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  1. Would have been Fletcher, but if he had signed a contract for July and not pretended to be injured i think we would have been well clear of any potential relegation
  2. Still think they are waiting to see how many points clear we are from relegation as they know they have [email protected]@@ked up and give us 9 points if it saves us to keep Gibson quiet
  3. If capacity is reduced to 25% and not all season ticket holders are allowed in, who will be the unlucky ones who get to go
  4. We all know the EFL etc make their own rules up to suit themselves. Take FF found not guilty in a proper court of law but somehow found guilty in the Kangaroo court
  5. Sad day loved to watch him coaching kids on tv when we was the Wed manager
  6. No managed to do it in the same application. I had previously linked his ticket to mine in account history When i chose option 8 i put 2 against the tickets. On the next screen clicked re allocate and clicked assigned to and put my name against one and his on the other
  7. done mine, slightly harder to allocate sons ticket but done in a few mins. See how long the refund takes
  8. Not on red button been awful on that
  9. Thought he did well balanced the side well
  10. Said before the restart in the other thread he will be key for us after the restart the 3 centre kids works for him superbly
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