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  1. 4 hours to go. With the performance yesterday, I can only imagine what Monk's signature is worth now :D.
  2. I'm not 80 - I'm 30 :). To be fair, I've not got it on the wall, and so it takes up a lot of space. I'm hoping that someone likes it and has some kind of connection to it and enjoys it. I had a season ticket around this time (I don't live in Sheffield anymore so don't have one right now), and there are some fun memories it brings back. Remember Owusu scoring against the blades with his first touch for SWFC? :D. Regarding collecting it in case Monk does well, jokes aside.. someone might want to do that. Maybe it'll be a rare collectable some day. Maybe not.
  3. Hi, I'm unsure of the best place to post this, so please - if this isn't it, let me know if you know of a better place for it if you know of one. I have an authentic signed swfc shirt from 2002 Signed by: Chris Turner Colin West David Hirst Kevin Pressman Paul McLaren Trond Soltvedt Alan Quinn Shefki Kuqi Lloyd Owusu Lean Knight Steven Haslam Ashley Westwood Paul Evans Danny Maddix Garry Monk Lee Bradbury Farryl Powell Michael Reddy Brian Barry-Murphy Dean Sm
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