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  1. Really impressed with wildsmith today long may it continue.. Taking his chance well
  2. Not to state the obvious but we couldn't do with him yet seeing as we can't play games
  3. Whats peoples opinion on it only reason I ask it I was looking on the city fans forum for their opinion on how the match went and quite a few said it is an awful pitch.. dry and bobbly
  4. Fulham went after City in the last round and lost 3 nil.. Not many teams go after City.. Many play like we did and get battered
  5. Not having that... Cant criticise that performance yes granted we didn't put much of a fight going forward but they put a shift in they tried their best the winner was a marginally offside goal.. If we had gone forward we would have been destroyed not good for confidence
  6. Upto now regardless on how this match finishes im proud of the players they have put a shift in which is the least we ask
  7. Because he is club captain how bad would it look if he didn't trust his club captain
  8. Newcastle fan... Newcastle used to screwing us over
  9. Don't be silly as this implies we are going to get into their box we will be lucky to see their half of the centre circle
  10. We have forgotten how to pass.. Clue we are the ones in the green shirts
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