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  1. Think a little bit of success has gone to michaels head...
  2. I cant name one because ive forgetten them
  3. I was always the nerdy kid at school who collected pens (wierd i know) there was this one girl who everyone fancied who came to me for a pen...i said i would swap a pen for something....we agreed to a swap...a pen for a sheffield wednesday door hanger so from then on i said i was a wednesday fan...i didnt really know anything about them but then got to attend my first game when the caretaker (a close family friend and ST holder)took me...we got to the game quite early so not many fans was there at the time i stood at the top of the cop looked at the ground in all its glory and fell in love...i knew from that moment on what it was to be a wednesday fan to have that passion win lose or draw and i havnt looked back since
  4. Bloody pig should concentrate on his own team
  5. What did he say...i missed it im currently watching millwall game with a millwall fan
  6. newbster


    Took one look at our training facilities and buggered off
  7. newbster


    Haha like your style
  8. newbster


    Imagine if we got the piggy jagielka the meltdown (not saying are in for him)
  9. Link to ifollow commentary https://www.facebook.com/swfanzone/videos/2202152646681056/
  10. newbster

    A praise and a grumble

    EE may have to accept it but do We have to
  11. On the contrary he is my favourite player take his attitude away and he wouldnt be the same player just worried he might want to leave if he doesnt start
  12. I like the lineup but how long before fessi throws his dummy out of the pram being on the bench
  13. Joao is in starting 11 ff and fletcher on bench