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  1. You do know he is from stocksbridge dont you
  2. For all of the blunts dominance tonight we wasnt troubled too much
  3. Doesnt matter if it was or wasnt a penalty it was saved we move on
  4. We are leaving too many gaps all over the pitch
  5. Thought it was thou shall not get fit to play
  6. I missed both goals only went to make a cuppa
  7. I think sky should show highlights during half time instead of this boring screen with music on loop....not that there was many highlights in that half
  8. Struggling to do the basics at the moment
  9. To score 3 we need to get hold of the ball and have an attack first
  10. newbster

    Soccer am

    Haha i already picked it up
  11. newbster

    Soccer am

    My bad was on part 2
  12. newbster

    Soccer am

    Made to look better by poor defending...defended properly and that goal doesnt happen reach goal was unstoppable