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  1. They wont do it ie in the Premier league the last game of the season is Newcastle v Fulham. This could be a relegation decider. The home side would have an unfair advantage for the final game
  2. If he has not made his mind up yet then if we leave him out then he wont sign I
  3. Tommo said quite a few players were a big leggy and needed a rest We have had a busy last few weeks He probably hid the fuse to the pitch heating
  4. This game was originally to be played on a Saturday and therefore is not part of the sky red button deal.
  5. No, he is like Hector constantly loaned out, he will know who the better players are like when he loaned Mount at Derby. Maybe someone like Billy Gilmour
  6. i would take him Chelsea feel guilty about sacking him, so would loan out up and coming players to him without a doubt
  7. I think he’s saving shaw for wed night as we are now adrift in the league
  8. Lived next door to me when he played for wed.
  9. Probably a coach for the usual 1st team squad, one for the u23's and one for the u18's as eill prob be in different bubbles
  10. As our training ground is now closed, Did we get Covid from Derby last Friday or did they catch it off our players etc
  11. Results will be published in the notes of last years accounts.
  12. Waiting for Jordan to give the move a thumbs up
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