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  1. They're here! Is it time to get excited?

    next patch of play off final t shirts
  2. Jack Hunt

    Im undecided Cost us the 2nd goal against the pigs and dirty Leeds almost scored when he jogged back whilst tracking the runner at the back post Seems to offer more going forward than defending
  3. Anniversary watches

    About time
  4. Fessi and Hutch

    Wallace does not seem to play every game or normally gets subbed. Fessi would be a great sub to bring on on the wing
  5. The thing that pleased me most

    Is i just me or is anyone else feeling disappointed that we did not get st least six or seven today
  6. Now the dust has settled

    4 points The defence and players who we have been raving about had a bad day yesterday,
  7. Under 23s today....

    Good result especially bearing in mind a few have gone out on loan as well
  8. Dead proud of SWFC

    I sure Wednesday turned down an offer from Wonga or something like that a couple of years ago as they did not want to be associated with that type of company
  9. Under 10 football training

    Apart from soccer schools during the holidays i believe they only have the academy which is for kids picked up by scouts etc
  10. Joost Van Aken Signs - OFFICIAL

    reminds me of when Dave Bassett took over the pigs He tried to sign Kenning Van Hire thinking he was a Dutch International
  11. The delay in the international clearance

    This is corect. When i got married abroad we had to have the documents translated. We could not let Google do it it had to have a registered translators stamp on it.
  12. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    At start of season would you have taken this Preston D QPR W Sunderland D Fulham L same points as we have now
  13. I agree but surely better than Pudl at CB
  14. Jolean lescott on sky at the moment not long term but what about a month contract to get us over the injury crisis