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  1. Dronfield_SWFC


    was prob 19th man in squad yesterday
  2. Dronfield_SWFC

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    We will take more than 18 players to Millwall in case someone becomes ill or gets injured
  3. My view of Ian Wright went up in i think it was David Hirsts testimonial He was great that day never laughed so much at a match
  4. Dronfield_SWFC

    21:35 Kings Cross to Wakefield on Sun

    Walk to Earls Court and catch tube from there avoid the mad rush at Fulham Broadway
  5. Dronfield_SWFC

    Press Conference

    really pleased to manage Sheffield
  6. Somebody tried that Shaw Lane Aquaforce They went pop
  7. Dronfield_SWFC

    Questions for tomorrows forum

    Where are the biscuits ?
  8. Dronfield_SWFC

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    Its Cardiff though they were mad enough to pay £6m for Madine so who knows
  9. Dronfield_SWFC

    An engine with only one spark plug

    Zero movement from the front 2 The midfielders had no options whatsoever Looks like Nando and Winnall as the front two
  10. He pays for a gland u21’s on Tuesday night
  11. Dronfield_SWFC

    Red Button Coverage

    On Sky Q box the picture for first 10 seconds looks SD then it seems to settle down to a good smooth HD picture to me
  12. Dronfield_SWFC

    this is hilarious

    i watched it yesterday to be fair most of them admit we were by far the better side and could and should of won by a lot more
  13. Dronfield_SWFC

    The Championship just got all serious

    It won’t be three points or clubs would overspend like mad to gain the extra three points a three point deduction is normally for some thing like using an iinillegible player