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  1. This you get compensation for how many years you developed them in the academy
  2. Do go back to your CC company. Non refundable does not apply in this case. They stopped you going therefore they have to refund you. If you decide not to go to a game then you cant get your money back but they cant take your money then not let you in without giving you a refund. Unfair contract terms act
  3. If they submit the notice it does not mean they will terminate their contracts It might just be a threat to get DC to pay up. As they have not been paid multiple times now its getting beyond a joke and maybe they are using this to stop it happening again.
  4. That would mean Chansiri admitting he's wrong That's never going to happen
  5. The lady at the ticket office who rang me re the 19-20 ticket told me a refund would be an option
  6. Somewhere where they have not been for a long time The opposition penalty box
  7. Is he saying how hard it is to get a supplier to make gloves with 6 fingers for the club shop
  8. Plenty of subs on the bench if he breaks down, id play him if he has being doing well in training
  9. The nice lady in the ticket office confirmed to me that you can have a refund when she rang me re last seasons
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