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  1. Foden? If that’s who you mean I’m not sure we’d get him as he’s been in and around the first team. As for Fletcher I do think he’s slightly underestimated. Easy to say he was a waste of money but before we signed him he’d played his entire career in the top flights of England, France and Scotland and had a solid scoring record everywhere. Was reasonable to think dropping down a level would see him established as a key player but it’s not quite worked out that way. Given his age, wages and recent fitness record it would definitely be a good move if we could move him on. We still have Nuhiu, Joao, Hooper and Winnall who can play the centre forward role so hopefully reinvest the money elsewhere.
  2. paulrs

    The Westwood problem

    I agree. For me Wildsmith, while talented, makes too many errors. I'd like to see him play a 46-game season ideally at League One level and see if he can produce consistent good form and cut out the mistakes. Plus I suspect Dawson would be happier sat on the bench here than Wildsmith would. Perhaps more importantly I still think Westwood is the best keeper we have right now and we need our best players if we're to mount any kind of challenge.
  3. paulrs

    Abdi & Jones

    Ok I see where you're coming from but two big differences for me. 1 - Nuhiu lost his place because we bought a bucket load of players that were supposedly better (Forestieri, Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes, Matias, Winnall & Joao). We've bought nobody in Abdi's position yet he still can't get in. 2 - Nuhiu was in his mid-20s when he was out of the team so arguably still had/has his best years to come. Abdi is what... 32? Just can't see a player well into his 30s, having had virtually no first team football in 2 years even when fit, come back and be anything like the player we thought we were getting. Carlos saw fit not to play him half the time, and Jos has been the same up to now. Oh, plus a friend of mine saw him a couple of weeks ago outside the Brocco hotel having a smoke. Nothing personal against the guy but it's not really the best way of trying to get your career back on track. As for Jones, Jos seemed to rate him last season but so long as Hutch and Joey are fit Jones will be third choice for the holding midfield role and on his wages and at his age that's no good for either party.
  4. paulrs

    Abdi & Jones

    I said last season we should just write Abdi off. Logic tells you that at his age he’s not going to suddenly come back from two wretched seasons and become an established player. Tell me a single player that’s ever done that!? At any club. He was fit and playing reserve games at the end of last season but barely got a sniff of the first team. Clearly for some indeterminable reason he’s just not up to it and Jos would rather play the youngsters
  5. paulrs

    Team vs Lincoln

    Hope so.... Hutch is great but absolutely shouldn’t be playing midfield IMO
  6. paulrs

    Team vs Lincoln

    If I’m honest I’m really Disappointed to see Hutch and Reach playing in midfield. Was really hoping Jos would view them as a centre half and a wing back this season. If Fox, Boyd, Baker and Palmer end up being our wing back options..... yikes
  7. paulrs

    #SWFC Training photos.

    I asked Lee about his rehab at the VIP breakfast, he said it was going really well and he was hoping to join in training this week. Seemingly he’s on track, happy days. Think Jos inferred in his interview that Lee and Fletch were slightly behind the others in fitness and Hooper a little way back again but seemed to think all three would be ready for the start of the season. How good would it be if we could keep a fully fit squad going into the first few games and maybe even start strong for once. If we can get anything at all out of Abdi & Matias too, what a bonus that would be. Cant beat good old Pre-season optimism!
  8. Very sad it’s not worked out but if we continue playing the 3-4-3 formation of last year then he really doesn’t suit it. Nuhiu, Joao, fletcher and even Winnall are all better suited to play the central striker role and Rhodes performances since we signed him have been bang average it must be said. He may do very well at Norwich if he plays alongside a target man and has Marshall putting in the crosses, but I doubt he’d ever have resurrected his form had he stayed at Hillsborough, at least not without a major change in playing style.
  9. paulrs

    Lee & Hutch

    Said before that if we're to get anything out of Hutch he HAS to be moved out of midfield. He hasn't got the mobility to play there and picks up too many bookings. At centre back, where it's not as hectic and he doesn't have to run about his much, he stands a much better chance of staying on the pitch. Think of him like our Paul McGrath or Ledley King and we might still get great value from the two years left on his contract. This is why Pelupessy for me is vital next year - if he continues to develop then we can forget needing Hutch in the middle... if he struggles then we either have to revert to Hutch or play Jones [shudder] As for Lee, I can't believe people keep seriously suggesting him as a RWB option. His days at full back were years ago and mostly in League One. Now he's 30 and has a dodgy hip and people are suggesting moving him to the position that's probably the most physically demanding on the pitch these days. Crazy.
  10. paulrs

    Possible player exit?

    yeah I don't recall seeing him either. Maybe the bid came in at 10.01 on Sunday morning.
  11. Bit disappointed if I'm honest. a) Although he has his detractors overall he's surely one of our better players b) He's the only good Championship quality full back in the squad (in my opinion) c) In a time of vastly inflated transfer fees we're somehow managing to sell him for less than we paid - typical Wednesday. Of course, we'll only know if this is a good move when we see who we replace him with. If Palmer & Baker are our only right-backs then it doesn't bode well. If however we get in a bargain / loan and use some of the money to buy Venancio then overall I'd say it's decent business. Must have been brewing for a few days cos on reflection he was the only member of the first team squad (except Winnall) that wasn't at Hillsborough on Sunday.
  12. Isn’t £12m what the Pigs are getting for Brooks, maybe that’s the point..?
  13. paulrs

    Team with no Signings

    Absolutely this
  14. I don’t know what it is but Pelupessy just looks Dutch in that picture
  15. Not sure why Pearson is getting grief for this. As for the Hirsts though, it stinks. To have nurtured his development for 10 years and offered him a more lucrative contract than we ever have to any other player of his age and experience, and then not get a penny in compensation is scandalous and Quite frankly I’d be delighted to see George’s career ended by some Belgian second division clogger before his inevitable move to Leicester materialises. And what’s just as sad is that his dad’s legend will now be tarnished forever. Can’t see him ever being welcome inside Hillsborough again which is a sorry state of affairs it really is.