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    The I-Follow Service Thread

    The video feed provided was adequate, poor quality stream, but watchable. However, the audio service was a disgrace. The volume level of the commentary was too low, it was impossible to hear what was being said as the crowd noise drowned it out. The commentary went off at least 6 times in the first half of the game and was followed by a deafening beep. The commentary then was not available for the whole of the second half of the game.
  2. theowldave

    Kieran Westwood

    I think Westwood should be our no1 keeper for another season at least. Although my biggest concern with his form is the drop in his distribution. It was a massive plus when he first came to the club, IMO it's been poor in his more recent games.
  3. theowldave


    Only time will tell, but surely there must be some form of regret even if he does have something lined up for the summer. He could have had the chance to play for the club he apparently loves. I know I'd be kicking myself! Suppose it all depends what you're in the game for, and it appears, purely money.
  4. theowldave


    I assume young George is sat at home with his Wednesday tracksuit on all miserable saying 'Dad, what have you done'? In all seriousness, he must be kicking himself at the opportunity that he may have missed to make a name for himself given the new opportunities for youth players that have arisen.
  5. theowldave

    Uwe Rosler

    Looks like he's sat in Milans old seat, or some baldy that looks like him....Harry Hill?
  6. theowldave

    Uwe Rosler

    Just seen Uwe Rosler drive onto Leppings lane, any links to Huddersfield?
  7. theowldave

    Owls In The Park - Parking

    Cheers for the replies, wouldn't usually concern me, but the wifes coming and she's 7 months pregnant and struggling to waddle about with her massive balloon feet!
  8. Where will be the best place to park the car for this MASSIVE event on Sunday? Can I park in the park or do I have to park on parkside road park park park?
  9. On the tram after the game a number of lads were singing 'Robin hood is a w*nker is a w*nker' over and over. after the chant finished there was a few seconds silence until someone shouted 'Yeah and he's gay'................................you had to be there!
  10. theowldave

    Llera on his way out!

    Couldn't agree more, he scares the sh*t out of me wheenver he's near the ball, gives away far too many silly fouls and for anyone that saw him yesterday will agree his passing was awful. Now Gardener has settled down he is showing up Llera to be the weak link. We desperately need to replace him with someone less of a liability.
  11. Steve Whitton 1989 vs Middlesborough I think
  12. theowldave

    From the terraces - The final day

    Appreciate that pal!