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  1. Dronfield_SWFC

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    Its Cardiff though they were mad enough to pay £6m for Madine so who knows
  2. Dronfield_SWFC

    An engine with only one spark plug

    Zero movement from the front 2 The midfielders had no options whatsoever Looks like Nando and Winnall as the front two
  3. He pays for a gland u21’s on Tuesday night
  4. Dronfield_SWFC

    Red Button Coverage

    On Sky Q box the picture for first 10 seconds looks SD then it seems to settle down to a good smooth HD picture to me
  5. Dronfield_SWFC

    this is hilarious

    i watched it yesterday to be fair most of them admit we were by far the better side and could and should of won by a lot more
  6. Dronfield_SWFC

    The Championship just got all serious

    It won’t be three points or clubs would overspend like mad to gain the extra three points a three point deduction is normally for some thing like using an iinillegible player
  7. Dronfield_SWFC

    Joost Van Aken

    Nando will park his bike anywhere
  8. No plan b kept ali on when should have come off half way through second half
  9. Dronfield_SWFC

    If Hunt leaves....

    Might be a sign of sticking with three CB at the back and playing more of a winger on the right side in the 5 midfield slots Hunt lost his man too many times for me Maybe this money is to sign Fred for the back three so not to fall foul of FFP in case Rhodes does not leave
  10. My wife rang the club shop looking for kits for 5 and 13 yr old Was told by a nice lady they are expecting stock in the next 7 days
  11. Dronfield_SWFC

    Look who was in the net for this one

    the two players involved careers have gone in totally opposite paths
  12. Get me away from Neil I don't want to here about his new GF
  13. Dronfield_SWFC

    Caption Competition

    I christen you Dave
  14. Abdi tried it, now out for 18 months