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  1. paulrs

    Pudil & Van Aken

    Van Aken will be out for several weeks with that injury he went off with. Not sure where Pudil fits in now we’ve gone to a back four. He’d be behind Hector and Thorniley for the left-side centre half role and I don’t think his legs are up to playing fullback - I reckon Jos might prefer Fox there if Penney didn’t play. Can’t see either of them playing many games this season unless we have another injury crisis.
  2. paulrs

    Team at Forest

    Centre backs don’t need resting, and anyway most of them have just had a week off.
  3. paulrs

    Rowetts right.

    Once Forestieri gets up and running in his best position (left of a front three) we’ll be far from a one trick pony. With him and Bannan firing on all cylinders we just need the defence to tighten up and we’d be play-off contenders again
  4. Ahhh yes Mellis - the chap with a conviction for assaulting his 19 year old girlfriend. Lovely fella. As further demonstrated by his horrendous behaviour in that melee. A £1500 fine? Ha! A career-ending snapped fibia is too good for some people. After the injustices previously dished out to Fernando by the incompetent refereeing fraternity I hope he comes off the bench against Leeds, pings in a 25-yard matchwinner and struts around in front of the opposition fans like Mick Jagger in his pomp.
  5. paulrs

    Are we trusting him yet?

    I’ve always backed him though admittedly I was wavering a lot at the start of the season following some bad performances, a lot of chopping and changing and some slightly baffling and monotonous interviews. Looking at it now that was hopefully just a blip and the recent form coupled with the finish to last season do paint a pretty positive picture. His demeanour has lifted, and the loan signings are very positive ones IMO. And all this against a background of cost-cutting and crippling injuries. All things considered I think top half would be a good achievement this season; the next month or two will tell us a lot about whether we can aspire to higher. How will we fare against the more fancied clubs like Stoke, WBA, Villa and Leeds? Will the likes of Penney, Thorniley and Dawson maintain consistency? How will he integrate the new signings, the players returning from injury, and the star names currently on the fringes of the first XI? If we get positive answers to those questions then who knows, top 6 might not be so unrealistic after all.
  6. Absolutely spot on this. The reliance on Lees as our only experienced out-and-out centre half is a major risk. He goes lame and we’re entirely reliant on players who are still unproven (Van Aken, Thorniley, Neilsen) or out of position (Pudil, Hutchinson, Fox) We’re lacking in a number of areas but this has to be priority for me
  7. paulrs

    Jos on Penney

    Quite impressed with what little I’ve seen of him in the first team. Obviously I’ve seen the YouTube reels of his academy goals and they’re absolutely superb. I make it we have about 13/14 academy players in and around the first team squad - from the more experienced heads like Palmer and Wildsmith down to youngsters such as Hunt and Borukov. We only need 3 or 4 of those to develop into established Championship players over the next season or two and it could save us - or make us - a fortune.
  8. paulrs

    Flat back 4

    Ahhh, the old ‘getting carried away after one decent performance’ Agreed Palmer is more comfortable in a back four, but Lees needs a commanding partner alongside and Penney has started one game, a game where he was never put under much pressure. i still think a back three suits our current personnel a little bit better but a couple of loans could quickly change that.
  9. paulrs

    Kieran Lee

    At the risk of being accused of being negative ... Hes not been fully fit for the best part of two years and what age is he now... 30? 31? If Lee comes back and can play week in week out I’ll be pleasantly surprised, let alone whether he can be one of the league’s top midfielders again. I’ve got similar thoughts about Hutchinson and Hooper to be honest. If we had freedom to wheel and deal and they weren’t on such lucrative contracts I’d be trying to replace all three with younger, fitter, hungrier players.
  10. So much for putting last season’s injury nightmare we’ll behind us! Three matches in and were already without Westwood, Van Aken, Fox, Jones, Abdi, Boyd, Lee, Hooper, Winnall and Joao. Yes I know one or two of them are fit but just not getting picked. Wonder how long before Hutch and Matias join the list?!
  11. paulrs

    Joost Van Aken

    Totally agree our wing back options look limited and like others have said, in this formation you want your wing backs to be arguably your best players and our are our worst. But what other choice do we have? Play a back four and I’d worry we’d be even more exposed. Who’d play with Lees in the middle? It’s not Hutch’s natural position, or Pudil’s. Thorniley is very inexperienced and we don’t trust Van Aken. Not to mention we’ve seen plenty of times how even Lees doesn’t perform without a commanding left sided player alongside (ie Loovens). And then the full backs! Palmer is solid enough in a back four but that’s it. Bakers played what, one game? And on the left Pudil by his own admission can’t get up and down the wings and as for Fox.... And if you’re thinking 4-4-2 we have no wingers worthy of the name. FF and MM won’t track back, Bannans better in the middle and Stobbs is out of his depth at this level. Boyd is an option I suppose. No, unfortunately our current predicament means we’re forced to play with wing backs by default - even though we don’t really have any - because it should at least benefit the other players in the team. The recruitment in the last two years both in terms of quality and type of player has been lamentable and we’ll be paying for it - literally and metaphorically - for a season or two yet. Sorry for the rant in a Van Aken thread lol! For me he’s on the bench with Hutch/Lees/Pudil the back three.
  12. When did we sign Fellaini? Must’ve missed that.
  13. Agree with every single word of that.
  14. Been saying the same. Certainly enough talent to get in the top 6... no-one can tell me that the likes of Brentford, Leeds, Preston or the Pigs have better squads, they don’t... but it’s the negativity and lack of unity around the club that I think will hold us back. We had mostly forward momentum from the point Megson took charge right up to the Huddersfield play-off. Those two insipid performances cost us, I believe, what would have been promotion at last and since then it’s been steadily downhill. As much talent as we have, I just can’t see that being enough to arrest the slide. I can accept the FFP restrictions. We gambled and lost, but Cardiff and Huddersfield have just shown you don’t need a big budget to get promoted. if you’ve an inspirational manager, an owner who runs the club well, good positive PR and a fan base all pulling in the same direction then you can still achieve. I just don’t think we’ve got any of those things sadly.
  15. If we're forced to sell for financial reasons then fair enough but I don't agree with the idea that we wouldn't miss him if we left. Wildsmith is very error-prone and Dawson's played what, 7 or 8 games? Certainly way too soon to judge him as an able replacement for the best keeper in the league As things stand Westwood would be 100% my first choice, and if we let him go I think we might regret it.