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  1. If we can get enough money from Wigan to bring in Wickham then do it
  2. How many times have reach put a perfect ball in from the left in stoppage time to seal the win
  3. They are not selling tickets in the North for Millwall away either. Maybe the exit via Leppings Lane will not come into force until after this game
  4. Monk nearly misses the second goal. He is busy organizing the back four and glances across just as the ball is about to go in
  5. Maybe part of his development. Get used to the full match day first team experience. Some of them travel with the team for this reason
  6. Maybe he meant getting stuck in with the others on the video he is just running with the medical team
  7. Harry Kane when to Leicester when they were in the championship Was on the bunch last time we played them
  8. Cunning plan by GM to put WBA off told SF he was coming off in second half
  9. Billy posted him doing his song yesterday so no surprise he is playing today good luck lad
  10. Can’t see it anywhere else on here from the north stand it looked as though their player in the first half deliberately stuck his arm out to save the ball looked the most blatant pen I have seen
  11. Who said in the week that it suits the EFL if we go up as it gets them out of a hole
  12. Much better in the air now coming and catching the ball instead of flapping deserves his spot at the moment
  13. Monks comment re giving the ref a decision to make the other week sum it up silly challenge i bet Lee Johnson didn’t see their player with his hands round Dom’s throat at the end either why the Lino didn’t flag I don’t know
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