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  1. I was watching england then switched to scotland game as i was in danger of falling asleep.
  2. Their 3rd was the killer goal if we had got hold of the ball and defended properly we MAY have completed a turn around...heads dropped after the 3rd
  3. No excuses for this...megson was sacked after winning a steel city derby surely carlos has to go after the way we have lost this...
  4. We are getting what we deserve so far but credit to hooper..we need to get up and at em in second half...
  5. Its like that every day you only have to count how many blunts get on air compared to other fans
  6. Have we had a shot yet ffs
  7. Our players look nervous and the blunts are playing like they have something to prove
  8. winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    Can we deploy nuhiu in cb everything he heads goes away from goal..imagine big dave and joost in defence no getting ball over them..lol just kidding
  9. Our squad...

    I will get behind the team as i always will but i dont have to support carlos..team comes first for me carlos can go
  10. Don't mention boxing with madine in the building
  11. Not impressed with our bench today
  12. Donny v Owls OMDT

    I'm listening to it through https://0ches/fixtures/first-team/2017182/july/rovers-v-sheffield-wednesday/
  13. Lewis McGugan

    I know one of the physio who works for Cardiff as he just left toytown for them I asked him about mcgugan and he confirmed trial over 2day and no deal
  14. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    According to howson yes
  15. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Personally I would prefer 3 4 3 Defence of Hutchinson Lee's and a new cb Midfield of boyd Lee bannan or abdi forestieri Strikers Hooper Rhodes Winnall