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  1. Lack of concentration when we think the points are in the bag.. Can't lie it's a worry
  2. How many times have we screamed for westwood to be the number 1 and how many times as he gained us points.. Yes he has made a few errors this season but its only because of how good he is its gets highlighted more.. He is by far and away a better keeper than dawson in my opinion and should still be backed.He will no doubt atone for today during the season.
  3. We have a real problem with game management how points we have lost late on in games
  4. Sorry I know it the star.. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/sheffield-wednesday-football-manager-2020-predicts-where-owls-current-squad-will-be-five-seasons-time-849393
  5. Problem is the next game is weeds and they love to wind fessi up
  6. Wasn't pretty but 3 points all the same
  7. Bannan had been woeful tonight over hit so many balls
  8. Well if as you say its going to be a draw the second goal will come from stoke
  9. Don't worry Dawson is ready to take the blame for that or is it reach who takes the blame these days I lose track
  10. Didn't know jasper Carrott was playing
  11. Been a few times iorfa hasn't put enough on passes tonight
  12. Does 720HD make us play any better
  13. Got a feeling fletcher going to come off for Nuhiu soon
  14. Are you talking about the swfc edition of where's wally. Bullen is trying to find his way around all the road closes and redirections
  15. What's going on everyone is made of glass tonight
  16. Was hoping it was fessi coming on for luongo.. Nothing against Lee love him but wanted more attacking flair
  17. They have beaten Swansea and Fulham in their last 2 games so not going to be easy.. Doesn't matter where they are in the league as of now it matters where they could finish up
  18. No point crossing when only fletcher in the box.. Needs support
  19. They put the ball in the net twice.. I think that's what happened anyway
  20. Don't worry you can have some more sleep there is 15 mins in between halves
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