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  1. What's it got to do with craig Noone
  2. Think the Luton players are made of glass how many times they going to down under soft challenges
  3. A nice idea but I would sooner save Lee for Saturday get FF on instead
  4. Proper shithousery us saying bannan is injured and then beat them without him
  5. Well that's bannan stopped so must be an easy away win if the video is anything to go by
  6. There have posted quite a bit of it but I cant be bothered to copy all to here but it belongs on a comedy show somewhere
  7. They also came out with sheffield united is a bigger club and sheffield is red. The way they talk Fulham is the benchmark of this league and they beat Fulham so shouldn't fear anyone
  8. One of them said they will win game on fitness...they seriously hate hi ho silver lining so this Saturday it needs to be louder than ever Predictions of 3 nil to Barcelona... I mean Barnsley
  9. Apparently wilks is better than harris and if they stop bannans they win the game Also the free ref will be a Wednesday fan
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