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  1. Radio made it sound like he initially was doing and the linesman was the one that gave it
  2. If that's not a typo or just some turn of phrase I don't recognise it sounds very wrong
  3. Just imagine the scenes when Wallace nicked the those instructions from the Huddersfield player, the two of them just chucking the notes to each over over his head like a couple of school bullys with some poor kids bag.
  4. Literally the worst possible outcome for this. No interest in spending 4 hours at home watching something that's screams "meh". Silly thing is, if it was on at cinema I probably would, one of those who has(had?) an unlimited card so watched nearly every film released.
  5. Was thinking the trailer looked fine I guess, until they had the Joker actually say "we live in a society" that made me burst into laughter. It's gonna be an absolute car crash of a film isn't it.
  6. Don't think they've won a league game this year, something that doesn't seem to be getting much attention anywhere from what I can tell.
  7. I know there's been a lot of games in a short period but I didn't think we've played 35 games since the Swansea match a month ago
  8. I believe so, checked the "highlights" of that Blackburn match after posting. Luongo goes to kick a ball on the floor that the Blackburn player slides in for and gets to just before him leading to Luongo accidentally catching him, ref (in a great position to see exactly what actually happens) runs over and says he stamped on him!
  9. I think its more that he's genuinely useless. Remember listening to ifollow commentary in the first match he reffed us in, they read out a message from someone in Australia saying he's terrible and then he gave Luongo a ridiculous red (I think)
  10. Possible whoosh moment but how so? Spent more time in the second division of English football than any other club and currently in the second division of English football
  11. Same here, using the Android app to try and listen whilst out
  12. Now I didn't catch all the half time talk as I went to make a coffee but what I did hear was a damn sight more complementary about us than our own fans on here.
  13. Went to infinity war/Endgame double bill last night. Anyone else think it was just a decent film and not "amazing" like half of Facebook seemingly do? Pretty decent guess.
  14. Personally I don't like the idea of games as streaming service. Could lead to a lot of games disappearing forever the moment a single license item inside them runs out or Google decides they no longer want to host it. Plus with all the game data being on their end emulation/back ups would no longer be a thing. Same reason I'm not too fond on digital only games, even though over half my switch library is digital now, but at least if you have a digital game download you can play it as long as you keep it on your hard drive. Then there's mods no longer possible, it encouraging "games as a service", increased lag in competitive games and not being able to play anything if your internet's down or slow.
  15. Was gonna wait a while before picking this up and then they put this on YouTube So naturally I caved and bought the Eevee version with pokeball plus on Saturday. Loving it so far even without wild Pokémon battles, only about 6 hours in though. Pokémon wandering around the map rather than randomly appearing in grass has to stay for all future games, it's brilliant. It can be a bit easy but if you want a bit of challenge all you have to do is take your starter out of the party (they still stay with you outside battles). Eevee is ridiculously cute too.
  16. If you do I recommend 4dx so you at least have the novelty of being fizzed about in your seat and water replicating doing blood
  17. It's really bad. The predators want to inject themselves with autism (I wish I was joking)
  18. Sakurai tweeting he's been working on the game day after day. Now I'm feeling pretty confident it's a new game.
  19. I'm on board team new game too. Inklings, BOTW link and it just said Super Smash Bros with no for Switch tagged on the end like with the 3DS and Wii U versions. Yet again trying to guess what Nintedno are up to is a fools game. Rest of the direct was pretty good, looking forward to South Park (don't have a PS4 or Xbone), Okami, Mario Tennis, No More Heroes and Hyrule Warriors especially after how much I enjoyed Fire Emblem Warriors.
  20. Gets reset about half way through season if you haven't already reached 5, doesn't it?
  21. About 2 and a half to 6 hours depending on how intensive the game is, I think is what they say. And yes you can charge it with a USB-C cable from a plug, just can't use the kickstand since the charge port is on the bottom
  22. Personally I thought Sally Hawkins rubbing one out in the bath made up for the lack of amphibian willy. Is a fantastic film though and I'm not usually one for a romance.
  23. Its the wrong type of Budweiser if that's the case
  24. This. Also apparently every previous mini direct has been followed by a full one in less than 3 weeks. Will the hype train ever end?
  25. Personally I loved the film. Thought it had some of the best scenes of any star wars film and whilst the casino planet sub plot wasn't the best I can see why it was necessary for the plot and characters. Think some people are taking star wars far too seriously, it's space wizards not science fiction always has been always will be. Complaining about scientific accuracy is like complaining about giant spiders in lord of the rings
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