract, the left-back position, cover for Hutch, who'll play out wide, trimming our list of 7 strikers) but those two are the most important IMO
  2. Agreed. Excellent performance. We've shown enough times this season - tonight, both games v Villa, both games v the Pigs, Leeds at home, both games v WBA, away to Boro, Bristol away, that we can live with the best teams in this division. We just need to be more ruthless. I hope his chat next week about finances with DC goes well, because with even just a little bit of backing I've faith that Big Steve can make us a real consistent force next season.
  3. Best performance I;ve seen from him for 2 years. Superb.
  4. Forestieri for me. Like the FF of old.... full of energy, looked confident, scored a blockbuster... absolutely superb. Fletcher, HEctor and Iorfa all very good too.
  5. I know it's all ifs and buts and every team would have their own sob stories but I'd like to see what the top end of the table would look like if we hadn't conceded the injury time goals to Norwich, WBA x2 and Villa.
  6. Exactly. I wanted us to win today but didn’t mind too much that we lost in the end because our play off hopes were very slim anyway, and I desperately don’t want United to go up. But not for petty, bitter reasons,... but for sensible reasons of competition. You don’t want your rival business in town able to offer a far better product most likely at a cheaper price. Them not going up is important for the future of OUR club, that’s a bigger picture than just one defeat today. i have so many friends who moved to Sheffield between 2000-2010 and they all adopted United as their club because they had a better team and had been in the Premier League. Now their kids are growing up as united fans. I don’t want that continuing, nobody should, and if us losing today helps prevent them from getting promoted then for the good of Wednesday I’m cool with that thanks.
  7. He was a regular here for two years, and it was on,y a succession of injuries kept him out the side after that. I take your point he seems to have lost the effervescence of that first season in particular - not sure if that’s a physical or mental problem.
  8. He was excellent. One of the first names on the teamsheet, we just could do with a better understudy for when he’s absent
  9. it’s hard to know whether he can ever get back to what he was. He’s certainly not fully fit at the moment, he’s been in and out the side, playing in a formation that doesn’t really suit him and he’s had the court case hanging over him all year. It’s not surprising he’s nowhere near his best. I’d still like to see him after a good pre season although if we continue with 4-4-2 I’m not sure we’ll ever see him at his very best no matter how fit he is. Thing is, if he’s on £40k a week who’s going to pick up that wage? For that reason, if no other, I think he’ll stay and Bruce will make it a priority to coax the best out of him.
  10. Was thinking the same. Bannan in particular is one that we really don’t have adequate back-up for - it’s definitely time to be gambling.
  11. Do you mean since the one he played the other day?
  12. So near and yet so far. If fletch’s pen had gone in we’d have been up to 8th, 3pts off playoffs and on a huge roll. Instead it’ll be hard not to let the season fizzle out now. Iorfa and Bannan going off didn’t help, always had a feeling that either injuries or lack of full fitness would scupper us in the end.
  13. With Bristol winning again tonight it’s looking like one we really must win.
  14. It’s a great point and one people often forget. In the last three months of last season we had a settled formation and line-up and not surprisingly showed good form. Then over the summer he abandoned all notion of having a settled team and moved to that crazy approach of seemingly drawing line ups out of a hat and formations based on the throw of a coin. And it doesn’t help when you have the charisma of a hairbrush. I’ll forever be baffled by that thankfully short period in our history.
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