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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Jos beyond diplomatic in his interview - very professional and credit to him but at times like this you actually want to hear your manager give a good Warnock style rant
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    You tell him m'Lord
  3. I haven’t seen it yet but was going to start a thread today about the absolute scandal that is the fitness of our players and why nobody at the club has come out to address it publicly. If players were out getting drunk every night, or the fans were rioting, or the pitch was like a ploughed field, there’d be open dialogue with the club about the ruinous affect it was having on our season and reputation. And yet while the impact of these fitness issues has been catastrophic the club has stayed silent. If I was Chansiri I’d be demanding an enquiry and wanting the fans to know we were doing everything to investigate the causes to ensure it never happens again.
  4. Glenn loovens please retire

    With Loovens starting to make Darren Purse look like Des Walker and Thorniley likely to be out for a while thank god Tom Lees is back. Venancio, Lees and Pudil at the back on Saturday please and can we keep it that way for the next few games thanks Jos.
  5. We can only hope Jos gambled on resting players tonight with a view to going stronger in the next 5 matches. If we beat Villa and Swansea then all will be forgotten. Not saying I agree with it mind!
  6. Stobbs

    I hope it’s down to being played out of position but sometimes you look at a player and just think he’s simply out of his depth at this level and I’m afraid that’s what I’ve seen the couple of times I’ve seen Stobbs. Be delighted to be proved wrong.
  7. Don’t like slagging younger players but from what I’ve seen Stobbs looks seriously out of his depth I’m afraid.
  8. Craziest line up ever

    Rested rather than dropped, I’m sure. Think Jos is putting the emphasis on fitness rather than form for this 7 games in 21 days period
  9. Young George

    He’d probably have been starting for us tonight, but for all this nonsense.
  10. Craziest line up ever

    If nothing else this puts an end to those ‘line up for the next match’ type threads - absolutely no point trying to guess!!
  11. Craziest line up ever

    The thread title is spot on - weirdest line up I think I’ve ever seen Wednesday put out. Win or lose I think we know what one of the first questions he’ll get asked afterwards will be!
  12. He's a pretty good presenter these days but it's gone to his head and he's become way overblown with his own self importance. The last thing I need is an ex footballer of limited intelligence offering his political commentary via Twitter.
  13. True, my error, I meant to add the words “entertainment-wise” to the end of that sentence.
  14. Haha I was waiting for someone to say that to be fair. Rather harsh though, I’m a very reasonable chap actually.
  15. I had to laugh when Dom Howson reported owls fans stayed behind “in their numbers”... I count ooooh about 20 If I myself was going to Hillsborough for the last time I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t rustle up 20 people to wish me well to be honest!