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  1. donoghue

    Player Ratings

    Thought dawson was worth more than a 5. Could have been 6-0 without him
  2. Thought this myself, never been a captain. Offers no encouragement whatsoever. We are miles off brentford and its embarrassing to watch
  3. donoghue

    Joey Pelupessy

    No but he also turns round and passes the ball forward to a wednesday player too. Pellupessy clearly doesnt
  4. donoghue

    Joey Pelupessy

    Hes was shocking, takes the ball of a centre half and passes it to the other. Offers nothing
  5. donoghue

    Rovrum Tho'

    When they sang 'Sheffield united there coming for you' i was embarrassed for them. What an absolute joke of a club
  6. Kieran lee for me, unbelievable work rate and topped off with a great finish
  7. donoghue

    F*ck Off Ref

    Worst sending office ever seen... Unbelievable
  8. donoghue

    Impatient fans

    Got to agree, cant expect people not to moan when they are payin top prices
  9. donoghue


    That is shocking to be fair, I know it doesnt change much for us but to blow the whistle then in unbelievable
  10. donoghue

    Guy on sky sports-Paul Walsh

    Seemed like it all game, looked gutted wen we equalised
  11. donoghue

    Our best last minute winner ?

    James quinn at hull for me!
  12. I enjoyed the old ' where were you when you was poo !'
  13. I think this could be the answer
  14. donoghue

    what a performance

    Watched it from a sunbed in mexico, great performance UTO
  15. So are we just supposed to accept travelling all the way to fulham and losing 4-0? We were terrible. I take it you havent been today