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  1. Also I'd stand to win a tenner from a bet I made with a Leeds supporting mate at the beginning of the season.
  2. Gets reset about half way through season if you haven't already reached 5, doesn't it?
  3. Its the wrong type of Budweiser if that's the case
  4. Yeah not like they're professional athletes competing at a high level or anything, piece of píss this championship football lark. Betting you could do it with a tinny in one hand, a cig in the other and make keiren Lee look as fat and lazy as me
  5. Nah when we lose the opposition arewank and we're worse. When we win, we arewank just less so Pretty certain that's the correct narrative for some
  6. Probably wouldn't have been such a good game if the ref had given the yellow cards and penalties for his handballs though would it?
  7. Should check Facebook. People genuinely calling for him to start the game on Sunday!
  8. First game Last game Xmas/new years Around my birthday And around 4th September for the 150th celebrations
  9. Says we've been eliminated by a premier league side. Although I can't think of a time we've beaten one off the top my head
  10. Sure we beat Barnsley and Rotherham but any half decent side would batter us... OH, that excuse doesn't quite work now does ir
  11. Pretty sure they started against Barnsley and possibly earlier in the season before joao got injured?
  12. Well when 441 isn't getting the job done it's good to have a plan b
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