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  1. Most do, just a shield to hide their bigotry or personal gain. Right wing "Christians" are great example of that.
  2. 6 players (7 including Wildsmith) from our current squad played in those matches. You need 18 to field a starting 11 and full subs bench. How does 1/3 = the same squad? Heck if all 8 of those players were available for those matches (particularly Luongo) we might not even be in this league.
  3. So a different squad bottled it in your first example, your second example is a game we had no in form strikers for and your final example is just saying half the season counts as big matches?
  4. Yeah but what's their record like for the top 7?
  5. Had the same feeling listening on radio, when they were saying he has to go for his reaction, just knew he'd be involved in the equaliser, lo and behold he seems to immediately win the corner they score from. Not seen the incident though and nobody seems to have mentioned it so just assumed the commentators got it wrong.
  6. The Alpha Tauris have had few issues with them too, so even more worrying for Red Bull
  7. He was only offside if Gregory touched the ball, surely? Which would mean the officials admitted the Wimbledon player took Gregory out without getting the ball, in which case it's an obvious penalty, the only other option was the defender fairly won the ball so hunt wouldn't be offside.
  8. Calm down. I enjoyed his misfortune because he dressed himself up like an arrogant tail (not to mention his petulant radio messages "I'm never, ever doing it again"). You saying you've never had a good laugh about someone acting that way in any other sport before and immediately coming a cropper? Also I don't recall ever saying he cheated nor did I say he couldn't celebrate being world champion, but come on gold flippin' boots ffs! Finally yes I have some idea about how he got his points last year, I didn't just dive into it half way through and not look into what had come before or discuss any of it with my mate who's been an F1 fan his whole life.
  9. I dunno about anyone else but I had the biggest smile watching Max DNF in his gold helmet, gold boots and number 1 branded everything. I didn't particularly like him before, but all that showy stuff after one championship in controversial circumstances seemed a bit off to me. Full disclosure this is gonna be only my first full season watching F1, only got into it half way through last season after my friend had been banging on about it for a couple of years, so maybe everyone is that garish when they win
  10. He seems to think Chansiri makes more money for us being a league 1 play-off outsider (due to lower wages?) and bringing in 20,000 fans a match, than being a championship team (and having, what is it £6 million? extra from being in that league) but still bringing in 20,000 fans a match. Ignoring that Chansiri could just get us promoted, run us on a league 1 budget and be substantially better off.
  11. Nope, saw a match not long back where they essentially said the man of the match would have been someone but they were on the losing team, so couldn't be, and gave to someone from the winning team instead. I only remember because I found it incredibly annoying/stupid.
  12. Nah, they're ignoring the virus that's swept through the population, it's not real and all that jazz. Just a mass genocide by vaccine, which is why deaths are so much higher since the vaccine rolled out.... Some people really can't handle the idea that bad things happen without an evil villain to blame. Usually the same ones going around telling people to stop being snowflakes and complaining that things have "gone too far" because their football match was interrupted for 10 minutes, to potentially save someones life, without a hint of irony
  13. "First responders say that a break in play reduces the risk to the patient. It calms the crowd, it makes it easier for medics to move around because they are not blocking views and it allows them to focus and communicate without being distracted by shouting and chanting. Plus, it means club doctors can get involved if needed."
  14. Because they didn't used to stop the game to place an emphasis on saving lives in the crowd. Or did you honestly think that of the hundreds of thousands of (famously super healthy) people who attend football matches each matchday, none of them suffered serious illness/death? *italics to emphasize strong sarcasm
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