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  1. I think you need to refer to the boring name opinion on both films: Cloverfield: Juno: Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but you're just wrong. Give it a couple of years and nobody will give a flying flip about Cloverfield whereas Juno will still be doing the business as a decent and different film. A final nail in the coffin will be if JJ Abrahms decides to go for the cash cow "monster film by numbers" of Cloverfield II.
  2. Yes, yes you are very biased. The laughs didn't come so much from Cera; the performance of Ellen Page really stole the show. I think the problem for Cera is this- I LOVED Arrested Development and his character in it...but I've now seen him do that character in AD, Superbad and Juno. Don't get me wrong, it's a funny character. But for the sake of his own acting career I hope he gets the opportunity to do something completely different some film soon.
  3. Was very impressed. I'll admit for the first ten minutes I thought I was in a horrible teen girl movie designed to elicit giggles by mentioning the word "sex", but this was clearly a deliberate ploy by the writers. Ellen Page's performance can only be described as stunning. The storyline is well crafted, gently developing (unusually in the modern era) and wonderfully punctuated with great one liners. A really thoughtful script that makes a huge change from most of the action/special effects orientated dross lined up for the big screen these days. It takes genuine skill to create true poign
  4. Story/plot okay. Protracted and unnecessary plot buildup pre-monster which was really quite unnecessary- I didn't feel in any way emotionally connected to the plights of the people or their relationships. Shaky-cam way, way, way overused to the point of nausea. You can give the effect of motion and 1st person perspective without consistently dodgy camerawork. Overall- average.
  5. You don't have to do it illegally. EVERY episode of AD is available online, free and legit through MSN: http://arresteddevelopment.msn.com/? Enjoy!
  6. It seems inconceivable that they've designed a laptop (yes a portable thing often used for presentations etc), without a CD/DVD drive. That's barmy. Actually, at £1200, it's beyond crazy.
  7. Slightly odd decision given that only half of the series has been filmed (due to the WGA strikes)...there is no reason why the end of episode 8 would be a naturally decent way to end a mini-series (unlike the deliberate mid season break episodes of the past). In fact, given that Lost was recommissioned for a 16 week, non-stop run it's likely the writers haven't written anything major to finish this mini-series on. Could be quite disappointing since it's increasing unlikely that Lost will return after this 8 episode run until 2009.
  8. Posted twice thanks to the reliable RSS feed. Both not bad products, but hardly groundbreaking as the article suggests. You've been able to plug an iPod into a digital radio for years, it's just the handy dock that's new this year. Far more exciting though is an about to be unveiled radio from Revo which combines DAB, DAB+ (the future improvement to DAB) and Wifi radio...essentially giving you access to 9000 radio stations as long as you have Wifi internet in house, and that INCLUDES things such as BBC radio's listen again. And you don't have to have your computer on or in anyway plugged int
  9. They've also subtly changed the throttled speed for customers on the "L" package (normal speed 4Mbbs)....it used to be cut to 2Mbbs for the penalty period, but it now gets cut to just 1Mbbs. *****. This is a major issue for all ISPs, but their approaches of capping/throttling are antiquated. In the age of the BBC's iPlayer (available now, but full launch Christmas Day) and 4OD, so-called "heavy downloaders" are no longer confined to a bunch of geeks on peer-to-peer networks. For example, myself on the "L" package, could end up being throttled for legally downloading just a single episode
  10. Hopefully when it returns it can start in the autumn and run into winter. It just isn't the same when it's sunny outside...it should be cold and dark for the kids.
  11. So clever you don't appear to have got the joke...
  12. The advertising of Virgin Media has been absolutely appalling, which is surprising given it's under the Virgin umbrella, albeit only a few percent being owned by Branson. Their big, huge, massive play is Video on Demand- it's a fantastic service that wipes the floor with anything available from Sky (including the poor Sky Anytime) and anything Sky can offer in the future. It's a truly amazing service- thousands of episodes of the best shows available with DVD functionality. Yet if you ask most people about Virgin Media they don't have a flipping clue that this exists. Instead they've see
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