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  1. Players that always seemed to put the fear of god into me whenever we came up against them... Kanchelskis Ian Wright Lee Chapman (serious. That 1-6 game at Hillsborough he was unplayable, absolutely dominated Pearson)
  2. Forestieri, Hooper, Nuhiu and Joao - 35 goals in 60 starts between them. Phenomenal considering the turbulent season we’ve had. Plus Winnall was scoring almost a goal a game at Derby. Still the best choice of strikers at any club in the division for me and no reason we shouldn’t be challenging again next season if we can keep them all together and fit.
  3. Wolves and Sunderland have got a sprinkling of very high profile names (Rodwell, O’Shea, Neves, Costa)... but the rest are mostly youngsters in Sunderland’s case or players with steady reputations in Wolves’s. Im surprised were not higher than Norwich to be honest. It’s yet More evidence to suggest we’ve been among the leagues biggest hitters in terms of spending and did no more than achieve par under Carlos before it all fell apart this season.
  4. If I’ve read it correctly we’re the team that has finished the season strongest, relative to our general form over the season. And the team that’s had the worst finish relative to their previous results - dem blavdes. Carry that over into next season and we’ll all be smiling.
  5. A change in formation, Three of the back four playing out of position, our third choice keeper, away against the best team in the league....what could possibly go wrong?
  6. paulrs

    We will beat Wolves

    We do have a habit of wining away at the end of the season against teams going for automatic promotion. Remember Reddys last minute goal at Portsmouth ruining their promotion party, winning at West Brom under Laws and also at Bournemouth a couple of years back. Could well happen.
  7. paulrs

    next seasons captain

    Reading this has just made me think of the strong characters we had in the squad last time we got promoted from this division - Pearson, Anderson, Palmer, Wilson, Shirtliff, Harkes, Hirst, Nilsson, Sheridan...not to mention the legend Trevor Francis. We weren’t short of choices then!
  8. paulrs

    Forget big mick

    McCarthy has won the championship title twice - but no, Wednesday don’t want him. Warnock has won 7 promotions - but no, Wednesday don’t want him. Similar could’ve been said in the past about the likes of Allardyce and Bruce. Meanwhile next year will be our 19th season outside the Premier League.
  9. paulrs

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Absolutely no shock this. We've suddenly changed the formation we've been playing with for months and doing reasonably well with. Why? And the fact we've started like we're half asleep isn't a shock either. The manager's too nice. The players are too nice. Where is the steel? Where's the tempo? Where's the hunger? Non-existent. For once Chansiri make the right decision, stop fannying about and get Mick McCarthy in. Thanks
  10. Before anyone gets too depressed let’s bear in mind Fulham are probably the best team in the division on current form and we’re back to having something like a dozen players unavailable plus Bannan going off injured early on.
  11. Tbh I was disappointed in a strange kind of way that Hutch returned to the team in midfield, I was hoping that Jos would see him purely as a defender exactly for this reason. I’m not at all hopeful we’ll get much out of him for the remaining time on his contract (whoever offered him a 4 year deal ought to be made to pay for the 4th year out of their own wages). But with better pre-season conditioning and a focus on playing centre back only who knows, he might still make a significant contribution.
  12. Anyone know why Van Aken isn’t getting a look in despite having played 2 or 3 u-23 games since his comeback?
  13. paulrs

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Hmmmm. Fox as a wing back, two defensive midfielders and just one up front. Very negative lineup on paper, let’s hope the reality is different.
  14. paulrs

    Mick McCarthy

    Nothing against Jos but Mccarthy was my #1 choice when Carlos left and that’s still the case. Won the title twice, qualified for playoffs several times, his teams score goals and the Ipswich side that came to Hillsborough the other week certainly didn’t play hoof ball. They were neat and tidy and put together on a shoestring budget, not to mention they took the 3 points and are well above us in the league. Chansiri needs to be ruthless now like he was with Stuart Gray. If we don’t get Mick another championship side with promotion aspirations will.
  15. paulrs

    Kieran Lee

    3m33s into this interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05xh8v4 I was being a tad optimistic when I thought I'd heard Jos say he might be back with the squad this season. He had an op around new year and Jos actually said "we have positive information about the injury and the operation so we have no fear that he won't come back" but it could be months yet (that was said 8th Feb)