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  1. Surley the club need to explain if the manufacturer says the kit is in the UK Thats all folks
  2. Are people staying monday or tuesday night? 5 of us monday night, beach football tuesday afternoon anyone
  3. Hi, I have recently be given this photo (attached) from a family member who currently works in Africa, it appears to be when a swfc sent a side to Nigeria. Would anybody be able to put names to faces on this team photo.
  4. BarmyArmy


    win lose and draw for the blades and we win all three puts us second
  5. well if brentford creep into the playoffs there is a high potential that we could be playing then. That could be fun queuing for tickets, i wonder if the club will keep the same policy of ticket office, phone and online.
  6. BarmyArmy

    the steel city gate

    the ground only holds 37k Max so we looking at around 34k. Leppings lane holds c7k inc NW Corner so giving sufc c4.5k should SUFC sell there allocation which they obviously will will mean 1500 spare seats of which the majority will be in the unused corner. not a spare seat in home end all previously netted seats have been released and sold. The club may have had to make a decision on selling x amount of previously covered seats to home fans or open the corner for sufc
  7. Guys. We have a mini bus running from dinnington on Monday leaving at 1030, 5 seats available. PM if you interested £20 per person, dads and lads so will be family friendly, not just a group of drunken kids.
  8. BarmyArmy

    Mini bus for Monday 5 spaces

    Very late?????? It's only an hour and half to Walsall
  9. Mini bus going to Walsall £20 a head 5 spaces left leaving dinnington at 1030 pm me if your interested Thanks
  10. hope all is well and ready for two massive games huddersfield and walsall. does anybody know where i can get a mini bus and driver for boxing day from and how much roughly i am looking at for this there is ten of us but will open it up to however many the mini bus holds should there be more seats than bums. Thanks
  11. BarmyArmy

    Tickets for Carlisle

    pushing it, leaving at four if you hit traffic
  12. BarmyArmy

    Haloween Theme At Wycombe

    we need to get SWFC to arrange more themed away days. so much fun and add to the already great atmosphere we create.
  13. BarmyArmy

    Haloween Theme At Wycombe

    halloween fancy dress, lets do it!!!!!!!