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  1. Grant RB Simek CB Hinds CB Beevers LB Gray RM Soares CM McAllister CM O'Connor CM Potter LM Esajas FWD Sodje
  2. "Why am i not playing gaffer?"'Well i give you the chance, you don't take the chance, that's why your not playing, simple as that'What do you want me to say Paul makes a welcome return
  3. The episode with Myall when he shoots the Germany flying ace is genius banter. But the best line is Ade Edmondson German General: Should you try to escape the punishment will be even vorse Blackadder: a fate worse, then a fate worse then death German General: The var is over for you, you will be sent to death where you will see out the var teaching the girls at the school home economics..the HU..MIL...I...ATION will be unbearable
  4. Indiana Jones' Porkys as mentioned before The Naked Guns - which are possibly the most underrated films ever
  5. Tomorrow night after midnight on bbc 1
  6. serious question coming up.Whose got the biggest tail in this relationship?
  7. fudge27


    The peace process song and the Your king Osama is a dirty wizard or a homeless santa were unreal. God knows how he dared do it
  8. fudge27


    funny as hell; really was so funny; the 30 seconds or so at the beginning with bruno and his boyfriend was hilarious, and the use of the gags was perfect. Personal highlights going to the other campers in the middle of the night and the American parents who let their kids particiapate in the Crucifix scence Bruno made. Have to say the swingers party and Karate parts were hilarious too; but my favourite moment of the whole film was bruno's line about teh toilet been clean when the hotel staff found him and Lutz chained up together.
  9. Paul Musselwhite, the keeper from Port Vale. Paul Evans who i actually liked apart from his blooper at Leicester, last i heard he was at Bath City. Mark Robins.
  10. I like him. But for me Sean Lock, Jason Manford and Lee Mack are untouchable right now. All hilarious, especially Mack and Manford's Apollo gigs
  11. She's fit, but seems to have the personality of a small teaspoon
  12. Hero by Enrique and the same song by Nickelback Also like a bit of the Sugababes too lost in you
  13. Would you run and never look back? - hero, enrique
  14. Just on something Kivo said earlier; where is Mark Smith plying this trade these days. I'd love him back involved in the youth set-up at Hillsborough, he was a legend; and the way he was treated was imo terrible. I'd love to see him back, especially with his history with SWFC
  15. I love these episodes they're always the best, the interviews are amazing. Particularly a fan of the big guy with the beard who has an awesome wit, loved him and SAS in the boardroom. Top episode for me. On a sidenote what purpose did Brady serve, she said every canidate was very good and should be considered, very little use really, s'pose she was jsut the pretty face for t.v though.
  16. poo poo start as U.S critics said, boring and the new characters and old seemed strange to me, nowhere near wht i thought it'd be like
  17. very good film, vastly underrated
  18. 2nd best film ever made for me, behind Goodfellas - Robbins and Freeman's performance are amazing and the storyline is unbelievable. Also contains the greatest insult of all time - you great big barrell of monkey spunk
  19. any thank yous Stringy, much appreicated. Top geeza.
  20. I don't think it qualifies as a gangster film, but Lucky Number Slevin is the best modern film i've seen with a mob kind of storyline, was awesome i thought.
  21. I thought Reservoir Dogs was the most overrated film i've ever seen, heard alot of hype about it and gave it a watch and quite frankly i found it to be boring, nothing at all like i expected.
  22. I'd judge her to be worth a squirt, no more; no less
  23. Make sure you have vodka or coke then, cos we're funfairing it up
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