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  1. Hahaha, I do. Nearly got sack from work for calling them
  2. It is cause if we didn't laugh we'd cry
  3. Why do people post stuff like this. If you don't want to go that's your choice, we're not interested in your reasoning
  4. This blunt clown. Villa fans said we deserved to win, of course they're gonna say that cos they won.
  5. Look at me, I want you to look at me!
  6. I'm well chuffed with this signing, due to work commitments I can't get for another 2 months, so I'll see him on his debut. That's how it works isn't it
  7. How can we play for a draw at the piggery but have more shots on target. Piggies are really stupid!
  8. Unfortunately he doesn't understand fickle fans. All clubs have them
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