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  1. Yes maybe we could have give away a pen but their goal came from a free kick that was never one in a million years
  2. If its much longer i will be starting a section 75 claim with my credit card company - Sort it SWFC
  3. Bannan try the Ozzie Owl outfit on for size
  4. Whose going to organise a sweepstake to see when he gets frozen out
  5. The only constant from Meggos time is the fans Everything else has now changed - DC etc
  6. A bit bigger than those used by Ross Wallace, They were same size as my u7
  7. Have you watched the Bury FC doc on the bbc. The demise was causes by the EFL not administering their own rules. It was said on there that the EFL are not fit for purpose. The EFL just shut shop and failed to acknowledge that they had done anything wrong
  8. We will play a strong side due to the lack of pre season friendlies
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