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  1. It would be harsh on Fox if he was dropped
  2. It does not help that some idiot threw a glass bottom on the way out from the upper concourse ramp to the GF area. It just missed a man by inches and smashed on the floor This is the sort of thing that they will use against us and impose more restrictions
  3. I gave my 13 year old some money last season for a drink which he could not get I’m not giving him my bank card
  4. I hear your point but many of the best managers never payed at the highest level
  5. Bullen has more coaching / managerial experience then Lampard had when he went to Derby
  6. Not got in for Medical yet Abdi was the patient in front of him
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/owls-land-massimo-luongo/?fbclid=IwAR0UF8ENno3siGTwN22uFyE-mhzOvPjNtM0ZhAsNAnkaprytFBZsZ4VIc3g
  8. He did not pull up any trees when on loan to Blackburn
  9. Remember the cup semi we ought to bombard the fa with calls
  10. Im Currently in Florida I'll keep an eye out for him get kids to wear their shirts
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