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  1. So, so brave, well done Chris. Have I imagined this or was there a period just after he signed for us where he tool himself back home for personal reasons for a time?!
  2. I genuinely thought the £20 comment was a wee wee take, I'm so glad I was wrong.
  3. Both young keepers have proven (IMO) they aren't ready for the first team yet, but I don't disagree with you on Westwood...
  4. I think you're remembering the player Terry was then, as opposed to the player he is now, which i totally get. I just can't get past the Terry that was getting his arse handed to him by a Watford defensive midfielder last season
  5. He' s a better, younger version of Loovens, Carlos demands his centre backs are ball playing, Djourou certainly is that and given the fees we were being quotes for players with barely a fraction of his pedigree (Hanley and the lad from Cardiff being the obvious ones) I think he could be the signing of the season.
  6. All about opinions fella and I respect yours, but I can't see Terry playing 20 games for Villa this season. He was making some poor decisions for Chelski last season and he's already making excuses for this year: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40796027
  7. Not even close, Djorou is younger, has a better pedigree and is an all round better player. Anyone at the Huddersfield home leg could see Loovens best days are (sadly) behind him...
  8. And the fact he spent more time waiting for trams than he did on the pitch probably speaks volumes
  9. Errr scored the goals when Norwich were in the Premier League.
  10. No chance, not cos it's the pigs, but there's no way they could afford him even if they wanted him
  11. Enoch Showumni Apps: too many Goals: less than Mark Crossley in the equivalent number of games
  12. The second post now only makes the first one more likely to happen
  13. But you did it without context which kinda inferred that CC was chopping and changing the team, rather than the changes being forced upon him...which many of them were.
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